Blog Sale 2014

Sunday, November 09, 2014

General Information
This blog sale consists of all the items I did not find the time to use. Some are new, some are opened but not used, some are used (preloved). It will be stated clearly the condition of each items for your convenience, and some might consist of market price (Neutrogena brand) to let you see the price comparison with my sale price. Either manufacturing or expiry dates will be shown as well, but some does not come with it so please refer to label that shows how many months can it be used after it is opened. All items are authentic, no fakes or imitations as I am a firm believer in authenticity. 
Segala item dalam blog sale ini adalah produk-produk kecantikan yang belum digunakan, atau telah dibuka pembalutnya tetapi tidak digunakan, atau (pre-loved) yang telah saya gunakan. Bukti keadaan terkini item-item yang dijual akan ditunjukkan melalui penulisan atau gambar. Harga pasaran juga disertakan tetapi cuma untuk item-item tertentu sahaja (Neutrogena), bagi menunjukkan perbandingan dengan harga yang saya tetapkan. Tarikh luput juga akan ditunjukkan dalam gambar, tetapi jika tiada tarikh luput sila rujuk label tempoh penggunaan selepas produk dibuka. Semua item di sini adalah produk original dan saya tidak menjual/memakai produk tiruan. 

For makeup colours, please find the swatches online. If I have reviewed the items, there will be a link provided for your perusal. I'll provide links to other blog reviews as well if I found it helpful.
Untuk produk mekap, sila cari sendiri gambar swatch melalui online reviews untuk mengetahui warna sebenar. Saya akan sertakan link sekiranya terdapat produk yang telah direview di blog ini. Link daripada blog lain juga akan disertakan sekiranya sesuai. 

Postage Information
All items are priced with postage fee. Parcels will be posted out using Poslaju. I am not to be deemed responsible for whatever misfortune happened with the parcel once I posted it out. If I am not away from home, postage will be done on Mondays to Thursdays only. If you placed your order and paid for it on Fridays-Sundays, items will be posted out the next Monday. 
Harga semua item adalah termasuk kos pos. Pengeposan akan menggunakan kurier Poslaju. Saya tidak akan bertanggungjawab sekiranya terjadi apa-apa keatas parcel anda selepas pengeposan dilakukan. Sekiranya saya berada di rumah, pengeposan akan dilakukan pada hari Isnin hingga Khamis sahaja. Jika anda membuat pembayaran pada hari Jumaat, Sabtu atau Ahad, item akan dipos pada hari Isnin berikutnya. 

Buying Procedure

1. Email or PM or whatsapp me (if you are my fb friend/have my contact number you can skip the email part) about the item you want.
2. Confirm reservation if the item is still available.
3. Payment is to be made within 24 hours, email/send me a picture of bank slip
4. Confirm payment received, item will be posted out the next day.
5. Sold items will be deleted from the list.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Essence (market price RM79.90)
New, still wrapped
Sale price : RM35 including postage

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Mask (market price RM59.90)
New, still wrapped
Sale price : RM30 including postage

Yadah Highlash Mascara (market price RM35)
New, comes with box
Sale price : RM15 with postage

Phytovolume Volumizing Shampoo
New, unused
Travel size
Sale price : RM15 including postage

Collection Cosmetics Bright & Glow (Brightening Compact Foundation) in Almond 3 (market price RM35.90)
New, never used
Sale price : RM20 with postage

 Collection Cosmetics Extreme Colored Lengthening Mascara in Blue 2
New, still wrapped
Sale price : RM15 with postage

BCL Eyeshadow Pen in Deep Bronze (can be found at SaSa)
New, never used, comes with box
Sale price : RM15 with postage

BCL Gel Liner in Black (can be found at SaSa)
New, never used, comes with box
Sale price : RM15 with postage

Cyber Colors Ex Volume Waterproof Mascara (can be found at SaSa)
New, never used, comes with box
Sale price : RM20 with postage

Maybelline Lip Polish in Pop 8, Glam 6, Pop 6 (market price RM32.90 each)
New, never used
Glam 6 : not wrapped
Sale price : RM15 with postage

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in shade 56 Light Bronze
 used a few times, 60% left
(see the indicator right above the word Apricot - radiance)
Suits tanned skin
Sale price : RM20 including postage

Senka Whitening Lotion R for normal to dry skin (market price RM39.90)
 Brand new, sealed with sticker
Full sized item
Sale price : RM20 with postage

Silkygirl Duo Eyeshadow in 25 Golden Jade
lightly swatched once
clean sponge applicator included
Sale price : RM8 including postage

Interested to get anything? 
Please email me at to purchase :)
Prices stated are fixed and non-refundable
Reservation period : 24 hours ONLY

can't find what you are looking for? drop me a comment, i might have it somewhere ^_^

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  1. Babe! You're doing blogsale! Maybe I should too! Got a lot of stuffs that I bought on impulse but not ended up being used too. (I know!!! Not healthy!!)
    But btw, why is that bourjois foundation has a different packaging compared to the one I just bought from Watson?

