June 2015 Favourites

Friday, July 10, 2015

1. Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control

Hands down, the best bb cushion I ever tried! I actually stopped having faith in Korean brand BB and CC creams as all they did to my face was get oxidized and turn ashy which is not pretty. But Laneige restored my faith and came out as my love at first try :) Though it is a tad problematic at first with my oily skin (it melted in aircond and kinda clogged on some skin areas) but then the problem went away (I dont know what caused it and what makes it okay again) but seriously, this Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control does the following to my skin :

  • makes skin look brighter and healthier (someone asked "did you put extra effort on your makeup today coz you look really pretty" oh my gawd i was so happy to hear this!)
  • doesn't oxidize or became ashy at all
  • no, it doesn't keep shine at bay. i still need to blot but that's okay, somehow it looked more on the dewy side, not oil slick category. 
2. La-Roche Posay Serozinc
This was bought by my brother before he came back from UK. Thanks bro I really love you to the moon and back! I wrote about it here if you wanna see what he got for me :) I am a sucker for toners and facial mists. When I can't get my toner, I bring a facial mist to refresh my face. Since this La-Roche Posay Serozinc is huge and it is insensible to chug it in my handbag, I only use it at home. After cleansing my face, I sprayed it on and I can say that I stopped getting little zits popping on my face within this month. I also don't get any face itchiness so, I'm loving this spray. I yet to check if it is available in Malaysia or not, but I got this after I saw Essie Button recommended it in her video ^_^ nice recommendation Essie, thank you for sharing!

3. Ephyra Skin Bar
This was a sponsored item by Ephyra and I'd like to tell them thank you so much for making me found my holy grail cleanser! I pray that Ephyra goes international and I want everyone in this world to try Ephyra Skin Bar. Seriously. Why I said that? Here goes :
  • I got 3 big pimples on my face and after 3 days using Ephyra Skin Bar, my pimples dried and became 3 dark spots. Not painful, no peeling, no irritations.
  • Within a month, the 3 dark spots nearly ceased to exist. Now that is some serious magic.
  • I cleansed my face 3 times a day with ESB. Does it hurt my skin? No. No over drying, no peeling, no tight skin feeling. 
  • My skin is a bit fairer now, I know who's behind it ;)

4. Colourpop Supershock Shadow in Farah (Megan Naik x Colourpop collection) + ZOEVA 232 Luxe Classic Shader
If I only have one eye shadow to wear every day for the rest of my life, this would be it. So smooth, so pigmented, and it is my favourite shade of brown ^_^ it doesn't melt. It doesn't transfer, it doesn't crease no matter how hot the weather and how sweaty my face went. I have oily lids and by night, my eyeshadow still looks the same like it is freshly applied. Colourpop, I love you for creating this!

I applied the shadow with ZOEVA 232 Luxe Classic Shader and my finger, and I never regretted buying this ZOEVA brush simply because it works wonders! I used it in patting, brushing and blending motion and the outcome is perfect. Again, if you ask me to choose only 1 eyeshadow brush to go on for the rest of my life, ZOEVA 232 Luxe Classic Shader will be my choice. You have to get this brush. Get 10 of it, hahaha!

5. Breena Beauty Face Luxe Brush
There are so many beautiful facts of this Face Luxe Brush. First, it was created by Sabrina Tajudin, my number 1 inspiration in many things. Second, the brush is so pretty I wish I can bring it to sleep coz I don't wanna leave it unattended on the table (I just made myself sounded like a maniac, I dont care). Third, this Breena Beauty Face Luxe Brush works with almost everything! I never found a brush that is this fluffy, easy to hold and miraculously buffed every type of products (you name it : liquid, cream, powder, everything!) flawlessly on my face. My face became a perfect canvas thanks to Breena Beauty Face Luxe Brush ^_^ I can never thank Sabrina enough for her wonderful job and I hope Breena Beauty will continue producing miracle-level brushes for women of the world!

6. LA Girl Pro-Conceal HD Concealer in Medium Beige
Since I don't bring bottles of foundations or tubes of creams in my purse, I bring this LA Girl Pro-Conceal HD Concealer instead, hehe! I think it does not need any introduction as this is a worldwide HG product loved by many. I love it because apart from its ability to blend in perfectly without melting, creasing or looking splotchy throughout the day, I love the fact that it really does a very good job in the concealing department. It has many shades to choose from and I hope in the long run I'll be able to get a few more :) this is the ultimate saviour to fix my makeup, I say you should try LA Girl Pro-Conceal HD Concealer too.

7. Coolhijab : Organic Hair Serum
This product will have its own review post soon ^_^ Thanks to Halim for sending me this serum, I really can say that I found new love for my hijab-clad hair! This Coolhijab serum made my scalp feel like there is no weather too hot and being in air-conditioned surrounding resulted in my scalp feeling that there's ice running through it. When I get sweaty, my scalp didn't feel itchy at all (I have sensitive scalp) and when I arrived home at night, my hair didn't smell bad and it feels light and not even damp or limp. I think it would be suitable to everyone, doesn't matter whether you're wearing Hijab or not, this Coolhijab serum is definitely not an item to be missed ^_^ do contact me if you wanna buy it okay?


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  1. Akk pun rindu sgt nk pakai Serozinc balik..it is seriously good!!

    1. menyesal beli satu botol je, pasni nak dapat lagi acano? hahaha

  2. Ok akak berminat nak try Laneige & Pro conceal tu! :)

    btw thanks for loving Ephyra Skin Bar! :)

    1. Pro Conceal tu kita beli dengan kak Nabilah Ismailjee ^_^ Laneige boleh dapat murah kat althea, yeay!

      Kita otw tgh siapkan review ESB, hehe

  3. aw.. thanks for you kind words! glad you love it <3

    1. thanks to you for the marvelous brush Sab ^_^

  4. BB Cushion tu of course, my number one fave. Ramai juga yg suggest Pro Conceal tu ngan Mira tp belum terjumpa lg. Baru terdengar psl Althea tu. Best jg brg2 yg dia jual. Hehe *feeling itchy nak shopping dah*
    Thanks for sharing your June fave!

    1. Althea is awesome because of their prices ^_^ babe do u know where can we buy the latest range of Laneige at cheaper price? My friend is looking for the Trouble Relief set but they dont have it at Althea. U know any other trusted online sites?

  5. My eyes was on the Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control! haha
    And I also in love with Breena Beauty Face Brush! ^_^

    1. have u checked the bb cushion at althea? hehe!
      nobody hates Breena Beauty, Breena Beauty rules!!

  6. laneige bb cushion is definitely awesome! tried other cushion b4 and so far laneige's is the best!..but i am still looking for better option.haha*greedy*.. where can i buy the skin bar?

    1. have you tried IOPE cushion? heard that it's good too ^_^ you can get Ephyra Skin Bar from their Instagram @ephyraskin at rm39 per bar.


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