Throwback : F1 Grand Prix and Markets'15 Haul

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Assalamualaikum and hello! I am in the midst of photographing and editing a few review pictures so, let's have a throwback post shall we? Last Sunday I was invited by a very close friend to watch the F1 Grand Prix at Sepang. That was my second time watching the race live, my first being in 2009 when I was in Form 5.  The race was awesome and interesting! I regard them racers like kids, because some of their moves were too funny. There were no major accidents, just one racer got disqualified during his second lap when he skidded and his car got stuck (kesian) and someone got a penalty for nudging a fellow racer. I learned that if you were to go to Sepang for this F1 Grand Prix next time, come at least 1 hour early because getting a parking and waiting for the shuttle bus is not quick. Bring an umbrella, wear a hat, bring your sunnies and aloe vera facial mist because it was so damn hot, like really really freaking hot -_- Overall, it was definitely an experience I'd like to relive :) I might not be a die hard fan of F1, I can't even get their names right except for the famous ones but what the hell, I love this kind of sport entertainment. 

When I left the Sepang, it started to drizzle and the road taken (as directed by the traffic police) was so far. I made the race against time and rain to reach The Markets at Jaya One in time. When I left it was already 1655 and The Markets will close at 1900. My initial plan was to buy my second CANMAKE Transparent Finish powder because I saw on its Fb page that they are having a major sale that day. When I arrived, it was raining cats and dogs with a storm and luckily those vendors were indoors. CANMAKE's booth was directly in front of the door, and when the automatic door suddenly open, the storm gushed inside and in a split second my headscarf was everywhere (T_T) i wish my headscarf sticks to my body like a magnet in times like this. Pity those CANMAKE girls, they had to hold on to their displays while their hair and skirts went mad until the door closes again, and then we all had a good laugh looking at each other's state XD when I arrived, they're having a "3 for RM50" sale since the Markets are ending. So, I grabbed the Transparent Finish Powder, Smooth Liquid Foundation and Smooth Skin Primer. I had a hard time choosing as I was torn between the mascaras, eyebrow pencils and lipsticks, but I guess I better buy something that I will definitely use on a daily basis, hence all the face product. I want my investment to be 100% worthy and utilized. I really don't regret buying them because as I have tried the foundation and primer recently, they're both very awesome ^_^ then I saw Bisou BonBon booth and I couldn't help but buy their famous First Aid Salve since I easily get skin irritation nowadays, and I received a sample of their Lemongrass body scrub to try. I met Shelby who was manning Bisou's booth alone and had a chat with her. She's very friendly and bubbly in person, I hope to see you again Shelby ;) As I walked around looking at all the stuffs on sale, I munched on some very tasty Blueberry Cheese tarts I bought from a permanent stall there. I fell in love with a few other things like a tribal bracelet, a statement rose necklace, a dragon pendant, a timeturner necklace (Harry Potter!) and a huge Mockingjay pin but sadly they all have to pass because I cannot spend too much on things that are not of needs. I hope someday I'll chance upon them again and have the kachings to buy :) 

So yeah, that was how I spent my weekend :) Watched a race and then raced to buy something by the end of the day. Looking forward to a not so stressful week and this upcoming weekend I shall go back to Melaka to spend time with my family and my cat Bob ^_^ toodles!

Bob wearing my old baby shirt :') 
*pictures in this post are all from my Instagram

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  1. Demn...!! Gambar tiket je? 2 keping pulak tue....

    Bro minat F1 since 1999... Masih boleh recall balik nama driver dan team mana mereka berada ikut tahun. Tapi tahun ini, agak lost kejab. Banyak pemandu baru.

    Tapi ada yang Bro kenal dari GP2

    1. sebenarnya tiket ada 3 keping, tak sampai hati nak publish lagi satu tiket yg tidak digunakan tu XD ok nnt balik keje mieza tambah gambar masa race ;)

      mieza kenal Vettel, Hamilton, Raikonnen. lain tak kenal. minus Schumacher sebab dia dah out.


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