Rohto Mentholatum Eye Drops Review

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Assalamualaikum and hello readers. I remember my first time using a Rohto product was 9 years ago when I first started using contact lens. I was fifteen and dad bought me this rectangular shaped eye drop for contact lens wearer and I was like...why is it not pretty and what is Rohto? Lol..i was just a kid back then..forgive me XD my dad is an avid fan of Japanese made products because he used to live in Japan for a while and he really adores the quality of Japanese products.

Before I proceed with reviewing this edition of Rohto Eye Drops, let me explain why I have 2 of them here. I bought Rohto Aqua when it first launched because my friend accidentally brought back my eyedrop with her to Penang. Then a few weeks after that, I received a parcel containing Rohto Cool for review, so that's why you are seeing two of them here in this post :)

There are 3 variants of Rohto Eye Drops named Dry Aid Advanced Dry Eye Relief : Restore Moisture, Cool Tired Eye Relief : Cool & Refreshing, and Aqua Tired Eye Relief : Gentle & Moisturizing. These three variants of Rohto Eye Drops are made to cater to different eye needs and only Dry Aid cannot be used by contact lens wearer. Aqua and Cool are safe to be used by both contact lens and non-contact lens wearer. These eye drops are very safe to be used as they are specially formulated in full compliance with FDA's over the counter Ophthalmic Drug Products Monograph.

Below is how the product looks like with cap open. One bottle contains 13ml of product and the transparent packaging is perfect to inform you of how much left you have to use. The bottle's mechanism allows single drop per squeeze so it enables you to control the amount of drops for each use. I also found out that if I turn the bottle upside down with the cap open, the eye drop won't simply leak like other brands that I have used before. 

Since I have only used Rohto Aqua, I cannot say anything about Rohto Cool yet. However from Street-Love I can see that Rohto Cool will give users that 5-seconds blindness due to its high cooling sensation. As for Rohto Aqua, I have used it with and without my contact lenses on and the result was awesome, at least to me. My eyes love the eye drops so much and it is very useful to me since I work in front of the computer for long hours and sometimes my eyes will get so dry I'll need instant relief and this is where my Rohto Aqua comes to rescue. 

I usually will need the eye drop fix after lunch or somewhere between 3pm to 5pm because that is when my eyes will feel like giving up on the computer screen. The aircond at my office is also Arctic cold and wearing contact lenses makes my eyes tire faster. With Rohto Aqua, the dryness is relieved within seconds and my eyes will continue to feel comfortable until I arrive home and take my lenses off. 

So if you are new to eye drops, whether you wear contact lenses or not you can give Rohto a try and choose between Dry Aid, Cool or Aqua to meet your eyes' need. The price is moderately cheap and the product is easily available at pharmacies nationwide. 

Rohto Mentholatum Eye Drops
13ml per bottle
RM16.90 including GST
Check them out at

Disclaimer : Product was sent for review purpose and opinions are based on my experience as a user. I do not review things that I don't use, and it is imperative to remember that opinions may vary based on individuals.

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