Nivea Men Triple Shield Challenge 2015

Monday, May 11, 2015

Assalamualaikum and hello! I was given the opportunity to attend Nivea Men Triple Shield Challenge 2015 and it was truly an adrenalin-filled + fun day for me and other bloggers! The Triple Shield Challenge was a competition for male students from universities and colleges in Malaysia where the concept is like a dodgeball game but they used tennis ball and a shield on one arm. You know how men fight, don't you? They showed no mercy because the prize was so attractive, accumulating to RM50,000 worth of prizes even I felt like "I wanna win!!!" but I couldn't, because I wasn't as strong and because I don't fit into the category, hahaha XD

Held at Sunway Pyramid Blue Concourse, Nivea Men has launched its Cool Kick campaign with the Triple Shield Campaign to put everyday men to the test of digital and ground battle. Protecting themselves against three threats, namely sweat, bacteria and body odour, this extreme game embodies traits of modern Nivea Men as it meets every men's needs. Nivea Men has also decided to make this its annual campaign as a platform for men to express their confidence through this fun yet thrilling game.

Group IKI (members are from Taylors, UCSI and Nottingham University) emerged as the grand prize winner and they bagged home RM10,000 cash. Group Immortals Again with members from UCSI won 1st runner up and claimed the RM5,000 cash prize while the 2nd runner up from group Crusaders 2 (members from KDU and TARUC) won RM3,000 cash. I remember watching the Crusaders 2 winning rounds after rounds and I say they were fierce! Congratulations to all winners and I hope they'll come back next year with flaming spirit as before ^_^

Female media teams gracing the event for a friendly match 
image credit to Firdaus Feeq
image credit to Firdaus Feeq
media team in action, and they won the battle against us ladies XD 
congrats Mr.Jocko, Man Raja Lawak and Mike :)

my dad loves these, and I also love the scent of these Nivea Cool Kick products!
*please ignore the piles of makeup at the back, and the ugly curtain of rumah sewa, hahaha*

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  1. Kak Nanie dapat gak invitation untuk ni Mieza. Tapi masa tu ada urusan lain . :)

    1. wuuu kalau tak dah boleh jumpa kak nanie, rindu tau (T_T)


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