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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What is it that makes a woman super fashionable? Part of it is her sense of style, some part of it is her ability in following the latest trends and another part is the quality of clothes and accessories she wears. You’d love to be the kind of fashionable woman that turns heads wherever she goes, wouldn’t you? This can be difficult in Malaysia, where the Muslim fashion abounds of so many different trends! Sometimes it even makes me wonder, is it right to wear it like this? Does it look proper on me? How can I be sure that my modesty is fully covered if I take on this style?
If you’d like to follow the latest Muslim fashion but lack the time for shopping, Zolace is the place to go in Malaysia! Since they dedicate their time in finding and listing products of the highest quality for all styles, personalities and events, they are undeniably the best in offering you clothing items that fit your need and desires. Muslimah fashion styling is their job and believe it, they do it better than anyone else so that you can look good and feel great at all times!

If you haven’t checked their Muslimah blouse section yet, you should hurry up and do so! I believe whoever you are, there must be items that would fit you perfectly with high quality fabrics, ranging from chiffon to cotton or silk. The fabrics of their Muslimah blouse come in a variety of prints like monochrome blouses and some with combinations of colors that would make you stand out in any crowd. Women nowadays lead an active lifestyle hence the need to feel comfortable and to look great at the same time is important when choosing clothes. Well ladies, fret not as there is a variety of Muslimah blouse styles to choose from at Zolace, depending on the occasion you want to wear them. You can choose the Muslimah blouses in great quality chiffon for casual occasions, or you can go for the ones made of beautiful lace perfect like a princess for special occasions. Check out how I rock my Endless Possibilities Blouse for 2 different occasions throughout this post ;) I'm in love with the high quality fabric, seriously it is not see through at all! Wearing the blouse feels very comfortable as if it was tailor-made for me, and I'm struck in awe by the beautiful lace details on it!  Psst, does the Posh and Proper Tote Bag look good with this outfit? 
Look 1 : Formal (work/interview)
I'm wearing Endless Possibilities Blouse with a black skirt + Posh and Proper Tote Bag
I think we can all agree that every woman needs dresses. The Muslimah style dresses you’ll find at Zolace mostly accentuate and flatter your body line so that you’ll get the maximum effect from wearing them. A dress like the Ever Wander Dress is the easiest way of making you stand out in the crowd whenever you need to. Oh ya, I realize too that finding the perfect jubah is not easy as you might be spoilt for choices: some have great colors, while others are made out of gorgeous fabrics. Zolace offers you the three-in-one Muslimah dress: of high quality fabrics, fashionable sense of style and fabulous colors. All you have to do is pick a your favourite Muslimah dress in your favorite color, wear it, and don’t be surprised when compliments on you started pouring in ;)
For Muslimah ladies, a long skirt would probably be your favourite piece! It is easy to look effortlessly beautiful with the right skirt and blouse, am I right? Zolace agrees with this, hence I hope you can see their effort in offering the widest variety of Muslimah skirts you can find online ^_^ Examples of Muslimah skirts available are their long pencil skirt, skirt labuh, mermaid skirt and maxi skirt.  Whatever the context you’re wearing your Muslimah skirt in, you’ll find casual skirts for work in as many colors as your imagination can think of, like Command the Campaign Muslimah skirt, elegant ones that you can wear to parties or any other special occasion so that you’ll attract all eyes on your style like Elegance Aglow Mermaid Muslimah skirt, or large and intensely colored skirts like the Stop and Stereo Muslimah skirt. The best part of Zolace Muslimah skirts is aside from their high quality fabrics, each of them flatters a figure in particular, so that anyone wearing it will look great no matter what body shape they are blessed with.
Zolace knows that feeling cold (in the office, at the mall, in the class) is not fun and we all would like to look nice when feeling warm. Wanna be warm but looking sizzling hot at the same time? Check out Zolace’s Muslimah Cardigan section! You’ll be amazed with their selection of warm-looking, soft-touching and compliment-getting numbers. Trying to leave a strong impression on a special someone? Try the Lounge and Clear kimono cardigan in orange, an intense color that spreads warmth inside and out, you’ll be the unforgettable one ;) For those moments when all you want is to spend some quality time with yourself and recharge your batteries, the Lounge and Clear kimono cardigan in pink is the best choice you can make. Don’t worry on how comfortable and how lasting these cardigans are as Zolace cardigans are selected based on their esthetic features and on the high quality of their fabric.
Back to the comfortable business, the number one factor in selecting modest Muslimah attire. Looking for pants that are comfortable but stylishly making you look like a million dollar? The Palazzo pants you’ll find on Zolace make a comfortable wear that you can take to your office, your shopping sessions, or your get-togethers with friends. This easy-to-match-with-any-blouses Palazzo pants comes in a few fashionable colours and comfortable fabric thus no matter whether you are going for the casual or elegant look, wearing it will keep you comfortable from sunrise till sunset ;)
Let’s talk about the hijab pieces shall we? I know that since the outbreak of Hijabista fashion thingy made shawls (the lilit belit one) gain popularity. However if tudung bawal is your signature look, then you’ve come to the right online Muslimah boutique as Zolace’s tudung bawal range is a wide and luxuriant one. You’ll find comfortable tudung bawal for everyday situations or exquisite ones for social occasions. Whatever the style you’re interested in, be it casual or printed floral, the tudung bawal you’ll find on Zolace  will exceed your expectations with their premium quality fabrics!
Look 2 : Casual day out with friends
Day by Day Tudung Bawal + Endless Possibilities Blouse (and black jeans) + Posh and Proper Tote Bag

Ladies, fashion trends are changing so fast sometimes it could be hard to follow even for a hardcore fashionist. Need help from a fashionable hand? Give Zolace a visiti, I can assure you that they’re extremely committed at offering all the Muslimah fashion news you need to get the great sense of style you want! On Zolace blog you’ll find a variety of articles that not only show all the fashion trends, but also on how you can adapt it to your style. From now on, you won’t have to spend all that time and energy looking for trendy outfits which might not suit a Muslimah style as all you have to do now is check Zolace blog and adapt their fashion advice into your style ^_^ 
That's me again, the overly attached girlfriend with her favourite handbag, blouse and tudung from Zolace
"stylish is an expensive remark, but you don’t have to buy expensive pieces to be stylish"

Thank you Zolace Malaysia for being my Muslimah fashion saviour!

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    1. berbaloi beli kat Zolace ni Syaza, pakaian dia memang good quality :)

  2. Nice review!


  3. Cantik gilos beg tu! and btw lawa layout blog! cun habissss

    1. beg tu simple je kak nanie and memang simplicity screams louder ;) thanks kak nanie, penat tak habis edit lagi pon layout baru ni, busy travel cari kerja XD

  4. I love your look babe! Plus the bag, sangat cantik.

    1. Thank you Mira ^_^ the bag cantik kan, it's like a dream come true for me! i've always wanted a bag like that ^_^

  5. Assalamualaikum dik, wallah. cantik dan nampak manis sekali awak ... suka akak tengok. ye zolace memang banyak baju2, dress2, skirt2 yang menarik kalbu. hihiiii nasib baik la akak baru mula bekerja. tak stabil lagi nak mulakan operasi shopping online. hiewhiew ;p

    1. Wsalam kak Sheila, terima kasih sudi jenguk, terima kasih puji kita, hehe ^_^ Mieza pun baru nak mula kerja, nasib baik ada Zolace dapatlah tambah sepasang working outfit :) sebelum ni kan belajar, mana ada kisah sangat wardrobe kena perfect macam mana, hehe


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