Noble Beauty Transgenic Serum Review

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Assalamualaikum and hello! It has been three weeks for me trying this serum from Noble Beauty and I'm ready to share its effect on my skin. A bit of introduction on the Transgenic Serum (provided by the sponsor in Malay and translated by yours truly into English) :

Transgenic Serum by Noble Beauty
  • A gel type of serum
  • Thick liquid type due to high concentration of extract but easily absorbed by the skin
  • Best applied at night, as our skin regenerates new cells at night while sleeping
  • Can also be used during the day as it helps increase skin moisture level

This Transgenic Serum is approved by the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (BPFK) so you can use it without worry ya, they don't have dangerous ingredients when they're approved by BPFK itself :)

*please click picture for clearer image*

I use this serum at night every day, and sometimes I did use it during the morning to try whether it helps my oily skin to look less shinier. I have acne scars and they don't fade, so this serum doesn't help my skin to get clearer yet, yelah I baru pakai 3 minggu kan, ini bukannya magic show pakai sekali dua terus jadi muka korea, hehe. Skincare kena pakai sebulan dua bulan baru nampak kesan kalau betul dia bagus untuk kulit kita. It does make my skin feel a bit more moisturized, but during the day my skin's oiliness is still the same. The only very good thing is when I use this every day, I don't get those small blemishes. I'm telling you, usually I'll wake up to some small zits when I don't get enough sleep and feeling very stressed. With this Transgenic Serum, even though I had so little sleep this April, I am grateful that those little demons didn't appear on my skin. That's the good thing that this serum brought to my skin in three weeks :) 

This serum is indeed very sticky on my skin when it dries, but it doesn't stay for long. When the stickiness dispersed, my skin feels very plump and smooth :) Since I didn't get any new acne along the period of disciplined usage of this serum, I guess it really works in helping my skin fight those acne away. I will continue to use this Transgenic Serum until I finish my 15ml bottle and then we'll see if I have anything more to add about it ya. Toodles!

Oh ya, I don't have any pictures of my face to share because there is nothing different on my face to tell. The only obvious effect I experienced is only no new zits appearing on my skin when I don't get enough sleep :)

Product Info :
Transgenic Serum
RM 109 (Peninsular Msia) | RM 119 (Sabah/Sarawak)

Disclaimer : This is not a paid review. Product and its usage info was given by the sponsor. My opinions are not influenced by anyone and it is 100% my own for being a tester / user of this serum for 3 weeks. Skincare is very personal and it does not work the same on different people with different skin condition.  


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  1. How about pore control? I'm using another serum that has similar functions as you do but it's a little pricey T.T

    1. I just checked my pores, it still looks the same (without makeup on) but with a layer of CC Cream it is not seen anymore. I think the serum might help to make pores appearance "less noticeable" but not shrinking its size :)

  2. Can this serum help for brightening?


    1. it says that it can also help with brightening. maybe in long term i guess? not instantly :)


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