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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Assalamualaikum and hello! It has been ages since I stepped into a hair salon and pamper my scalp. Wearing a headscarf, keeping my head comfortable is the greatest challenge especially when I am always out and about due to my work nature and my personal schedule. My head is wrapped with hijab for almost 8 hours normally, and for some days it would be from am to pm (night, not evening) so yeah, imagine how stressed my scalp and hair are, hahaha XD so, I'd like to thanks Ai and Daisuke from Daisuke Salon de Coiffure for giving me the opportunity to experience their CO2 Hair and Scalp Spa along with their Soda Spa Treatment, finally my scalp and hair feels like they own the world ^_^

A bit of introduction on the treatments I did. The CO2 Hair and Scalp Spa is created from Japan to mimic their 'onsen' or hot spring treatment with benefits to enhance blood flow to scalp, leaving your hair and scalp feeling all fresh and making hair look fabulously healthy. It is also used by athletes to relieve stress, reduce sports aches and making their body feel rejuvenated. Among the benefits of CO2 Hair and Scalp Spa :
  • reduces hair loss
  • treats oily scalp
  • reduce scalp itchiness due to chemical treatments and procedures
  • cleanses harmful chemical residues, dust and sebum clogging the scalp
  • optimises the effect of perming and colouring
  • results to a softer, more voluminous hair
  • improve blood circulation on your scalp
How does it feel when doing the CO2 Hair and Scalp Spa?
Well, it was awesome! Like having a jet of water sprayed softly yet powerfully on my scalp, and it truly feels like a massage to my scalp. I wish I could do it frequently, hehe! I am so going to do it frequently as I know my scalp needs this :) the CO2 Hair and Scalp Spa allows for a deep cleaning action from carbonated water shampoo that unclogged the scalp from all nasties and this in return allows for better hair growth and reduced hair fall. Previously I also knew that clogged scalp leads to itchiness, sensitive scalp and hair fall thus, for you people experiencing a tragic hair loss like me, then you really should consider trying CO2 Hair and Scalp Spa okay? I am the living proof that my hair fall stopped for a week after doing this treatment ^_^ it also makes my frizzy hair tangle free, manageable, lighter and a bit softer than its usual dry condition.

Soda Spa Foam Treatment
After the CO2 Hair and Scalp Spa, Rene washed my hair with shampoo and then she applied the Soda Spa Foam fresh from its canister to my entire scalp and hair. FYI, this Soda Spa Foam can be used for hair, scalp, face and body. See, you get a top to toe benefit with just one product which is awesome! It claims to :
  • lower blood pressure
  • eliminates alkaline
  • act as anti-ageing
  • give relaxation effect
  • provides anti-ageing effect
  • give deodorizing effect
  • facilitate hair restoration 
  • give 3x moisturizing power than normal water
  • prevent roughness of skin
  • improve blood flow
This Soda Spa is in the form of very smooth yet thick foam that you spray out from its canister onto your palm and spread over your desired treatment area. My stylist Rene left it on my scalp for 5 minutes before rinsing it off, and it leaves my head feeling fresh and light. I also have tried it on my face and it makes my skin feel and looks a lot better and fresher. Don't have time for spa? Get this Soda Spa Foam from Daisuke Salon and you won't regret having this as it helps to moisturize your skin better, making your skin look healthier and for those wearing makeup, the application will be easier if you are a frequent user of this Soda Spa Foam :) Oh ya, I am going to make a separate review on how I used this Soda Spa Foam on my face, so wait for it ya!

Before I forget, here is the proof of how awesome these two treatments were. Before the treatments, Rene first washed my hair with water and scooped out a bowl of the used water. She did the same too after both CO2 Hair & Scalp Spa and the Soda Spa Foam on my hair and the differences was mind-blowing! The 'before treatment' bowl of water was not crystal clear and a bit oily. The 'after treatment' bowl of water was clear, and contains bubbles of soda due to the soda spa treatment I did. I wish that my hair and scalp can always be fresh and clean, now thanks to Daisuke Salon, I know what should I do after this ^_^

Why Daisuke Salon de Coiffure should be in your visit list?
As a Muslim lady, my number one concern is about my aurah. I cannot show my hair to random men and most hair salon in Malaysia uses an open concept where everyone and anyone can see the entire process. It is not helpful at all for Muslim women who wears a headscarf and covers her entire aurah. At Daisuke Salon, they have a closed section for Muslim women who wishes to get her haircut there. The space for hair-washing is also separated with black cloth so chances to get yourself seen by men is lesser than at salons that practices open concept. That is why also, I was attended by Rene and not Mr.Daisuke himself as the crews at Daisuke Salon understand that Muslim women have a priority to cover their aurah. Thank you to Rene, Ai and Mr.Daisuke, for understanding and for the effort to make your salon Muslim friendly :) 

Closed section for Muslimah
pic from Daisuke Salon facebook page

hairwash area separated with black cloth to ensure privacy
pic from Daisuke Salon facebook page

 interior of the salon
pic from Daisuke Salon facebook page

Apart from these two treatments, I also had a hair cut there because I feel like I cannot maintain long hair at the moment. I felt so sad to cut off my tresses, but that was the right thing to do and Rene was a very precise stylist as my housemates praised how perfectly balanced my hair length was when I got home, hehe! If you are interested to try this CO2 Hair and Scalp Spa and Soda Spa Treatment, feel free to visit Daisuke Salon de Coiffure at :

Unit No.25-01, Ground Floor Block C,
3Two Square, Jalan 19/1 Petaling Jaya.
(I used google maps to get to Jalan 19/1)

Mondays : closed
Tues-Sat : 10am - 8pm
Sunday : 10am - 6pm

Facebook page : Daisuke Salon


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