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Friday, October 07, 2016

Assalamualaikum & hello! As an avid reader since I was 4 years old, I have always loved books and I will never have enough of reading materials. So when I was invited to attend a book review session with Datuk Stella Chin on her BM version of motivational book entitled "Kebahagiaan Yang Ku Tahu" I simply cannot say no. Why? Because I am a working lady, and one day I will become someone's wife and mother to my future children and Datuk Stella is someone I really look up to when it comes to juggling a balanced wife as a career woman, a wife and a mother.

Stepping in to the event hall at Melilea Tower, Bangsar South, it instantly gave me a feeling that "yes, this place is built by a woman for other women" because the feminine interior largely speaks for itself. When I was informed that the entire building is dedicated for Melilea (hence the name Melilea Tower) I was even more impressed! That day, I learned that this superwoman Datuk Stella Chin built her empire at the age of 23 and by 27 years old, she already has everything. Starting from a woman who kept her own desire of pursuing fashion design and instead followed her husband to expand their business in Thailand, I really respect her ability to steel her heart with such tough decision. She knew that it is important for her to be her husband's number 1 support and in the end, although her dream to be in fashion designer's world has to be forgotten, she managed to come through with bigger success in business and she has been collecting her well-deserved prestigious rewards around the world. 

Her first edition of "Kebahagiaan Yang Ku Tahu" was published in Mandarin and became best-selling book in Hong Kong and Taiwan. After reading the book "Kebahagiaan Yang Ku Tahu", I managed to understand Datuk Stella's fight and effort in achieving happiness in her life as a modern woman balancing work, love and family. Today, women's life is far more challenging than in the 60s. We no longer stay at home all day long to do house chores but many of us are now working, helping the husband and family to earn an honest and comfortable living while at the same time we women are still diligently doing our best to provide sufficient love and care for our partner, children and also parents and siblings. Long gone were the days where women only stay at home to cook, make the house and care for the children. 

In her book, Datuk Stella explained how women should never fret if the family's economy is not stable. Instead, women should empower each other and find the best way to improve the condition and hence, that's why she is leading StarLadies to teach women on how to be the best in everything they're able to do. To her, women especially starting from their twenties are in their prime age to explore all potentials and be the face of women of the new era.

Datuk Stella also shared about her life adventures as a wife and mother in juggling Melilea business and leading StarLadies. Everything about empowering women, being a classy working lady, keeping the spark of love ignited in her relationship with her husband and how she made time to be a mother who is always there for her 4 beautiful children are in the book and to me, all women in Malaysia regardless of your status whether you are married or not, should get a copy of "Kebahagiaan Yang Ku Tahu" and explore the story of Datuk Stella. Through her writings, there are so many positivism that one can pick and apply in their daily lives. There are times that life will hit us hard and I believe that with guiding from reading "Kebahagaiaan Yang Ku Tahu", women in Malaysia will make it through. To Datuk Stella, she believes that in order to create an excellent community, you educate the women first and you will see their ability to educate their children,and their family to become the best. 

Thank you to Datuk Stella and team for having us bloggers at the high tea and book review session. It was really an eye-opening experience to me and I hope that there will be more books coming from Datuk Stella in the future. Ladies, if you're reading this please get a copy of "Kebahagiaan Yang Ku Tahu" from your nearby bookstores. The price is only RM39.90 per piece and trust me, you will never feel as empowered as before after reading this book ^_^

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