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Sunday, June 05, 2016

Assalamualaikum and hello readers! This is gonna be a casual post, kind of a throwback from whatever remnant of memories I still hold on to after weeks has passed since the event's day :) On 15th May 2016, I took part in Mad Warrior Sprint which was held in Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. I learned about it through social media, maybe its ads appeared on my feed due to my habit of browsing for running events and trail runs. Since the event venue is just 10 minutes away from my house, I say why not? If you're following me on Instagram, you'll know that I'm very much into outdoorsy stuff and since I started dating my beau, I jumped back into running, a hobby that I left a few years ago when I started doing archery. Why I'm back into running? Because I want to keep fit, I need to improve my stamina, I don't want to get fat, and doing sport is my way of releasing stress. Oh ya, my boyfriend Zachary is also a marathoner, hence joining sports like this is our ideal kind of date as well ^_^ this was our first obstacle run together, and we were lucky when blogger Neyra asked me and Zachary to join her team with Shafiq and blogger Moka during the registration. The perks of team registration : we get cheaper registration fees per head!

For your information, Mad Warrior Sprint 2016 was a 6km run with 20 obstacles. Honestly, I did not train like a Spartan. I only did some basic workouts at home without any equipments, and I did some jogging once in a while. Words aside, let's see some of the obstacle pictures I scavenged from Mad Warrior facebook!

first obstacle : damn slippery and we needed teammates to support our butts hahaha
This is what you call TEAMWORK. my entire team was beautifully captured in this, thanks photographer!
this was one messy slope we had to descend, and my palm got bruised by the rope XD
this is where you test your balancing ability while walking on a flat rope
I really loved this obstacle, my arms went jelly after 3/4 way through
The perks of being physically small : you can raise your butt and crawl, hence your shirt is less muddy. i did that XD
looks simple but it's actually a tad scary when you're at the middle and you have to turn around

Instead of a caption, I'm gonna write about this particular obstacle because I really really loved it to the max! The name was Rod of The Rings. Participants were required to hang on the two rings and cross the rod. First of all, this obstacle was damn high and a petite body like me (I am 157cm) was really challenged by the gravitational force pulling me to the ground. Secondly, your entire body's strength and the strength of both your arms will be the number one factor enabling you to move your body across the rod. If you're heavy but weak, you'll definitely not make it through and risk multiple injuries if you fall. One lady injured her leg when she fell and had to be taken away in an ambulance. When I finished this obstacle, I felt like my ribs just received a few blows of kicks and punch. Well, it might show that I did not have enough stretching prior to the run and obviously my muscles weren't strong enough muahaha! But seriously, this obstacle was WICKED and I absolutely loved it!
Zachary : "say your prayers, then we jump!"
after Rod of The Rings : Liyana | Neyra | Shafiq | Me | Zach | Moka

I failed this one. My arms were too jelly already I couldn't hang on to it anymore. Only Zachary managed to finish this.
Last challenge : ice bath. I literally went numb inside it and had to be helped to lift my legs out of the tank hahahaha
Here's the whole team after the run ^_^ we managed to finish the entire 6km without any major injuries but we definitely bagged home some cuts, bruises and lots of memories! Thank you Moka for being the unofficial group photographer and hey man, when can I get the video of me doing Rod of The Rings :p Thank you Liyana, Shafiq and Neyra for being the cheerleaders, weight supporters and UM tour guides, hehe! Running along you guys will always be the memory I treasure.

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To my man Zachariah Aidin, thank you for agreeing to join Mad Warrior Sprint with me :) It was purely my idea and me coaxing him into joining this thing because I'm the crazy girlfriend who will do everything she can to drag her beau into a muddy misery. Zach is only into marathons and runs that are just on the road, I on the other hand is the silly girl who loves obstacle runs and trail runs. He doesn't like heights and he is not into activities that need balancing, while I am not that muscular and I sometimes needs physical and mental support to avoid from falling down halfway through the course. So, to make life easier, we must run together, alright?

Before I end the post, here's a few tips I'd like to share if you're a first timer in obstacle run like me :
  • it is good to join in as a team of 3-5 pax. Trust me, you'll need extra hands and legs.
  • TEAMWORK is important. Don't run solo when you registered as a team.
  • BE FIT. be damn fit. What's the point of joining if you have little strength to finish the obstacles?
  • exercise regularly and build your muscles before the run. you'll need it to survive.
  • wear a good layer of sunblock to avoid extreme sunburn, this is Malaysia and it's hot.
  • wear gloves, good shoes and proper sports attire that won't limit your movement/flexibility.
  • always hydrate yourself at the water stations, don't skip the plain water.
  • have fun, go all out, go crazy. YOLO and you can't do this anymore when you're 87 years old.
The next event, Mad Warrior Revolution will be on October 16th, at Gold Coast Morib International and it's gonna be an 8km run with 25+ obstacles across the mangrove jungle, resort and beach. I really wanna join but it seems like a bleak future to me since I don't have my own transport and not many friends of mine are keen to do crazy shits like this. If you know me and you're joining, please inform me coz I really would love to do this again :) thanks for reading and take care of your health, be fit!

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