Wecomed Magic Water Review

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Hello :) I have always loved the concept of facial mist but I was never quite adventurous about it. For years I have been using Avene Thermal Spring Water but not quite religiously either, only when I have it in stock (it's expensive for my not so rich pocket) which most of the time would be after I hauled a few bottles from the warehouse sale. 

Quite recently I started trying Wecomed Magic Water courtesy from Ido's Clinic and I am loving the product as much as I love my long-term love Avene Thermal Spring Water. Wecomed Magic Water boasts of containing nano-sized water molecules that are able to penetrate through cell membranes and stimulate the opening of cell channels. If you're not familiar with those biology terms, we can simply say that Wecomed Magic Water are made of very small sized water molecules that are able to penetrate deep into the skin's cellular openings, giving your skin maximum benefit from using this facial mist.

I was informed by Ido's Clinic representative that apart from its use as a facial spray, this Wecomed Magic Water is also useful to treat ulcers inside your mouth and it is safe for consumption because it is water. I have tried spraying it inside my mouth and it tastes like water, nothing funny to my taste bud. I don't experience any ulcers ever since I got this so I cannot say anything yet on its capability of treating mouth ulcers.

Wecomed Magic Water is paraben free and it does not contain fragrance. It promises benefits such as boosting and soothing the skin, promotes skin translucency, creates smoother skin texture, brightens up the skin tone, reduces fine lines, enhances skin elasticity, and protects skin from future damages. I was also told that if you experience acne breakouts, burns and fresh/new cuts, you can rely on Wecomed Magic Water to heal your skin condition but it has to be used constantly and religiously to enable you see the desired effect.

So far my experience in using Wecomed Magic Water is positive. I use it whenever my skin feels dry and I also give my skin a quick spray after cleansing. It makes my skin feel fresh and hydrated. I do not experience any setbacks from using Wecomed Magic Water and it is safe to say that I found an alternative for a good facial mist. I also tried spraying it on my face in the afternoon to refresh my look and it works, it does not melt my makeup either. However, please be reminded that Wecomed Magic Water is not a makeup setting spray and do refrain from hoping that it will make your makeup stay for 12 hours, no :p

As you can see in the picture below, Wecomed Magic Water comes in an aerosol spray can. It is advised that you do not purposely place the can inverted as it can damage the function. Since the normal size is big as it contains 210ml of product, it is not quite travel-friendly but don't worry as it comes with a mini travel size as a PWP gift when you purchase one normal size.

Wecomed Magic Water is currently on promotion for RM89 only. You can submit your order at this FORM or buy online HERE.

Thanks for reading ^_^

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