Ephyra Skin Bar Review

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Assalamualaikum and hello! When choosing facial cleansers, I have this one concern where I need the cleanser to not make my face feel so tight and dry after cleansing. Finding the right one is kinda challenging because almost 90% of the cleansers I tried have the tight and dry after effect on my skin, which to me is not good.

When I was given the chance to try Ephyra Skin Bar, I was impressed with the army of testimonials it had online especially but at the same time I was a bit afraid to try the soap on my face because I don’t want that dry, tight skin feeling again. After much contemplation, I gave in and I cut a chunk from the soap. That was the decision I never regret and I wish I started using Ephyra Skin Bar earlier, hehe!

For your information, Ephyra Skin Bar is a locally produced soap for skin and it can be used by both males and females as early as 4 years old and above. Registered with KKM, this Ephyra Skin Bar is certified safe for external use, in terms of treating various skin problems from face to body and also it claims to be able to treat body odour problem if used consistently.

When I started using Ephyra Skin Bar, my concern was to treat oily skin and acne. I don’t have that much pimple appearance anymore but when the attack came, they’re merciless. Huge, black-scarring pimples will reside on my face like they paid a year rental and they’re so difficult to remove, like the root is very strong and immune to any medications I put on them.

To me, Ephyra Skin Bar is worth trying because it really has helped my skin to get better. In terms of managing the soap itself, I always cut the bar into 4 separate chunks because it's easier to bring anywhere when I need to travel. Skin changes after using Ephyra Skin Bar :

  • There were three bumpy, red pimples on my cheeks when I started using ESB and alhamdulillah after 3 days it disappeared completely
  • As seen in image above, the scars on my cheeks are gone 
  • Skin feels smoother and brighter
  • Skin is moist and supple after cleansing, no tight and dry feeling
  •  Makeup application is easier and smoother
Update 25th August (after 2 and a half months usage) :
  • skin is still in good condition. smooth, less oily and less breakout
  • hormonal breakout cannot be treated even with constant use of ESB. When my period came, I get breakouts and it won't go away as easy as the non-hormonal ones so I guess that's the only breakout category that ESB cannot fight, hehe
  • If you saw me in person and you think my skin does not look good, it's because I have been on a haywire diet and gazillion tonnes of stress lately so yeah, dont judge the soap by my skin appearance :p
Before I end my post, I'd like to remind my readers that no amount of products in this world that can solely and miraculously treat your skin condition within a short period unless it contains powerful chemical that can make you white in three days. It takes a lot of effort to maintain clear skin and most importantly to get healthy skin. Take care of your diet, your intake of plain water, your daily activities, stress management and also take note of pollutants around that can affect your skin. Now that I know ESB is a good product to trust, it is my job to take care of myself internally so that ESB can work better from the outside in helping my skin to heal. Thank you for reading!

Ephyra Skin Bar

Disclaimer : Product was sent for review purposes. However, all stated opinions are purely based on my experience as a user.


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