Maybelline Super BB Cushion Review

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Assalamualaikum and hello! This review is made after I have successfully finished using my cushion, which was bought like 2 months ago somewhere before Eid 2016. I bought this Maybelline Super BB Cushion at Guardian pharmacy as it was on Raya sale (thank you for realizing my dream with the raya sale!). I am a fan of BB cushions because they are super fun to use, quick and hassle free as in I don't have to dirty my fingers with makeup, I don't have to use brushes and it's portable yeay~

At first I was a bit sceptical when I saw Maybelline came out with this cushion because if you're really into this beauty stuff, you'll know that the Koreans are the pioneer of cushion makeup and their colour selection has always been between the scale of poor to acceptably Asian. Get what I mean? Cushion makeup's colour selection has always been leaning on the pale-fair shade and it's so hard for a tanned Malay girl like me to get a BB cushion that is not too fair for my skin tone. I know that now some high end brands have came out with cushions too but my current income does not permit me to spend on expensive makeups yet.

The normal price of this Maybelline Super BB Cushion is RM54.90 each and I got it for around RM38-ish, can't really remember it exactly but it was totally a steal! It comes in a paper box, a single casing cushion with one air puff, that's all. Currently I didnt see them selling any refills which means when you finish this pack, you need to buy another full set. Maybelline, do us a favour and sell separate refills will you? Don't worry about the air puffs, it's sold everywhere. As for the shade's availability, they are only selling 2 shades in Malaysia which is 02 Light and 03 Natural. I bought the 03 Natural shade as 02 Light is clearly too fair for my skin.

The packaging is exactly like any other cushions out there, with a seal to retain the cushion's freshness prior to be used. The air puff is cool, and it does not break into shreds even after a prolonged use. You can see the neutral shade in the pictures below, sorry I don't have a swatch because my phone camera is clearly going crazy it's not able to help me in this case. You can find swatches on other bloggers' review alright?

Now let's talk about its performance. First of all, Maybelline Super BB Cushion is not a disappointment to me. It has a good coverage, I shall say medium to full coverage depending on how many layers you wanna put on your face. This Maybelline Super BB Cushion does not have weird fragrant either, it has a very mild scent to it that will be gone in no time after you applied it on your face. For people with oily skin, if you are using this Maybelline Super BB Cushion you might need to stamp some powder on your face because you don't wanna end up looking shiny. I realised that if I prep my face properly with a good primer, this Maybelline Super BB Cushion is good enough to last up to 5 hours before I need a touch up. I have also used this Maybelline Super BB Cushion as a base before I put on a thin layer of foundation and I super love the outcome, the staying power of my makeup was just amazing and this is one purchase that I will never regret.

One thing to be aware of, based on my personal experience. This Maybelline Super BB Cushion indeed has good coverage if your skin is blessedly clear. If you have dark acne marks, you will need extra help from colour correcting concealers. This BB cushion is not a god-sent miracle that can photoshop your acne marks, like me for example. That's why when I need to look flawless, I will use this Maybelline Super BB Cushion as a base and follow with foundation and powders to seal those nasty acne marks off. I am using Maybelline Baby Pore Eraser as a primer and I love how it helps me to look less oily after a few hours. 

Overall, I do recommend this Maybelline Super BB Cushion if the shades available suits your skin. Friendly reminder, I am not paid/sponsored by any parties to write this review. I bought this Maybelline Super BB Cushion with my own money and I am writing this review to only share how good the product has been to me and I have finished using it as per today (September 21st, 2016). I need to buy a new one, haha! I've never loved any BB cushion as much as I love this Maybelline Super BB Cushion seriously. Maybe because the shade 03 Neutral is really something brownish yellow that suits my skin well and maybe because it's Maybelline ;)

Thanks for reading!

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