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Saturday, July 04, 2015

Assalamualaikum and hello. Ever since I started getting a seems-like-permanent skin tan thanks to endless outdoor activities years ago, I have been venturing into whitening products, mostly creams and serums.Why creams? Because they're easier to be used, and I see them on my dressing table all the time. I don't really consume whitening products that are now mushrooming in Malaysian market due to fear of what it can do to my body internally and I simply don't have the discipline to eat something exactly before breakfast lah, after meal lah, before sleep lah, and those edible things won't work unless you drink plenty of plain water to help it work, along with clean eating bla bla bla I cannot follow, really XD so yeah, I turn to skincare products that aren't edible :p

Thanks to Mon Cheri Essentials, I get to test their latest product, a cream called the Lightener, with function to give skin lightening effect and is suitable to be used by all skin types. It doesn't matter if you want to get lighter skin tone after sunburn, you want to get a uniform skin complexion or you have some hyper-pigmentation problem, then you might want to jump on Mon Cheri Lightener bandwagon with me ^_^ 

Mon Cheri's Lightener is a lightweight cream made from the combination of active ingredients namely peptides, niacinamides, plant extracts and natural lactate. This lightener aims to not only tackle darkened skin complexion and irregularities in pigmentation, but it also halts the signalling pathways involved in the melanin synthesis. FYI when melanin synthesis is halted, it will lead to skin lightening, improve photoaging marks and control hyper-pigmentation. The advance technology infused in the making of this lightener encapsulates the active ingredients which then leads to the increase of absorption of product into the skin, through lipid-lipid interactions.

Now, do you realize how cute the bottle is? Please agree with me! I am so in love with anything white, salmon pink and black! Those are my favourite colours and to have this Mon Cheri Lightener on my table is such a sight to behold! Okay, that sounds a bit exaggerated, but I don't care :p This Mon Cheri Lightener has a very subtle rose scent to it and it disappears after a few minutes. The cream's consistency is light, not too sticky and it dries/absorbs fast into my skin.

After using it for a month plus, I say that this is worth Mon Cheri Lightener is worth giving a try because it helped me get a uniform skin tone. I no longer see different tone on my cheeks, chin and forehead and I am so happy ^_^ Mind you, I am not looking for whitening product and I don't really expect any 'whitening' products to really work on my skin because I am born with a brownish skin tone (sawo matang, normal Malay people's skin colour) and I don't think I can get porcelain white skin by using creams XD what I look for in this Mon Cheri Lightener is its ability to even out my patchy skin tone and it did ^_^ however, I found it a tad too oily for my skin and I have to blot extra early whenever I put this cream on. But it doesn't matter, I'm super used to blotting my face already :p oh ya, i also had a few dark acne scars. It didn't completely go away yet but I realize that it's getting more and more invisible.


So, if you're looking for a cute skin lightening cream that works with constant usage, do give Mon Cheri Lightener a try okay? There is a raya promo going on where if you buy this Mon Cheri Lightener, you will get a full-sized toner worth RM96 and I think it's great saving time for us all ^_^ till then!

Product Info :

Mon Cheri Essentials Lightener
RM160 | 30ml
Recommended usage : use twice a day and see the difference in 4 weeks

10% Discount Code : ArchMC10


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  1. tiba-tiba akak macam jadi suka pula tengok nih...

    1. hehe, Lightener ni comel botol dia kak. bila pakai, kita pulak yg jadi comel :p nnt try la ^_^

  2. oh how I love the packaging, it looks sooo adorable! Btw, it is kinda pricey, as expected from Mon Cheri. Nonetheless still worth a purchase! ^_^

    1. the packaging memang win! yeah when i saw the price i was kinda shocked too, but since it works i have no qualm ;)


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