Facial Cleansing Brush : Need or Want

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Assalamualaikum and hello! I have been wanting to share this with my readers for a very long time and it seems like 2015 is the year for it ;) I still remember the first time I decided to purchase an electronic facial cleansing brush, which was in 2013. At that time Clarisonic was a big hit, and as a student I could not afford the crazy price tag it comes with. Then I discovered Olay Professional Pro-X but it was not available yet in Malaysia either, so I asked a good friend of mine who studied in the UK to help me buy one set with another set of replacement brush heads. When my parcel arrived, I was so happy and it marked the day my cleansing routine advanced to the next level. I admit that for the first few months, using an electronic cleansing brush once a day made my skin look better than it was. My acne scars faded, my skin looked brighter, I feel that my skin is lighter (more breathable, if we can say that) and I was happy. But as we all know, good things come to an end. Being happy and stress-free is the key to good skin, and I couldn't be happy when the madness of revision week and final exam seeped in. Acne outbreak became my middle name, and this time the brush cannot help. In fact, brushing on acne laden face is not helpful (for me) at all.

So I have been through my fair share of good and bad experiences with using three different brands of electronic facial brushes, which two of them I have reviewed here and here (both of these were sponsored items). I realize that using a facial cleansing brush, no matter electronic or not, has its pros and cons and I'd like to share my opinions with you :)

If you haven't used any facial cleansing brushes and is currently thinking of getting one, then maybe you'd wanna see the following points first before committing into buying one :

1. Budget
Let's give out names. Olay, Panasonic, Mary Kay, Clarisonic, Clinique, and Po Bling are the brands that I saw entering their brushes into local market. I'll exclude Po Bling in this discussion because I have trust issue towards genuine products, and honestly I saw too much sellers online selling Po Bling at ridiculously different prices and everyone admits that their stock is genuine. I am also going to exclude online sellers/shops in this discussion, and focus only on physical stores where you can get these brushes. So, you're definitely going to get a genuine product if you purchase Olay Pro-X / Megasonic (at Watsons), Panasonic, Mary Kay, Clinique (at their counters) and Clarisonic (at Sephora). These brands offer prices from as low as RM129.90 to as high as RM820. So before buying, you should :
  • consider the max price you're willing to pay
  • read all reviews on which brush brand to buy, know what will you get upon purchase
  • understand how each brush works and compare their function/prices

2. Skin concern
This point can be as crucial as point number one, but I made it number 2 because money matters first :p Now, why would you want a facial cleansing brush? 
  • you wear heavy makeup every day
  • you're told by the facial therapist that you have clogged pores, after doing a skin analysis
If you fall under the first and second category, then yes you might need this cleansing brush. The main reason you're getting a brush is for it to help unclog your blocked pores, removing the excess makeup and dirt that your cotton pad + makeup remover cannot remove, so that your skincare products can absorb better after cleansing. 
  • you have blemishes and you hope a cleansing brush can clear them off your skin
If you have blemishes, then I suggest you consult with a dermatologist/facial therapist first whether using a brush can help reduce the blemishes or not. Sometimes a brush is not the answer, and when it is not, it can lead to a more severe problem to your skin. There are brushes simply for cleansing and there are brushes designed for exfoliating. Maybe you can use brushes with sonic vibration technology and skip rotating brush heads. 
  • you don't have any skin problem, you just want a brush
You have your $$$ ready, you decide on which one to buy, and go be happy with it. I envy people with porcelain clear, trouble free skin (T_T).

3. Discipline/responsibility
Bear in mind that owning an electronic brush needs you to be responsible and disciplined in maintaining it. 
  • make sure you don't drop it to the floor
  • replace the brush head every 1-3 months, and usually replacement brush head is not free either
  • most brushes are waterproof, but be careful to properly secure the battery compartment
  • some uses battery, some needs to be charged with USB/plug
  • some comes with a brush head protector, easily chucked into travel bag. some does not come with any brush protector, so you might need to DIY.
  • don't overuse it on your skin. start with once a day and gradually use only once in 2 days, don't over-exfoliate your precious skin


Having a facial cleansing brush is not a must, but for some people it can also be a need. Don't ever feel pressured to buy 1 just because every girl you know owns a Clarisonic. Be wary of fake items, don't trade your skin's well-being with fake products, it's not worth it. Using the brush (whatever brand it is, no matter the price) will not be the sole determiner to your skin condition. If you don't want a cleansing brush, then maybe you can start using washcloth for that extra exfoliation :) just remember to wash it properly every day and air-dry. 

