8 Reasons To Get an Honor 8

Monday, September 26, 2016

Imagine seeing a human being, hanging by one hand on a precariously steep cliff, and down there is a long drop into a sea of spiky stones. That's how my relationship is, with my current only phone.

This phone I have now, it was my father's, bought at the dawn of 2014 and then passed to me somewhere in 2015. It has served the two of us well, and now more often than not it's showing signs of "please let me die, the world is too cruel". I'm talking about how it heats up real bad when I'm using certain apps (God why), how it crashed or hanged when I was doing something very urgent (again) and how unforgivably terrible the camera has been despite boasting 20.7MP that was good at the beginning. Maybe the phone has been through so much, maybe it's time for it to retire. 

A few days ago a little birdie came knocking, he told me that Huawei has something new. Something sleek, something extravagant, something powerful. I peeked into the virtual box, and I was stunned. They call this beast Honor 8. I feel the need to get it. 

As simple as it looks, Honor 8 is power packed. It houses a number of crucial elements of an excellent smartphone that everyone craves for and everyone would pay for. The adjective clean, sleek, sharp, fast and fabulous, Honor 8 owns them, and more. Allow me to show you 8 reasons to get an Honor 8, I promise the ride will be fun ;)

#1 It Runs Faster Than You Can Say The Word 'Processor'

Well that's what you can expect when the beast is powered by 2.3 GHz octa-core CPU and completed with its ideal counterpart a 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM. You can multitask peacefully, you can lower that lagging expectation when gaming, and I believe that with Honor 8 thing doesn't get hot too easily too! *cough* some phone heats up too fast *cough* but not Honor 8!

It's rapid smart file processing system is there to assist users for a smoother experience, making lagging phone a history of yesterday. The i5 co-processor and the Kirin 950 SoC chipset too does not sit prettily inside the phone for naught but it's there to enable maximum processing speed, response time and most importantly the battery life of Honor 8.

#2 Yeayy to Dual Camera

You know when people say 2 is better than 1? Here's a solid proof. Honor 8 is equipped with 12MP dual camera and that promises a better quality, crispier picture for your eyes to feast on. It does not matter if you are a photography enthusiast, avid Instagrammer, blogger, or none of the above, everyone deserve a smartphone with excellent camera and Honor 8 is the answer. With Honor 8, you can be a photographer in training if you dare to play with its Contrast, Depth and Laser focus modes while capturing your journey around the world. 

#3 The Future of Front Camera is Here

Honor 8 brings you a realistic looking selfie with its 8MP front camera. You can say goodbye to grainy selfies, you can march proudly in low-light conditions and still snap the best selfie with Honor 8 in your hand. If it's still not enough, Honor 8 brings you their Perfect Selfie Mode for an enhanced selfie quality ;) Hey, you asked for it!

#4 Bye Swipe, Hi Touch

Say you can unlock your phone in 0.4 seconds by a 3D fingerprint scanning, you can get it with Honor 8. Yeap it's THAT fast :) If you think the fingerprint scanner is only for unlocking Honor 8, here's a surprise. It does more than that. You can set it to open various apps of your choice with single press, double press or a long press, it's up to you.  

#5 Display Like A Dream

When the world is on your screen, you don't settle for less. Honor 8 embraces that, so it brings you a full HD display on its 5.2-inch screen that has 96% high colour Gamut. This means your eyes are seeing things with better contrast adjustment. Worry not about eye strain as Honor 8 is shielding you with their eye-care mode, where the blue light is filtered out to ensure you can safely and comfortably enjoy looking at the screen.  

#6 Battery Life - Worry Free Day 

It's painful when your phone battery drains so fast and you still have so much to do and the day is still so far from over! Wanna put those days in your memory box? Get an Honor 8. This beauty can stand up to 1.77 days for normal usage and 1.22 days for heavy usage, thanks to its 3,000mAh battery capacity. For a wanderlust backpacker like me, a phone that can have up to 10 hours offline video playing is all I need to accompany me during my bus, plane or train rides and hence why I am in the category of homo sapiens that need an Honor 8 in my hands ^_^

#7 Charging on The Fast Lane

You plugged in your phone to charge, you leave it be for an hour to do some chores. When you come back to check on the battery, you found out that you actually forgot to switch on the plug #firstworldproblem. Get an Honor 8! Their in-house test has proved that Honor 8 can charge up to 47% battery within 30 minutes, and that's more than enough for someone who needs their phone charged fast. What if you only have 15 minutes to get ready but you need to be on the phone for a very important call exactly on the 16th minute? Well, Honor 8 can give you up to 2 hours phone call for a 10-minute charge. Fast enough?

#8 Smart is The New Beauty

One for all is something smart. Here's a few smarties on why you must get an Honor 8. 

With Honor 8 in your hands, you don't need to worry on losing 5 different types of remotes for your appliances or having to go out and buy AA batteries for those remotes anymore. Over 5,000 brands and more than 230,000 international models of smart appliances can be controlled with Honor 8's Smart Control 4.0 feature. Mothers, your kids now can fight over the battery-less remotes as the power is already in your hand with Honor 8. Take control!

If you need a smartphone with smart media features, Honor 8 has smart media. Get an Honor 8! Remember that friend who talks loudly on his phone due to a noisy surrounding? Remember when you have to cup another hand on the microphone area because the person on the line complained about "i cant hear you"? You will never have to deal with those anymore as Honor 8 is packed with Voice+ technology that smoothly cancels noise and has voice amplification features to make your calls more comfortable. Love your music on loud? Honor 8 comes with an integrated speaker unit for your  high quality headbanging session ^_^

Now here is my final hammer on why you must get an Honor 8. Look at the smart design, the sleek feeling to the phone with a sexy glass back and think about the smart decision you're making when you buy Honor 8 from Lazada. Honor 8 comes with 32GB and 64GB internal storage, priced at RM1699 and RM1899 respectively with 4 colours to choose from.

Don't forget that MyCyberSale is going on now until September 30th so grab this opportunity to get your Honor 8 now along with other items that have been sitting in your Lazada shopping cart and wishlist ^_^ It's time to bag them all home!

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