Tony Roma's Farmer's Market 2015

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Assalamualaikum and hello! This post is specially dedicated to all food lovers, especially if you are a frequent or a newbie to Tony Roma's because they just bombed 2015 with their latest Farmer's Market offerings ^_^ I was invited by a good friend of mine to join a food review session at Tony Roma's @ eCurve and I say it's totally worth our time because heyy, no one can hate these delicious meals! Writing about it now makes me hungry again -_-'' I need to go there again asap I guess? Oh ya, this Farmer's Market 2015 is only available until the end of May so to avoid disappointment, go now okay? ;)
Green Goddess Salad (RM 26.39 inclusive of GST)
If you're a health freak or health conscious and you love your greens + fruits, start with this yummy Green Goddess Salad. I am a fan of Ceasar Salad and I usually don't like other types of salad I ever tried anywhere but this is an exception! Grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, Green Goddess dressing, cherry tomatoes, avocado, red radishes, edamame, sliced almonds, cucumbers and croutons are what you will find in this humongous plate. Make sure you share this salad with 2-3 pax because I don't want you to feel full with a starter :p 
BBQ Shrimp Tacos (RM 27.45 inclusive of GST)
Honestly, I never liked BBQ sauce. It's like a total no-no for me but what sorcery is this BBQ Taco Shrimp?? I love it! Partly because everything in it feels so juicy and fresh, and yes, I have to admit that the BBQ sauce is something that I really can stomach ;) The number one factor of why I love this taco is the shrimp. The big, fat, juicy shrimps that instantly makes the entire taco a winner ^_^ What to expect in this BBQ Shrimp Taco? Definitely shrimps, sweet BBQ sauce, pineapple and cucumber salsa. 
Salmon with Lemon Pesto Shrimp (RM 59.25 inclusive of GST)
As a person who always love her salmon to be raw, I say this salmon here is overcooked and a tad too dry to my liking but that is just a personal opinion :) However, the lemon pesto butter is the best in the world I ever tasted and I don't have any problem to finish the entire plate, hehe! Again, say hello to the big fat juicy shrimps and the broccolis as they make the perfect sides for this meal. The yellow coloured rice is infused with saffron and the secret is to eat this salmon with rice when it is still hot as you can get the entire flavour perfectly in each bites. Don't let the food wait okay? 
Fillet Medallions and Black Pepper Beef Ribs combo (RM 88.93 inclusive of GST)
What is Tony Roma's without the ribs, aite? The black pepper beef ribs are a bit sweet but they're definitely the most succulent, juicy ribs I can vote for and yeah, if you're a meat lover I think you can have plates after plates of these ^_^ the Fillet Medallions are very tender as well but don't expect it to have a richly marinated flavour because the taste is quite plain to balance with the ribs. The mashed potatoes, oh how I love it! I wish I could learn the exact recipe of making it, hehe!

pic credit to Syafiera Yamin
These beverages are non-alcoholic so don't worry ;) Priced at RM15.90 each, they're a combination of citrusy fruits and berries juices served in sugar rimmed glasses. I had the original Romarita (most left) and the taste is quite sour but very refreshing. Usually sour drinks hurt my throat but not this one, as I quite enjoy its taste ^_^ Actually I asked form Wild Berries Romarita but someone didn't realize that he accidentally drank it (cried silently in my heart..ok enough drama) XD it's okay, next visit I'm gonna get my Wild Berries Romarita! From left to right :
  • Strawberry romarita : strawberry, orange juice, fresh lime juice, lime sour mix
  • Mango romarita : mango, orange juice, fresh lime juice, lime sour mix
  • Wild berry romarita : wild berry, orange juice, fresh lime juice, lime sour mix
  • Romarita : Tart and sweet pairing of orang juice, fresh lime juice and lime sour mix
So yeah, above are all the Market Fresh Sampling (food) and Market Fresh Pairings (drinks) that you can get at Tony Roma's Malaysia until 31st May 2015 for their Farmer's Market 2015 promo. Aside from this, I'd also like to mention that if you're looking for value lunch meals from 3pm-6pm on weekdays, drop by at any Tony Roma's as they have a selection of menu priced at RM 9.90 each within this 3 hours ^_^ toodles!


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