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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Assalamualaikum and hello! It has been a long time since I last posted anything beneficial. Apologies for that, I have been very busy with work and assignment. Now I have experienced how hard it is to juggle between work and study at the same time, and I have three more semesters (10 more subjects, oh Lord give me the strength). I screwed up a bit but I hope I'll have the strength to fix things up like I always do, insyaAllah. Do pray for me okay fellas? I am now on track to pick up where I left my blogging spirit. I need it back as life feels boring without the excitement and satisfaction of updating my blog and sharing my beauty finds with my readers :') 

So, let's start with something light okay? My brother is coming home from UK for a three-months summer break. He is going to spend Ramadhan and Eid with us in Malaysia, yeayy! I have been missing him so much, I feel like I lost a part of me when he flew away :'( He is so close to me and being my only brother, his absence makes me lost my permanent bodyguard for a while. It is always him who came to my rescue when I need anything. He even came all the way from Melaka to KL just because I want to watch a movie and I don't have anyone to accompany me. So yeah, since he is coming back, as a cheeky sister I requested him to buy me some stuffs that are not available here (or could be very expensive here if it is available). 

Choosing what to buy was a pain because I also don't know what to buy, hahaha masalah betul perempuan ni XD i ended up Googling for random keywords/phrases like "UK Best Beauty Buy 2015" and found this video by Essie Button and I chose two items from it. It is the La-Roche Posay Serozinc and Super Facialist Pore Purifying Clay Mask. I decided to try these two items because my skin is oily + acne-prone and I wear makeup almost every day so, it suits my skin profile to test them :) I hope they'll work well on my skin!
La-Roche Posay Serozinc
Super Facialist Pore Purifying Clay Mask
The other two items are makeup from Barry M. I chose to try the Flawless Matte Finish Foundation and the Flawless Light Reflecting Concealer, which both reviews I have read at The Sunday Girl's blog | click here for concealer review | click here for foundation review |. I'm only taking these two (despite of being a makeup junkie) because I know that I will use them the most. I don't want to buy a lot like a mad makeup addict because I don't wanna burden my brother, though I know he loves me unconditionally and will buy anything I want XD 

I was so happy (STILL AM VERY HAPPY) when he Whatsapped me these images, telling that he has got all 4 items I wanted. I asked him why did he buy two Serozinc as I thought it was for himself. Turns out my brother actually uses Lancome wth... I cannot brain this... my brother is using Lancome and here I am, not using any high end brands XDD That extra Serozinc belongs to his lady, hahaha XD pandai betul budak-budak ni. 

So that's all for now I guess? If you're reading this, please join my excitement to get all these new stuffs coz I'll share my verdicts about them right here in this blog ^_^ oh, that's my brother with his other half, and that uncle they met at Bath recently. I dont know, was he cosplaying or what? Toodles! :p


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  1. The next best thing to going overseas yourself is having your siblings over there! Alaa bestnye got a brother in the UK! I am dying to go there myself. A bit tricky to ask people to buy especially something with variety of shades. I just wanna be there, infront of the makeup aisles myself and swatch to my heart's desires! :D

    Haha, very metrosexual of him to use Lancome. I use Anew White from Avon.. :p

    1. Hi babe! Haha ni nasib baik je sempat mintak dia belikan. sebab the perfume i wanted takde stock so exchange dengan these four. talk about tricky, the foundation shade macam a tad too dark for my skin wtf so I mixed it with my bourjois cc cream to get brightening effect, it works well ^_^ yeah i wanna be there too just as you wished, jom sama2 pray hard so that god gives us the chance insyaAllah :)

      he used Clinique for Men actually, Lancome ni side je XD bertuah punya budak.

  2. mieza! can smell the excitement from hereeee! :D

    1. jannah, i already am using all these items as we speak XD best wei!


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