Get Protected from Germs with Toletta Luxury Paper Toilet Seat Covers

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Assalamualaikum and hello! Let's talk about something a bit more on the sanitary side shall we? What do you feel when you have to sit on the public toilet seats, especially at malls or petrol pumps? How many times do you feel safe and protected from dirtiness and germs laying on the god-knows-how-many-people-have-stepped-on-this toilet seat? I always feel very very unsafe upon laying my sight on public toilet seats. I always took my time to wipe it dry (some people sprinkle, pfft) and layer some tissue papers on the toilet seat before I can proceed with my real intention. I wish we have auto rotating toilet seat covers here in Malaysia but maybe it will go down with vandalism and improper care. Haiyaa...

So, when I suddenly got two packs of Toletta Paper Toilet Seat Covers from The Health Hub I instantly felt like faith in humanity is restored! Hahaha please pardon my over attitude but that's exactly what I felt ^_^ i finally can stop layering tissue papers and arranging them neatly on the toilet seat, I don't have to worry about getting infectious diseases left on the toilet seats, I feel more secure to use public toilets. Toletta Paper Toilet Seat Cover is quite thick and I found that it does not get wet/torn easily. The size is wide enough to cover until the rim of the toilet seat so yeah, no worries of getting my skin in contact with the questionable hygiene of public toilets. 

Toletta Luxury Paper Toilet Seat Covers
Available in convenient purse pack travel size, each pack of Toletta consists of 5 units of paper toilet seat covers. As you can see, I got both in blue and pink packs. The pink Toletta brand is in support of Breast Cancer Research while the blue Toletta brand supports Child Poverty Awareness. Well, the brand originates from the USA and that explains as the people there are more fond of investing in products or services that supports humanitarian causes :)

Why Toletta is the best sanitary companion for you?
  • Thick 3 ply toilet paper that offers antibacterial protection
  • Safe to flush, it won't clog the toilet. No, it is not waterproof.
  • 42% thicker paper to prevent infection from bacteria and viruses
  • 20% larger in size to protect your skin from touching the toilet
  • Bio-degradable paper material which is Earth-friendly

Well, I think I've explained enough on why you should invest in Toletta :) I personally like them so much that I feel incomplete if I don't have it in my handbag whenever I'm out. I hate the squeamish feeling when I have to sit on the toilet seat uncovered, but Toletta is the ultimate saviour that has been helping me to kick my worries off ^_^ join me in using Toletta will you?

Product Info

Product : TOLETTA Paper Toilet Seat Covers
Variant : Toletta Pink | Toletta Blue
Get it from : The Health Hub
Price : RM 8.50 / pack of 5

*current offer is RM 6.50 / pack*


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  1. great sharing! next time I can buy it when I need them so much :)

    1. better buy it now dear coz they're on sale ^_^ you can jimat a few ringgits ;)


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