March 2016 Collective Haul

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Assalamualaikum and hello readers! I haven't made a post like this for ages so I guess now I'm back in the game with plenty of reviews waiting to be published :) But before that, let me do this haul post first so that you can see (and I can have a reality check) on how much money I have burned in the name of beauty for the past few months, hahaha! This is a collective haul of skincare and makeup that I purchased up till March 2016. It's not much, but I'm glad that for some purchases I got to enjoy a discounted rate which I am going to admit as very helpful. Why pay more when you can get it for less, right?

Working and juggling my studies (both full time) is slowly taking a toll on me. Going back late is not a surprise every day. I almost have no time to laze around and it gets depressing day by day. I don't even get to see my boyfriend on a daily basis despite the fact that his office is just a few hundred metres away from mine coz we both are superbusyhumans. So when I get back home, my only friend would be Bernie the hamster who can't even speak human language and so tiny to be cuddled. I resort back to makeup and skincare coz even though they can't speak and not cuddle-friendly, they make me instantly happy. Alasan sangat kan nak beli barang baru XD 

1. Boryeong Mud Pack
I went to Boryeong Mud outlet at Nu Sentral to try their RM69 mud facial (first trial price) but I somehow ended up changing to hydration facial with double mask (RM99). When the procedure was done, I still feel like I want to try the mud pack so I bought it. It comes with 30% discount because I paid using my Maybank card. To all female readers, if you go to Boryeong Mud outlets and buy their products/services (facial, massage, threading) and pay using your CIMB or Maybank card, you'll get 30% off the normal price. Girls only ya for the in-house services :) the facial was good, do give it a try!

2. Clinique Sonic Brush Head
I have made a review post on the sonic brush here and another general opinion post here on whether or not should you get a facial cleansing brush, so feel free to read them ^_^ I realise that I forgot to change my brush head so yeah, I went to Clinique Mid Valley and bought a new one and cried looking at the price of this brush head why you so expensive huwaaa

3. Ephyra Collagen Drink
Hands down, this is the best collagen drink that I've ever tried in my entire life. I am never sponsored by them to try this ya, don't say I'm being biased coz I bought it on my own since my first trial pack. I see improvements on my skin condition while consuming Ephyra collagen drink. My acne scar fades better and faster, my skin appears smoother and blemishes attack gets lesser. I am not going to stop buying I guess? It is one of the expensive things that I don't mind to pay for because it works :)

4. Ephyra Skin Bar
My first time using this ESB was a sponsored one and I have it reviewed here. Since then, I always keep my supply of this and I even get one bar for my boyfriend with hope that he will use it because he has very oily skin and sometimes it peeled at certain areas, my heart bleeds whenever I scrutinize his face closely. This skin bar is not drying at all to my skin, it cleanses well and it also helps with reducing blemishes. I now have 2 bars in my stock, I'm happy!

5. Nano White Fresh Dark Spot Corrector
This was a very unexpected purchase because at that time I had this one humongous zit on my face and I just wanna try something new to kick it off. I saw girls on Twitter at Tweetmakeupmy saying that this gel is good in drying up acne. It's cheap so I told myself why not? Apparently it only works on small zits, not those big acne. But this is just for my skin okay? I dont know if it will work miraculously on your skin, you must try first and don't just rely on what other people say because your skin and my skin are totally not the same :) i'm now using this to treat my dark spots, and I can see that it's working but at a very slow pace. kena sabar sikit.

6. B.liv Squeaky Clean, Got Oil Relief, Off With Those Heads
At first my only motive of going to Hermo was to get the Squeaky Clean beads cleansing gel because I ran out of my facial scrub and this product is still the best cleanser + scrub I ever tried. However this trio kit was on sale about 50% off so I bagged the kit instead of individually buying them. BEST PURCHASE EVER. I've never tried the Got Oil Relieve spray toner and that Off With Those Heads blackhead gel so this is gonna be a good new tries for me. 

7. VMV Hypoallergenics id Monolaurin Gel
I have no idea this brand exists until I browsed through Luxola. I only know that this product is for face/body acne/sweat acne treatment when I googled for reviews and it seems like Philippines beauty bloggers love this product. I bought it before Luxola changed to Sephora online and so far it works well on small/new breakouts but not really on the big acnes.

8. The Face Shop CC Cushion refills
I bought the CC Cushion quite some time ago and daily usage has faded the logo printed on it, oh well XD i used up 2 cushions in 5 months (now I'm still using the 2nd cushion though, still have more leftover). Initially I'm using the Oil Control Water Cushion but I'm gonna be adventurous and try the new Intense Cover Cushion. It was on sale as well when I bought these two. 

9. Nudestix Magnetic Eye Color Pencil 
I first went to Sephora Nu Sentral because I was bored. I saw Nudestix but most of the testers were either so dirty or damaged (unsharpened, too blunt to be tried). However the Magnetic Eye Color Pencils were mostly in good, test-able condition so I had a swatching spree. I fell in love with the shade Immortal but buying just one at RM92 sounds absurd. The next few days I went to Sunway Pyramid and the Sephora there has this box of 3 shades (Immortal, Angel, Twilight) with the price tag of one hundred seventy something I cannot remember. I bought it without a second thought and I became so happy until my boyfriend and his younger brother cannot brain my happiness. It was the tree of us during that day.

Disebabkan saya terlalu gembira, nah saya belanja swatches ^_^ see how beautiful the shade Immortal is? please get my happiness!

That's all for now because I can't seem to remember what else I splurged on. I will be back with more reviews soon, please pray for my well-being (health, studies, work, blogging) so that I can always be here to entertain you with my new posts ya? Till then!

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  1. oh my god~ all the three colours of Nudestix match my recently purchased TudungPeople shawls. They're so pretty and I do get that kind of happiness! it's getting 3 products for the price of 2! Awesome!
    Anyway, talk about Sephora, have you checked out the Zoeva section? Do you think the palettes are worth the price?

    1. okay now please go and buy the nudestix, hehe! aww, sorry babe i didnt check on zoeva at all. the thing with me is, i only check out things i have intention to buy when i go to sephora nowadays, its too overwhelming to see everything XD

  2. those nude pencil memang cantik!

    1. exactly kan ^_^ you ada beli yang mana?

  3. I got the nudestix as well! If tak silap i think its RM172. Then they had the member exclusive so i bought the lip and cheek set as well..hahah that was for rm123. You can check it out on my insta! I saw the zoeva brushes, the full set is RM759 omg. But individual prices vary, some are rm58, some are rm66, some are rm77

    1. okay i can die lepas tengok the zoeva price XD as per now i dont need the entire set, just will buy individually if i need to. thanks for the price update babe! okay i will go drool over your pics kat insta kejap lagi :D

  4. Nudestick tu lawa nya. I saw it on Sephora but not interested to try on. DAMN! I should try it. Lawaaaaa warna dia. Okay, yang tempting lagi satu is Ephyra Collagen Drink tuuuu.. It is really working on your skin. I should try it then! Thanks for the review mieza..muahh..

    1. You know what, you really should get the Nudestix (at least 1 ke) and you also must go try Ephyra ;) for me, its not about instantly fixing our skin coz this is not magic, but seeing the improvements over time is definitely worth the wait and the investment ^_^


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