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Monday, April 18, 2016

“Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline” is the classic tagline of Maybelline New York that no one can forget. However, it is now time for a revolution. Maybelline New York is now coming out stronger with their new aim to inspire young women to pursue their dreams, to stop doubting themselves and be fearless. New tagline “Make It Happen” was born for confident, positive and creative women of Maybelline to brave through this new era of women empowerment.

Taking place at Mid Valley Megamall centre court, the new Make It Happen tagline was launched and the Marketing Manager of Maybelline New York Malaysia, Pink Fong mentioned that the change in Maybelline’s tagline is crucial to cater to the different personalities of the new millennials. “As a beauty brand that is close to women, we see the need to evolve the way we speak to them, especially the new millennials, so as to reflect the way they love, think and act today. With the new tagline “Make It Happen”, we are now asking women to define her own beauty in her own terms, but with a drive and go-getter spirit that transcends beauty to an action to make whatever matters to her happen”.

“The “IT” in in “Make It Happen” is a very powerful word that has lived with Maybelline for decades, now it is in her hands to define it. Essentially this expresses how Maybelline New York empowers women today to define her beauty, live her life and make it happen” – Pink Fong,  Marketing Manager of Maybelline New York Malaysia

During the launching, Maybelline IT Girls strutted on the stage showcasing their favourite IT looks done by the talented MUA Stevensunny by using Maybelline products. Among the newly introduced items are Rosy Matte lipsticks, the new Hypersharp liner, the Blushed Nude palette and the Magnum Barbie mascara. 

To keep the “Make It Happen” spirit alive in Malaysia, Maybelline has chosen women from different backgrounds as the IT girls because the way they take control of their own life, their way of pursuing their life dreams are exactly how Maybelline pictures women around the world to “Make It Happen”. These Maybelline IT Girls are Tuti (contestant of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4), Harmini Asokumar (artepreneur and jewellery designer), Nur Elisya Mohd Faisal (actress), Johanis Mohd Sani (Youtube singer), Wong Jie Xhia (beauty and lifestyle vlogger) and Noorzamrina Hj Zamrin (freelance model).

Checkout more on the journey of our own Maybelline IT Girls and the Make It Happen evolution on or Instagram @maybellinemalaysia and don’t forget to hashtag #MaybellineITGirls and #MakeItYoursMy when you’re donning the IT Girl makeup on Instagram ^_^ They're currently running a weekly Instagram contest in conjunction of ANTM so, be sure to wing it ladies. Make it happen!

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