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Monday, April 04, 2016

Assalamualaikum and hello readers! I am usually a very selective person when it comes to perfume because I have this one undivided loyalty towards my favourite fragrance. Some people have a truckload of perfumes on their vanity because they feel the need to smell differently on different occasions but to me, I rarely found myself in that situation. 

I do have a few different fragrances that I like, but right now my focus would be on Enchanteur :) The first time I fell in love with a fragrance, I was 18 and fresh in the university. It was Enchanteur Belle Amour and I am still using it till today. How time flies..The reason why Belle Amour captivates me is because of the romantic yet refreshing feeling it gives to me when the notes settled down. It makes me feel girly yet confident, as if the world is on my side. Even my friends said that the scent suits me and it's my signature. One even said "when you're around wearing that perfume, I feel calm. Your scent is calming". Now even after 6 years I am still bringing Enchanteur Belle Amour in my bag everywhere I go ^_^ maybe this will be an lifelong affair, it's hard to break up and I dont want to live without my Enchanteur Paris Belle Amour.

Recently I was invited to Enchanteur Paris new fragrance launch and they actually came up with a new, limited edition fragrance that combines the three fragrances they already have : Belle Amour, Mon Amie and Adore together in a magical concoction called Magique. Created based on the latest world fragrance trends, the combination of floral, fruity and gourmand will excite the senses of the modern women and their beau. If you're familiar with Enchanteur Paris, their concept is the magnificent Parisian landscape with the iconic Eiffel Tower, where the lifestyles and flair of young and stylish ladies come alive. 

Top : Magique
Bottom from left : Belle Amour, Mon Amie, Adore

"Inspired by the beauty of Paris, the city of love ENCHANTEUR Paris fragrances are specially designed for the young, romantic and elegant female. Made only from the finest range of French-inspired fragrances ENCHANTEUR Paris is set to transform ordinary days into days filled with endless magical moments. The fragrances are perfect blends of romantic floral charm and fruity sweetness which uplifts spirits, sparks confidence and conjures dreams into reality." - Enchanteur.

Enchanteur Paris Magique EDT (limited edition)

Live the romantic fairy tale with ENCHANTEUR Paris Magique. A scent created for the outgoing girl who is always ready for new adventures, challenges and romance. The enchanting potion of delightful apples carefully blended with the romantic blossoming magnolias and enticing praline to excite and keep him spellbound. A mystical scent befitting a young lady in a blooming romance.

Based from their packaging, you can see that Enchanteur Paris targets young women who are romantic at heart yet always elegant in their personality. Created from the finest range of French inspired fragrances, Enchanteur Paris fragrances sets to transform your ordinary days into magical moments as their romantic floral charm and fruity sweetness will uplift your spirit, sparks confidence and conjures dream into reality.

Aside from the new limited edition Magique EDT, Enchanteur Paris too has came out with a refined design of their perfume packaging. Their crystal clear glass bottle is now accompanied by their signature ribbon shaped cap, packed in different illustrated boxes that will never look boring, instead it can be a decorative item on your vanity. The characters of Magique, Belle Amour, Mon Amie and Adore depicts their alluring scents and it is up to you to choose which one for your different days and moods :)

Enchanteur Paris Belle Amour EDT and body care range

A sparkling blend of romance that makes your heart flutter and your senses tickle. A fragrance created with tender loving care from apple melon sweetness, layered with refreshing blackcurrant top notes, dancing delightfully with voluminous Parisian pink rose petals that captivate your senses. This is the scent that connotes the blossoming of love and romance. A scent that will make you his amour forever. 

Right : Enchanteur Paris Mon Amie EDT and body care range

Mon Amie is an inspiration of a warm friendship between girlfriends who share their hearts and moments together. The creation of this fragrance is a combination of fresh citrus Lemon Orange with Bergamot enhanced with a touch of red apple fruity notches, resting on an enchanting luminous beautiful bouquet of Pink Peonies, watery Roses and white Magnolia surrounded with warm woody amber background. Inspired by sheer happiness, this scent perks up your day and is most suited for casual outings with friends.

Enchanteur Paris Adore EDT body care range

Unique and unforgettable scent that makes you feel like a celebrity. The scents are both flowery and fruity. The first whiff contains a gentle combination of wild jasmine, pink mimosa, violet that blends with sparkling fruity notes of lychee, spiced sugar plum, pomegranate and golden pear. This adorable scent evokes a sense of nostalgia of that very first date where you need to exude the charm and confidence while making a lasting impression. A sensual fragrance for a romantic date night.

To all ladies out there, here's a special shout out for you :) Always remember that wearing a fragrance is important. It lifts up your mood, it makes you feel happy and confidence, it is your signature. Worried if you might get easily bored? Fret no more because with Enchanteur Paris, you'll be spoilt for choices ;) with their extremely affordable price tag, you'll always want to come back for them, like I do. Stay tuned and together we create magical moments with Enchanteur Paris ^_^ 

p/s: i really mean it when i say "stay tuned". Surprise surprise!

Enchanteur Paris EDT (500ml)
| Mon Amie | Belle Amour | Adore | Magique (limited edition) |
RM28.20 / bottle 

Available at all major supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies

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  1. The packaging soo cute. Soooo Enchanteur style.. if ada masa nanti I will try to smell the fragrance..

    1. yayy! mana tahu nanti terpikat lepas tu terbeli semua kan, hehe :p


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