Thanks for reading and good luck in choosing the best brush for yourself!

Disclaimer : I am not a skin expert, a dermatologist nor anywhere near a skin therapist. I am just a skincare addict who have been using a few facial brushes for nearly two years, and this post is written to help my readers see if using a facial brush suits their need. This is not a paid or sponsored post, and this is also not made to promote any brands. Examples used are based from my experience and readings. 

If you need suggestions on which brand to try, I can only talk about Clinique, Olay and Po Bling because these are the 3 electronic brushes I've tried. Feel free to comment if you're unsure on which brand to buy :)

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  1. I love reading your review on the cleansing brushes. It helps me understand better. I normally use my brush once a day. Nothing more than that. And I am in the middle of breakout. Oh dear. I hope this will end fast. Btw, Im looking forward to get myself a foreo luna mini this year.

    Anyway, I noticed that your skin is getting better. I cant see the acne and stuff. Lets strive for the clear skin this year!

    1. Thanks for reading those reviews dear, I hope you get the details you looked for ^_^ i wonder what colour will you get for that foreo luna mini. they all seem so candy crush, cute!

      My skin is actually okay apart from the oily + large pores problem, but now I have 2 pimples so ferocious they wont die no matter what i put on them, and they left a very prominent dark scar + bump on my face. sedih tak tau nak buat apa (T_T)

  2. Anis takut nak guna brush, takut kulit muka calar2 >_< lewlz.. And of course, it is expensive for me.. So, cuci guna tangan je lah :D

    1. kulit anis lawa tak payah brush, hehe! anis macam doll tau, jaga kulit elok2 ye ^_^ asalkan cleansing dengan skincare routine semua betul then no need for a brush.

  3. Mieza, it is a good opinion! Akak suka entry ni since akak pun memang tengah fikir... penting dan perlu ke akak beli cleansing brush ni. Thank you Mieza for giving me your view! :)

    1. You're welcome kak Nanie sayang, I'm glad that this post helps you ^_^ kalau kak Nanie jadi nak beli brush nanti bagitau lah, nak tengok new toy XD

  4. Pika terjah sudah blog baru mieza! omooo! lawaaa...
    Eheheee.. Okay, I still nak clarisonic. Hahaa.. My wishlist for this year. sebenarnya last year, but sebab tak dapat lagi bawak ke this year. Now, I'm using the Olay Pro X. Stop for a moment sebab kulit tengah breakout terukk. Bagi kulit sihat then guna semula laahhh.. ehee... Ehh, bnyk pulak pika bebel.. macam nak tulis entri dekat blog mieza pulak..Sorry babe! btw, Happy New Year.. HUGSSS!

    1. I still remember Pika cakap nak Clarisonic tu, hehe! semoga 2015 ni Pika berjaya cross that wish list okay <3

  5. Assalamualaikum Mieza, definitely an interesting blog post.. I love how you put it into reasons before blindly purchasing a facial brush. Anyway I've did some research too, before deciding on getting a Foreo Luna Mini. Haven't purchased it yet, still trying to save up some money and wait for Sephora to have their 20% SALE. Hopefully when they have it the GST is not implemented yet.. Klu x kena tambah lagi duit. Plus point if you get that, you don't need to keep buying the brush head... ;D

    1. W'salam sis ^_^ thanks for reading! Seems like Foreo Luna is next big thing :) Hoepfully you'll be able to get it before GST is implemented.

  6. great tips you have here! sukaaa! i've contemplating a lotttt about getting a cleansing brush T_T

    Najlaa 'Aqilah

    1. Thanks for reading, Najlaa ^_^ hope you can finally decide whether to get one or not :)

  7. Tak pernah tahu Ada brush macam ni. Guna tangan je selama ni

    1. Glad that this post helps you discover something new ^_^

  8. This post is worthy of appreciation, looking forward to more exciting! Mac Makeup UK

  9. Very interesting blog, looking forward to more wonderful! Mac Makeup UK

  10. The brushes on your post are beautiful! Tu face brush apa, ye? Suka colour pink dia.

    1. From left to right:
      -Olay Professional Pro X
      -Clinique Sonic System

      Anyway, semua tu putih dear, takde pink :)


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