Unboxing My Althea Birthday Haul

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! When it comes to restocking my beauty supplies, the number one online shop that has been permanently etched onto my mind is no other than Althea. Their killer prices and wide range of products are more than enough to make Althea unforgettable, especially if you have tasted the shopping experience once. 

Fast shipping, carefully wrapped items and pretty + sturdy Althea box that arrives at your doorstep will make you smile for days and I can guarantee that amazing feeling in your heart is authentic, just like the items that they sell ;)

So, Althea has turned 1 year last July and they had a birthday bash with their supporters in SEA, including me. Due to their massive promotion on the website, I managed to haul quite a number of Korean beauty products to be tried and I'm gonna show you all on my loots ^_^ i managed to order twice during Althea birthday celebration and I'm gonna show the products by box, which is box 1 and box 2. Let's start with box 1 first!

This is the first box that arrived and all five items I got are something that I never tried before ^_^ As an adventurous person, I don't only go for outdoor activities and solo travelling but I am also quite adventurous in my makeup and skincare journey! I'm not afraid to try anything new, and I am my own lab rat but still, I'm quite careful by only choosing to use products that are certified safe by the responsible ministries (of health) and pharmaceutical organizations/administers.

First item that I got is from Innisfree and it's a sleeping mask. This Aloe Revital Sleeping Pack has been given many positive reviews when I browsed for it and I have to admit that I made a good choice :) I have ran out of my Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, that's why I decided to try this Aloe Revital Sleeping Pack and to be honest, the product is great. Though it feels a tad heavier than Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, it boasts the same benefit and it's no lesser in performance to my skin.

I have never heard of this brand before and I am a sucker for toners, so I bagged one. The main reason I was attracted to get this Raclia Derma Clear toner is due to its alcohol free ingredient's list. Raclia claims that this toner is moisturizing, holds moisture in skin, strengthening and soothing even for sensitive skin and it can be used daily. So far I'm in love with this toner because it's refreshing and it never irritates my skin, which is quite a miracle as it contains witch hazel leaf water. Why do I label it as a miracle? Thayers toner also contains witch hazel and it stung my skin real bad but this one does not. 

What's a haul if there is no lipstick, right? But this time it's not the traditional bullet lipstick but I opted to try RiRe Lip Manicure in shade Pink Brown. The name's a mouthful, and to me it's kinda creative to call it as a 'lip manicure' instead of lip cream. The shade pink brown may look like brick red in this picture but when applied on my lips, it turns into a beautiful brownish pink that's suitable to be worn daily. It's just 30% drying I shall say, and when it dries it does not hurt my lips or make it chapped, nope. I tried layering a light swipe of lip balm before using this RiRe Lip Manicure and it works just fine. The staying power is good, and it will only fade entirely if you eat a very greasy meal. 

Lately I'm into concealers because they're handy. Perfect for my touch up session and it fits my purse. Witch's Pouch Selfie Perfect Concealer comes in 2 shades which are Light Beige and Natural Beige. I took the shade Light Beige as I intend to use it as a highlighter aside from concealing. As much as I love this product's handiness, I need to remind you all that it dries so fast on the skin. First trial, I drew under my eyes, on my nose, forehead, cupid's bow and chin. When I started to buff them off, I found that the concealer has dried into a powdery finish and I needed extra effort to buff them all evenly without leaving obvious stroke lines. It covers blemishes well, the shade Light Beige works as a highlighter but you need to buff it off super fast before it dries. I love this item, I'm gonna buy another shade!

I wear makeup to work, so obviously I need an armada of cleansing water supply (and cotton pads) to remove my makeup at the end of the day. I am very generous when using cleansing water because I want my makeup to be removed completely and perfectly as I don't wish to add another piece of acne on my face if the pores get congested. Apart from toners, my purchasing behaviour also includes buying new cleansing water to be tested. The Saem Healing Tea Garden Tea Tree Cleansing Water has proved its efficiency to me because during the course of using this product, all my makeup including the very mightily water resistant gel liners can be removed without extra effort. I love the clean and fresh feeling it gives on my skin upon removing my makeup and the fact that it contains Australian tea tree component makes my acne prone skin feel safer with its help :) i'm already three quarter done with my bottle and I need to restock in my next purchase from Althea!

Here's the second box that I hauled, and I call this "shopping under pressure" because I had to do it within a stipulated time, using my smartphone, at Althea's birthday party! It was actually a very funny incident and I would like to applause Althea's team for their effectiveness in helping me with my payment problem at that time. Since it was an unexpected haul, I didn't have much time to think and I forgot to save things I want in my wishlist, I hauled the above items with hope that they will do me a favour : be good to me. 

I have used this Skin Food Black Sugar Mask before and I love how smooth it made my skin feels after the scrubbing ended. I don't really use it as a mask because I love creamy paste type of masks so this has always been my scrub alternative. It's not something new to me but since I don't have any facial scrub at the moment I'd love to settle with this one again. When it arrived at my doorstep, upon unboxing I felt like seeing an old friend!

I have heard the hype about April Skin but I never tried any of their products so, after thinking very hard I decided to bag this one. April Skin Magic Stone (Black) is a solid facial cleanser that claims to be able to detox skin with its high quality charcoal ingredients, lighten skin tone and restore a silky smooth complexion. Honestly I read mixed reviews about this cleanser but I believe that it all happens according to whether the product is suitable with your skin or not. It's always that kind of game when it comes to skincare. Some might work and some might not on different individuals. I hope this one will be on my side once I get to try it! Have you tried this Magic Stone black cleanser before? If yes, do tell me what you think of it ya?

My brother recently brought back a bronzer for me and the only slanted contouring brush I have is a lousy one that I gave up working with. So when I saw how cheap this It's My Brush range is on Althea, I can't help from buying one! It's cute, the bristles are soft but dense and I'm happy to have it ^_^ FYI the It's My Brush/Puff range has around 30 different brushes and puffs at a very affordable price range, so do check them out okay!

Okay, I was very excited to get my hands on this Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Peeling Gel as it has been on my wish list for a long time. I had used its sister, the Multiberry Yogurt Repair Pack which is a moisturizing mask and I loved that tub so much mainly because of its scent and its effectiveness! When you see the name 'peeling gel' don't imagine a serious skin peeling because this gel actually works like a very mild scrub, no more than that. It has a very pleasant scent, it does not hurt the skin and it makes skin look clear and feel very refreshed upon scrubbing. Use it after facial cleanser, on wet skin.

Last item in my second box would be Witch's Pouch Selfie Fix Pigment in shade #02 Follow Me. It was a tough time trying to choose which shade to take because all four shades are definitely very pretty and finally I settled for Follow Me. I have not tried this pigment on my eyelids yet but please take a moment to appreciate its beauty in the picture below : one word - mesmerizing.

Overall I'm positively very happy with my hauls from Althea and I have included the links to those products in this post (they are not affiliate links and I dont earn anything when you click on the links ya). I'd like to thank Althea for the opportunity to be a part of their 1st birthday celebration and again, Happy Birthday Althea! 

If you have not shopped anything from Althea yet, you definitely are missing something very big. Trust me once you go Althea you'll never turn back, instead you'll always look forward to come back to their website and haul more. Their products are authentic and shipped straight from Korea, they pack your purchase seriously to avoid any breakage, leakage and the always pretty Althea box is sturdy enough and reusable (yay to being eco-friendly!).

Check them out at www.althea.kr and also on their Instagram @altheakorea for more beauty news! Thanks for reading ^_^

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