    1. If you're doing a blog sale then give me an exclusive sneak peek preview!!! i want early access pass I dont care :p I love most of your hauls and i wish i can go raid your room XD please please sell them off, tak baik tau simpan pastu tak pakai :p

      Oh that Bourjois is the last batch of old packaging before they release the new one as we see today at Sunway pyramid :)

    2. Honestly, I think I want to let go a lot of my products i.e. skincare. It's just that I bought a lot of them only to realize that they just doesn't really work with my skin anymore especially after I hit mid 20. Ugh!
      Is it okay if I just list them here? Since... you wanna sneak peek? hehe

      Etude House Skin Mal:Geum Essential (the one that you reviewed) used only twice. RM20
      Etude House Wonder Pore Freshener 500ml. New and unopened. RM40 (Love it but I have 3 of them)
      Etude House Wonder Pore Whipping Foaming. New and unopened. RM40
      Etude House Magic Bubble Peeling Brush Peeling Foam.New and unopened. RM25
      Etude House Every Month Cleansing Foam (Tomato, Tea Tree, Lemon and Blueberry) RM12 each. or RM45 for 4 of them. Retailed at RM30 at local store.
      TheFaceShop Real Nature Apple Flesh Mask Pack. New and unopened RM20
      TheFaceShop Clean Face Spot Corrector. Used twice. RM10
      Nature Republic Collagen Dream Trial Kit x 2. New and unopened. RM10 each.
      TonyMoly Tomatox Magic White Massage Cream. Opened for about 2 months. Used twice. RM20

      That's the drafted list. and this is only for you. when the list go online, it'll not be with that price. Probably gonna increase for a bit. hehe

      ...and if you're gonna buy from me, no matter how heavy the package might be, just give me RM5 for postage. Another one thing, I might throw in a mask or two. Well, I have a lot of beauty samples. I'll give you options on that as well.

      if you want something else (based on my haul) except for my Laneige babies but maybe the trial kits if you want, give me the list and let me consider. I'm in desperate need for Real Techniques Core Collection right now so I most probably say yes.

      Love, Mira |

    3. Upon looking at your list, I realized that I own half of them, and own something similar to another half of them XD i'm done with Etude House skincare for now, and I'm eyeing Laneige but you're not selling :p nanti i tengok your haul posts and see what I'm interested to get okay?

      now this is not a sneak peek anymore coz it's already published :p orang lain baca sila jangan jeles XDD

  2. Waaah, so many items for sale! Ada yang minat but dah reserved for someone pula haha I'm too late!

    1. ala sorry babe, maybe next time okay? I am contemplating whether to sell my Color Tattoos or not XD

  3. Oh my god.. Sangat murahlah sis jual..

    1. It's because I really really need to clear things off rather than to gain profit XD plus, selling them at low prices will help others to buy as well, in this tight economy :p

  4. Was wondering should I do it on blog sale too?

    1. if you dont wanna do a blog sale now then just kumpul dulu. butterfly will have a garage/preloved sale nanti kan as Tammy already mentioned in the group. maybe that will be a good time too ^_^

  5. Aaaaa, banyaknyaaa muraaahh2 nii. Duit pulak takdeeee. wuwuwu

    1. pegi amek upah potong rumput nanti dapat duit XDD

  6. Bestnya everything you sell...sadly..semua brg yg iqa nk da ad org reservedddd...sob sob....nnti buat lg tau...

    1. aww sorry to hear that babe! insyaAllah kalau perangai hoarder ni tak berkurang by April 2015 mungkin kena buat sale lagi, hehe! maybe i will consider giving a sneak peek/early access sale to my besties first, insyaAllah kalau ada masa memang boleh je ^_^ you're included in the list!

  7. Nak buat juga Blog Sale tapi sampai sekarang tak terbuat. Line Internet lembab! Huhu...

    1. sekarang ni banyak benda tertangguh pasal internet lembab kan. dah macam staple need pula internet ni, hehe


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