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Thursday, June 02, 2016

Assalamualaikum and hello! This post is going to bring you to a tour around Ajlaa Village, in which I have had the opportunity to be there and experience the excitement it offers ^_^ If you are looking for a secluded getaway place especially for Klang Valley peeps, I assure you that you don't need to book a flight or wade the sea for it. Located at Hulu Langat, Ajlaa Village is a perfect gateway place for singles, couples or families who just want to relax far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Safely tucked by the green forest, Ajlaa Village is one of the many hidden gems that will guarantee you fresh, unpolluted air to freshen your lungs.

There are many room types to suit your needs at Ajlaa Village. You can come with your partner, friends, families or even bring your team there. There are rooms for two, block of rooms for families, and dormitory style rooms. Most rooms are equipped with attached bathroom but for the floating chalet, the bathroom is located separately outside to maintain the cleanliness of the fishing pond directly below the chalet. The floating chalet is suitable if you're coming with a partner as 1 room contains a queen bed and a wardrobe. The family bungalow comes with 7 rooms with a queen bed each, making it a perfect place for a huge family trip or friends reunion. For parents travelling with one or two kids or a 3-4 pax trip, you can opt for the family room that comes with 1 single bed, 1 queen bed and 1 couch, along with an attached toilet for a better privacy. For team buildings or motivational camps, visitors can have the dormitory option for mass accommodation. Ajlaa Village is also preparing a hall and a surau for their visitors' convenience and to cater to bigger functions. 

Floating Chalet | RM120/night

Family Bungalow with 7 rooms | RM950/night

Family Rooms | RM200/night


Surau and Hall

Facilities wise, you can  bring your own food stock and cook your own food as there are cooking utilities, kitchen and BBQ utensils provided. If you don't plan to cook, you definitely can inform Ajlaa Village management that you will need their assistance to provide you with food during your stay. At night, it is best to have a BBQ session with your family or travel buddies. I highly recommend you all to book a BBQ set prepared by Ajlaa Village team because it was seriously the best BBQ dinner I have ever tasted in my entire life and I kinda have a craving of it again now as I am writing this. 

Kitchen area at Family Rooms building

Ajlaa Village is also a place for anyone with a fishing hobby, or anyone who wants to try fishing at a safe place, hehe! Well, some people want to try fishing but they don't prefer the trip. At Ajlaa Village, there is a huge pond with many types of freshwater fish that will challenge your fishing skills. For your information, Ajlaa Village is the only resort in the area that serves as a fishing village + getaway resort. Are you thrilled to try already?

At Ajlaa Village, the water supply is 100% from the spring water source but the management has modernized the form of extracting it. Visitors need not worry about walking around with a container to get their water supply like you've watched in survival movies. Their natural spring water source has already been aligned to a modern piping system where everyone can just switch open the tap and get those fresh water into your pails/containers with ease. Your bath water at the toilet and shower is also from the spring water supply so expect it to be freezing cold early in the morning, hehe! I tried bathing at 6am and yes, I screamed and nearly froze but it was a fun experience! No bathroom heater there peeps, you've been warned :p

Aside from relaxing, fishing and walking around the compound, you can also go swimming or waddling! Yea waddling, for someone who is still a failure at swimming like yours truly. There is a swimming pool at Ajlaa Village with varying depths suitable for toddlers to adults. The water supply is also straight from the natural spring water there and you can feel the difference between it and a normal hotel/resort swimming pool. If you're up for an adventure, you can seek guidance from Ajlaa Village management to bring you to the Hidden River. I had the opportunity to join a little trip to this Hidden River and the track was so easy and not dangerous/challenging at all so it's kinda suitable even for families with veteran members and tiny toddlers to follow. There are the normal tarred road and also a jungle path to be followed, depending on whichever option that suits your team :) there is also a waterfall nearby but that requires healthy and fit bodies to go there. 

#AjlaaGegirls after a splash at the Hidden River
All in all, Ajlaa Village is definitely an awesome getaway place for literally everyone from all age groups. School kids were there for motivational camps, company staffs can go there for team buildings, a single person can go there for a solo getaway, and families are the best option to be with at Ajlaa Village. The accommodation there is tip top with types of rooms that suits small to big families, teams and couples. With a price range from RM120 to RM200 per room per night, it is considerably very cheap and a must try for everyone. Not only that, you can spend your vacation at Ajlaa Village either just to relax and forget the busy metropolitan for a while, you can enjoy your weekends there by fishing, you can just eat-sleep-swim-repeat and you can also be more adventurous and go for a jungle trekking to the nearby river or waterfall. 

Do check out Ajlaa Village's latest updates on their social media and pay them a visit alright? Till then!

Ajlaa Village website : ajlaavillageresort.blogspot.my
Ajlaa Village facebook : www.facebook.com/ajlaavillage
Ajlaa Village instagram : www.instagram.com/ajlaavillage

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