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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Assalamualaikum and hello readers! If you're a Malaysian born then you'll know how deeply embedded the brand Dettol is into our family's daily life. When it comes to the topic of germ free household and family protection against germs, mothers especially will see the Dettol name inside their head before seeing the image of a doctor :p Okay maybe not all but I dare say Malaysian mothers trust Dettol to be their family's knight in shining armour ^_^

I still remember when I was small and there were just me and my brother, we both were very active kids who would want to go out and play in the dirt every single day. We climbed trees, we ran and rolled on the field, we cycled our bikes and fell on the asphalt road and many more things that made our mom worried sick when she saw us came home looking like soldiers who just found their way out of the woods. Mom will sentence us to a mandatory bath using Dettol body wash while our dad will also make sure that in our family's first aid kit there is a bottle of Dettol Antiseptic to clean our wounds from falling off the bicycle. That's how I remember my childhood with Dettol and how I grew accustomed to having Dettol in my own place now as I'm already an adult. I can say that I even don't feel 'clean' if I can't have a bath with something smelling of Dettol, haha! I'm so Dettol-ized I guess?

Since I'm very much into Dettol products, surely I'd known that Dettol Malaysia has recently launched the sparkling new Dettol Gold range that is formulated to deliver 100% better protection against germs as compared to other antibacterial body wash (as tested against indicator organism). Coming in different sizes of packaging, the selection of liquid body wash, bar soap and liquid hand wash are already on the shelves with two variants named Classic Clean and Daily Clean that will make your bath time resembles a spa experience. Another aspect to be excited about Dettol Gold is that this new range of body cleansing products can be used by the entire family without the worry of skin dryness as it is formulated to be gentle on skin without stripping away your skin's natural moisture. 

Mr Matias Caride, the Marketing Director of Reckitt Benckiser Malaysia & Singapore said that the launch of Dettol Gold range is the brand's biggest innovation to date as the number 1 germ protection brand in Malaysia. At Dettol, they want mothers to have a peace of mind knowing that all members of the family receive the same amount of anti-bacterial protection.

Scha Alyahya, the sweet Malaysian celebrity and also mom to Lara Alana said that Dettol Gold has been helping her to keep her family happy and healthy. With her busy schedule of attending shoots, interviews, events and meeting people made her spent a lot of time in public hence increasing her chance of contact with germs and bacteria. When she's home, she wants to spend time with her baby daughter without worrying about spreading germs to her so thanks to Dettol, she doesn't have to worry that much anymore.

Personally, I have been using Dettol Gold Body Wash for a few weeks and I say that this body wash does not dry up my skin and it made me feel confident that I've washed away all the germs and bacteria clinging to my skin. I walk a lot because I don't have a car and I take public transport everywhere. While walking to and from home to the LRT station, I am exposed to the dirty air when passing by a few construction sites and I am also exposed to smoke from vehicle emission. When taking the LRT, I touch the railings, the seat and I get exposed to people coughing here and there so yeah, I feel filthy when I arrive home, no kidding. Thanks to Dettol, I can now have a peaceful mind after bathing because I know Dettol can help protect me from becoming a walking germ collection center, haha! 

If you're running out of body wash and handwash product or you simply don't have anything anti-bacterial yet, I recommend you to try the new Dettol Gold range and be happy + satisfied + confident like how I am feeling now okay? Let the Dettolution begin!

Dettol Gold Liquid Handwash (200ml) | RM 7.45
Dettol Gold Body Wash (250ml) | RM 8.45
Dettol Gold Body Wash (500ml) | RM 15.45
Dettol Gold Body Wash (950ml) | RM 23.95
Dettol Gold Body Wash (900ml refill pack) | RM 18.95
Dettol Gold Bar Soap (65g x 3) | RM 6.95
Dettol Gold Bar Soap (105g x 3) | RM 10.45

Available at leading supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies nationwide


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