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Friday, April 10, 2015

Assalamualaikum and hello! So, while I was scrolling down the timeline on Instagram yesterday, I accidentally saw a post by @fashionvalet with a hashtag of #fvtlngateway and I was like, "HOW DID I MISS THIS???". Yeah, such a sad life. Too busy with work and masters makes Mieza a loser on the net world. I have a day to think and to write. Being myself, I don't usually think to do crazy thinks, I just do it like Uncle Nike told me. Now I'm doing the post, hehe!

Dear Fashion Valet and The Luxe Nomad, I'd like to win a stay at Paresa Phuket on The Luxe Nomad because I never got to travel the world in style. This is my biggest confession, I am on the sore loser's side when it comes to fashion.

1. I believe that Fashion Valet is the perfect fairy-godmother to help me be a decent Muslimah in fashion. 
I love fashion, I love stalking fashionistas and my part-time job is stalking what Fashion Valet has to offer, almost every day, on Instagram especially. I am an outdoor media planner by day and sometimes my day is a thunderstorm with hail even though the weather outside is perfectly sane. So when my eyes are tired of looking at numbers, billboard pictures and my fingers ached from constant clicking on the mouse preparing all sorts of documents, I cure my pain by visiting Fashion Valet's instagram and the ladyboss's instagram as well to see her shout outs. I love Fashion Valet's offering and I always dream that, when one day I can finally have a wardrobe makeover, I will get everything from Fashion Valet. Now is the third month of my first job, and I am still lacking of good business wear that can perfectly cover my modesty but exudes the stylish aura. I want that, and I am looking up to Fashion Valet to help me ^_^ I have an array of favourites from Fashion Valet and these are what I chose to wear when I get to go to Paresa Phuket :

2. I need a vacation. I haven't had a proper, relaxing vacation for ages and I'm going bonkers.
True story. Since I started my degree three years ago, I have been under great stress. Now I am working and continuing my master's degree at the same time, I fear that without such relaxing vacation, I will grow old faster than I thought. Actually my dream is to work now, save up enough to fund my dream and when the time comes, I'll go for a round-the-world tour. But why wait for "the right time" when this is the time? Lucky star from The Luxe Nomad galaxy, will you shine on me please ;)  I want to win this stay at Paresa Phuket, Heaven of All Heavens.
Where to get this view? Paresa Phuket. TLN and FV please bring me here!!!
my own pool at my own room? say what? say YES!
After years of studying and then straight to work + more studying, I think I can have some relaxing fun, agree? ;)
I'll give everything to have this dinner. Looking into nothing but the serenity of the sea, and praising Allah for His creation.

3. Living in KL with a freshie salary and paying my own MA's fee, I can never afford a luxury vacation at the moment.
Another honest confession of a traveller wannabe. Nak makan mewah pun fikir patploh kali, apatah lagi nak bercuti jauh :( I think everyone who works makan gaji will agree with me on this. A few days ago I read about a man who survived a 2-hours journey, hitch-hiking a ride on a plane, by sneaking into the tyre compartment. Can I do that? Hahahaha no I'm joking, I wanna live long, go to Paresa Phuket and wear Fashion Valet! 

I hope this gets your attention, dear Fashion Valet and The Luxe Nomad! I really wanna win this stay at Paresa Phuket and get a wardrobe makeover from you!! Pick me pick meeee~


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  1. Good Luck Mieza! I have a good instinct that you'll probably gonna win, inshaaAllah. Hope mieza boleh rest2 after the hectic life and back with style! :D

    1. Thank you for your doa Anis, I really appreciate that ^_^ yeah, I hope I can get a relaxing vacation after all these years of stress and the present on-going challenge of building a new life. hehe!

  2. good luck in winning this ya dear!all the best kay?

    1. thank you Cindy :) but i didnt win lah, hehe orang lain dah menang.


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