What I Learned #1

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Assalamualaikum and hello! This is a non review post, just me letting off my one month old feeling here, hehe~ Alhamdulillah, it has been a month for me as a working adult. It is not easy but I am glad that my first month of work was very sweet and not too taxing. Lots of free luxurious lunches, ample of time to learn things for the first time, very very helpful supervisor, boss and colleagues, fun working environment, free breakfast daily at work and a hefty ang pow for CNY, among the things I enjoyed right after I started working ^_^ and yes, one of the unforgettable thing was the day trip to Langkawi for site recce, where I had my first flight (twice in a day, so funny) and visited Langkawi for the second time after 12 years (I was there when I was 11). I am truly grateful to work at the agency I am in now. When I first started, I was like a blind man pushing through the walls of the unknown. Like my best friend Maisarah F. Petra said, attitude langgar dinding (it means ‘do first think later’ and push through anything that is blocking your way). back then I did not know what is an agency, I have never heard of the position i am working as now, and i never dreamt that I would land myself a seat at the #1 media agency in the world.


Apart from work, I am also doing a full time master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communication at USM in Kuala Lumpur. Surprised to know USM is in Kuala Lumpur? I am too! Again with my attitude langgar dinding, don’t ask me why I am doing a master’s in IMC, I also don’t know why. I was just browsing for any interesting master’s degree to take, and I stumbled upon this program by USM and upon finding out that it is offered in Kuala Lumpur, I told myself why not? So I applied and tadaaa, I got a seat and here I am trying to comprehend what is IMC and getting to know every term of this side of world that I have never ventured before. From a language major to the communication studies, I feel even more stupid as the weeks of classes pass by. I’m doing full time, so it means I go to class after work every Monday and Wednesday (8pm-10.30pm) and on Saturday mornings. I usually commute by public transportations (LRT and taxi) and I don’t even want to think of how much it would cost me after SPAD announced that taxi fare is going to increase mf. Being me, I say this is very tiring but I told myself from the beginning, it is now or never. I love studying and I cannot be at peace if I postpone the opportunity I already got. Some people told me not to do master’s first since I just start working and it would be too much to handle. To tell you the truth, sometimes I did feel that this is too much. But I always always remind myself of why I decided to take this path. I am challenging myself to do what people think is hard, or impossible and I want to fully utilize my youth (well, I’m still young) by learning and achieving lots of things while I still have the energy fresh and running. By the way, I am getting fat and I don’t know how to reduce the size of my thighs now help me!!!


Ahem. This life I chose, is going to serve as a reminder for the rest of my life upon all the obstacles I’ve been through and the sacrifices I made, my family made to let me soar high on my own and leave the place I have been nestling comfortably for so long. Starting a life and a career in KL, I did 90% of the things on my own and every single pennies invested were of my own. My father did not support my decision to work in KL, thus he left me on my own devices to figure everything out. Things have changed now, I know from the beginning that he didn’t support my initial decision because he couldn’t bear the fact of letting me live alone far away from home, I know how much he loves me, his first daughter and first child. My mom and siblings supported my decision, they’re so sweet like that hahaha. My other half too helped me a lot to the extent that I don’t know if I were ever to be that selfless person like him. To some blogger friends who have been very helpful especially Tammy, Kak Nanie and Kak Ella, thank you for letting me had my overnight rest at your homes along my journey before I moved to KL, if not I would be sleeping at the bus station I guess? (T_T) i’m also very grateful for having some special friends (you know who you are) who always believe in me and provides counsel when I am in need. The most awesome thing about them is, they don’t tell me what to do or what not to do, what is right to do or what is wrong. They just told me that I know what I am doing and they trust me for whatever decision I made. These heaven-sent people, I pray to god to always give the best for you all.


Ok now I have forgotten what else I want to say that relates to the above paragraphs because I suddenly feel that the heaviness slumping on my shoulder all these while has been lifted. The power of pouring ones heart out, I think.. Oh, if you are wondering why my blog has been so silent this past 2 months is because my house has no internet connection and it will only be installed (God please make it faaasstt) in March, which I don’t even know the exact date yet. I feel bad to do my blog stuff at work, and I don’t really fancy going to cafes to get free wifi because I am tired every day after work. I promise that I will get back to the routine posting (I want to be a better writer) after my house gets a permanent, stable internet connection.


Well, that’s all for now I guess? I’d like to congratulate whoever you are, if you successfully read every single word until this line. You’re the best, I love you!




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