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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Assalamualaikum and hello! Hmm, it’s payday and how much have you spent to avoid paying more since GST is going to be implemented? Hehe! I think many are panicking and freaking out right now. We have money but no time to shop, working from AM to PM and then the traffic jam is a pain too if we wanna go to malls after work, right? That is why I am now resorting to more online shopping than physical shopping because *sigh* I simply don’t have the time to go shopping at malls anymore. After work I will be super tired, and on weekends I have class to attend and assignments to finish. So tell me, where is my time to go shopping and window shopping? Absolutely no.

So while I am glued to the laptop screen, I took some time browsing through online shops, clicking on categories after categories, to find items that suit my budget and taste. Say, I wanna buy a handbag but I have a few online shops to visit, and then to compare prices and availability. How long does that gonna take? I don’t think it is healthy to crane my neck for 2 hours straight just to check out all products available on a few different websites isn’t it? Ever since I started online shopping, I wish there is a magic website that houses products from a few different shops, in a single page catalog, so that I can check every offer at a time only.

And then iprice came. 

The one stop shopping destination that allows you to find any product easily online, in an intuitive and visual fashion. As a matter of fact, iprice has expanded throughout Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam, and I never realized how powerful they are until now. Not only they serve as a "shopping mall" housing a few different online shop's items, iprice too is a coupon warehouse, yeayy! They have discount coupons on display for their affiliates, all to accommodate to shopper's convenience ^_^

Exactly the website I dreamed about all these while! You know, suddenly all the pain of having 10 tabs of online shops just to find the best offer on one item vanished, because at iprice I can see many choices of one item category on one single page ^_^ for example right now, I am looking for a handbag fit for work, and upon clicking the “shoulder bag” category at iprice website, I get to see many choices from a few different online shops and I can make my decision in a shorter time, as iprice already linked the item directly to their affiliate’s website. I have now said goodbye to multiple tabs on the screen, and I hope you will too, with iprice ^_^ items from Zalora, Lazada, Groupon, Reebonz, Style Tribute, Romwe and many more are available at iPrice and the website’s interface is user friendly so you won’t get lost because the navigation is so straightforward.

So, have fun browsing through iprice, and say goodbye to the mess of multiple tabs when shopping online!


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