Why You Should Get Mini Batiste Dry Shampoo

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Assalamualaikum and hello! I still remember the first time I watched Batiste promo video, it was so funny and I couldn't help myself from watching it repeatedly and laughing happily. I always wondered what would it feel like to use dry shampoo because at that time Batiste was not available in Malaysia. One day, I received news from The Health Hub that they're bringing Batiste in and I was beyond happy to finally get them in my possession! 

If you're still unfamiliar with dry shampoo, please note that it is not a substitute for normal shampoos. The function of dry shampoo like Batiste to be your hair refresher in between baths. Please don't stop shampooing ya if you get yourself some stocks of dry shampoo, hehe! 

Aside from the normal 200ml spray can, Batiste dry shampoo also comes in miniature 50ml spray cans and they are by far the cutest thing I ever get ^_^ Available in three variants : Cherry, Blush and Original, the miniature size of Batiste dry shampoo is perfect for you to bring it on the go. In your handbag for mid-day hair refresh, in your travel bagpack for a 3-days weekend trip, you name it! 

Since I have been using all three variants for quite some time, I say they all smell so pleasant that I am not going to choose which one is the best, hehehe! What surprised me is that, Batiste dry shampoo gave my hair a nice volume uplift and my hair feels so light throughout the day. It smells great and no itchiness detected on my scalp.

If you are looking to get these mini Batiste dry shampoos, I really really recommend you to buy them from The Health Hub as I think they're the easiest solution since you won't need to drive out and pay for parking to get Batiste at hypermarkets. From my own experience as I used to buy the normal sized can before getting these mini Batiste, the stocks are usually low at physical stores and some are already in bad condition (dented, scratched, etc).

The Health Hub is currently having a promo on both sizes of Batiste dry shampoo, which is totally a huge steal! I've listed the prices below with the link on where you can get them so, do give The Health Hub some love okay? Hope this post is beneficial for those looking out for dry shampoos, happy exploring ^_^

Product Info

Product : Batiste Dry Shampoo (mini)
Variant : Original | Blush | Cherry
Get it from : The Health Hub
Original Price : RM 16.90 / can

*current offer : RM 14.90 / can
*current offer : RM 39.90 / set of 3


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  1. aaa..cute nye.. first time tau ada dry shampoo.. ingatkan deodorant..huhuhu

    1. hehe dia kecik macam deodorant kan. try la awak, tak mahal pun. senang nak bawa kalau travel hujung minggu or pegi camping ke :)


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