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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Assalamualaikum and hello! If you are wondering whether this round thingy is a door gift I received from a wedding, the answer is no because this is my artwork XD thanks to The Butterfly Project Malaysia, I got the chance to attend Pimp My ChuLip workshop a few days ago with 49 other Butterflies at KARE Café One Utama.

For your info, Metholatum and Watsons Malaysia is organizing a contest called Pimp My Chu Lip where you can get creative and win awesome prizes! Simply buy a Chu Lip of your favourite colour and variant, drain your creativity in the form of colouring, decorating, doodling or anything that you can think of to make your plain Chu Lip look as fabulous as you, and then upload it to Chu Lip’s official website before 31st March 2015 ^_^  The prizes are so awesome and I bet you don’t wanna miss the chance of winning a brand new Ipad Mini 3 right? You can also walk away with Chu Lip Lipbalm sets too coz there are 5 of them waiting for their new owners! So what are you waiting for ;)

Back to my story on the event, shall we? All Butterflies were directed to a table full of Chu Lip lipbalms and an assortment of decoration stuffs for us to have fun with. Sharpie marker pens, beads, ribbons, decorative tapes, you name it! We were all spoilt for choices but still we had to complete our masterpieces within the stipulated timeframe, hehe! As a not creative person or “tangan kayu”, of course I was so blur on what to do. I ended up encrusting my Chu Lip with pearls as a skirt, some beads as a headband and a ribbon on the side. A girl she is, finally, hehehe! Mira Cikcit won herself the grand prize for doodling an Ultraman (she said that) on her red Chu Lip. Congratulations girl! I really envy people who can draw, I wish I inherit my mom's ability in being creative.

among the stuffs to decorate your Chu Lip

 Chu Lip showcase

Overall, I had fun during the workshop! I learned teamwork, sharing is caring (when the glues and scissors were passed from table to table) and most importantly the sisterhood bond I get with my fellow Butterflies around J hoping for my beloved community to grow and soar higher above the skies in 2015! Don’t forget to join the Pimp My Chu Lip contest okay??

pic credit to the Baby G winner, Mira Cikcit

Pimp My Chu Lip Contest

Mechanism :
1. Buy your favourite Chu Lip lip balm, you can choose from 4 available variants.
2. Decorate your Chu Lip lipbalm according to your preference.
3. Snap a picture of your beautifully decorated Chu Lip
4. Participate by uploading the picture to Pimp My Chu Lip contest page
5. Contest ends at 31st March 2015

Prizes to be won :
1x Ipad Mini 3 16GB
5x Chu Lip lip balm sets


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  1. Wonderful Mieza!! I wish I was there but then could't come down to KL due to my pile of works! Thanks anyway for the words about the contest, now thinking to join..lewls! ^_^ <3

    1. babe do join, mana tau rezeki you kan ^_^ aww you be tough there in jb okay? habis sem nanti datang KL boleh jumpa ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you babe! I didnt even know what i'm doing at that time XD


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