Snacking with Monster's Crazy Crunchy

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Assalamualaikum and hello ^_^ I found something that reminds me of my childhood, and it is FOOD! So, rather than eating it all alone and keeping the secret to myself, why not I share about it here right? ;)

Presenting the new snack in town, Monster's Crazy Crunchy or also known as MCC ^_^ when I was small, the snack like this was just a small jar of plain rice crispies with a dollop of chocolate, which honestly wasn't that tasty back then. However with MCC, you can never say never to it! Why? Because the chocolate in here is not just any randomly bought packets and tossed inside this jar okay? The manufacturer of MCC created their own secret recipe of chocolate to give customers that satisfaction that you cannot get from any commercial chocolates out there. This one I got here is the rainbow version, as you can see the rice crispies are not boring but they're colourful ^_^ Try and guess how much have I eaten? 

I seriously can't stop munching because honestly, this MCC is so delicious (told ya the chocolate is special), the rice crispies is very crunchy (not some soggy thing like we sometimes get from other brands) and mixing them up is not hard at all. I eat this at home, I eat this at my office (and kena pow dengan member, choyy) and what I yet to try is eating this in the LRT. Okay I'll try tomorrow coz I got class after work, will have to pass 13 stations and let's see how many people will start looking at me XD when a girl is hungry, she eats wherever she wants :p Oh ya, if you're wondering how to get the chocolate to taste better and maybe if it hardens, simply put the jar upside down in hot water and ensure that the lid is fully immersed. Leave for a few minutes for your chocolate to thaw ;)

So, if you wanna get this MCC because you are a chocolate lover like me, because you love eating and you support our local product, then by all means please contact them at :


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  1. Aaah that looks delicious! Anything chocolate with crunchy rice crispies is right up my alley. :D

    1. It is so delicious babe! You should get yourself some jars ^_^

  2. Replies
    1. thanks babe for telling the name, i lupa langsung and cari kat google pun tak jumpa. Nyum Nyum rupanya nama dia, dalam cup warna oren tu kan XD

  3. Oh noooo... I'm trying to minimize chocolate as much as possible. This looks so delicious though. Just look at the melting silky smooth chocolate *licks lips*
    Maybe I'll get a jar or two, just out of curiosity. :)


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