To Know Malaysia Is To "Laugh, Malaysia!" by Harith Iskander

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello!

If you are looking for something to cheer you up to the extent that smiling from ear to ear is not enough, then you are on the right page and keep on scrolling ;) With current economic condition, workload and expectation of life, people tend to forget that there is a medication to all their worries and it does not involve seeing a medical doctor. Laugh. Laughter. Laughing. It might seem small, simple or random but it holds the power of life. That is why our Godfather of stand-up comedy, Harith Iskander came up with a brilliant, one in a million idea to host a show named "Harith Iskander...To know Malaysia is to LAUGH MALAYSIA!".
I humbly think that Harith's effort to bring this show alive could spark a laughter revolution among us Malaysians, and that this show alone can really bring us Malaysians to stand arm in arm regardless of who we are. Aside from that, it is also part of Harith's plan to commemorate World Mental Health day (October 10th annually) with hope that by being around or close to positive, cheerful people and atmosphere can help depressed, grief-stricken individuals to be enlightened of their unseen burden, thus driving them away from the possibilities and probabilities of suicide (example : Robbie William's case where he as a comedian too unfortunately lived in a depressed life masked with happiness).
"Synonymous to the government's effort of promoting brotherhood and camaraderie amongst fellow Malaysians, my vision for Malaysians is to come together for one night under one roof to display the strength of who we are and what we stand for as Malaysians - Unity, Moderation and Oneness. It's time for Malaysians to turn DISTRESS into DE-stress," says Harith.
Dr. Jason Leong
This upcoming laughter-filled night of "To Know Malaysia is to LAUGH MALAYSIA" will also be a lot more "spicier" with the presence of Dr.Jason Leong, one of the shining star in Malaysian comedian's scene, as well as Papa CJ, one of India's most influential comedians ^_^ Well, people always say 2 is better than 1 right? Can you imagine the impact when not two but three of them on the stage? I hope the stadium can take the audience's laughter XD 

Not only will Harith feature promising, fresh talents in Malaysian comedy scene and internationally recognized comedians, he also mentioned that the newest of materials will be brought to stage, which at the same time will be cleverly brewed with some classic "best of" so that audiences will enjoy the show to the max! Not only that, interactive visuals and live musics too will decorate the show as Harith's aim is to leverage his performance with a new and exciting edge ;) Can you hear the excitement yet??

Before I leave you to your own thoughts, I'd like to highlight that if you are planning to grace the show, you are not only seeking to enjoy the best of Malaysian's stand-up comedians but you too are becoming a part of charity effort. How? Why? Oh really? Yes people, because a percentage of the profits earned from ticket sales will go to OrphanCARE, which have been working on placing abandoned children to homes of new, loving families. Why OrphanCARE? Harith and his wife Dr.Jezzmine are ambassadors of OrphanCARE, and they want to ensure that it lives up its motto of "Every child needs a family".

To Know Malaysia is To Laugh Malaysia is proudly brought to you by AMC Live Group, Harith Iskander V Day Productions and Perbadanan Stadium Malaysia. There too are several big hearted Malaysian corporations supporting this event under the LAUGH MALAYSIA umbrella, which are Celcom First, Sime Darby Foundation, Seremban 2, MTT Priority and Pemandu. 

Event Info :

Harith Iskander...To know Malaysia Is To "Laugh Malaysia!"
29th October 2014
Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil
RedTix Hotline : 03-8775 4666

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