September 2014 Favourites

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello :) It's October now, and it's time for September favourites! I am now trying my best to share about my monthly favourites without fail, because I want my beloved readers to know about all the precious gems you can get that the world has to offer ^_^ I have been so quiet lately because I'm still not used to the fact that my brother is now so far away in the UK. I am really close to him, and I feel so lost and lonely when he's not around. All the time, I'm wondering how's he doing right there, what did he eat today, how he adjusts with the new environment and everything. Guess I'm worrying too much because he looks just fine when we chat on whatsapp and facebook. 

Right, let's get back to track :p For my September 2014 Favourites, I will be sharing quite a lot of things because I really love them and I have been using them quite religiously all these while. They're so good, they work so well and they all have my stamp of approval if you wanna get any of them, okay? Let's start!

Face Products 
1. Dr.G Perfect Pore Cover BB Cream
I received this BB cream from Shopgirl on her facebook giveaway :) at first I found that the consistency is too thick and I always seem to fail to be satisfied with it. However as days passed, I learned that having a skin properly prepped with moisturizer and blending with a good brush is the key to perfection with this Perfect Pore Cover BB cream. It gives a dewy and healthy complexion, and it has become my favourite to wear for work :)
2. Biore UV Perfect Face Milk
I bought this because sis Fyna from Fynahere said that this is an excellent base that won't make your skin turn oily. It is equipped with SPF 50+ PA+++ so yeah, it gives an excellent sun protection to me too as I realized that my skin does not get that tingling sensation when I'm directly exposed to sunlight. Most importantly, my face does not get oily at all ^_^
3. Hanaka Extremely Volcanic Mud Face Pack
I bought this solely on Shini's suggestion as she claimed that this mask helps her deal with her bad breakout skin before. I have been using it for a few months already, I wish I am more disciplined, hehe! This mask helps me when I have pimples on my face. It calms the redness and the pimple size won't grow bigger. This mask has never gave me any irritation either, I'm loving it!

Lip Products
1. Shizens Lip Painter
I bought this using the voucher I got from a blogging event with The Butterfly Project. Lip Painter is my first Shizens item along with their Silky Renewal Gel, and I have been loving both of them so much! I use this Lip Painter almost every day, and I found that the tint is superbly excellent that it stays from morning till night :) It made my lips look so healthily pink. I haven't used the gloss, because I don't like lip glosses. I must use it soon I guess? hehe
2. Etude House Kissful Tint Choux
I think my September was all about tints because I found myself reaching for lip tints the most. This Kissful Tint Choux was purchased when it was on sale, I got it far cheaper than the actual price and I wish I bought all colours available. It is so pigmented and very very useful if you are into gradient lips. It does not dry my lips and the colour too has a very high longevity.
3. In2It Lip Treat
I found that it is very hard to find a lip balm that really works on my lips. I bought this when I was still doing my first degree, because my roommate/best friend Mazlina Nina said that hers works so well. I love her so much for introducing this Lip Treat to me because it is indeed a worthy buy. It moisturizes my lips, gives a dash of colour and gloss to it and it makes my appearance a lot fresher. I reach for this Lip Treat all the time and it is a must-have in my handbag!

Eye Products
1. Etude House Play 101 Pencil #48
This is my second brown liner and I am glad that it works so well. I won it from Etude House Malaysia fb giveaway and I'm glad that they gave me this colour from all 50 shades they've got, hehe! This is a shimmery deep brown colour and it gave me a very pretty eye look as I wore it on my waterlines. It is also excellent on the eye lids, and it can be smudged to make a smokey eyeshadow as well. This pencil is best removed with oil-based makeup remover or baby oil as I found that using wet wipes alone is not enough. 
2. Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Pen Liner
This is the dupe to Benefit's They're Real Push-Up Liner. I own both so I can compare ;) I found myself reaching for this gel liner pen the most when I need the super black colour on my lids, as what I did for my green fairy post here. This pen gel liner is so easy to use, the gel does not dry in a jiffy like Benefit's (what a pain) and drawing flicks is so much easier with the shape of its tip. The only thing I wish was better is the material of this pen liner's tip. 
3. It's Skin Babyface Natural Eyebrow pencil
I am relatively new in this eyebrow drawing thingy, because all these while I never cared to shape it. My eyebrows are naturally thick and very black, but there still are spaces to fill in. I bought this Babyface Natural Eyebrow because of the liner's shape (triangular) and because it comes along with a spoolie brush. So far, I'm loving how this eyebrow pencil helps me make my eyebrows appear more neat, filled and defined. I still have to learn how to properly draw though :p

1. Ecotools Bamboo Buffing Brush
I have been loving this brush to apply powder/loose foundations on my face. It helps me not to get a cakey look (which easily happens when I'm using a sponge in a hurry). The bristles are so dense and soft, and the flat top makes application so easy that I got a smooth look in no time :)
2. CCM Flat Top Foundation Brush
I bet all of you have seen the abundance of new reviews surfacing about this brush along this week right? Well, I received this brush last year and it is by far my most favourite flat top foundation brush because of the excellent outcome it gave ^_^ Its handle is chubby and short, which is very friendly to my hand grip and I no longer hit the mirror with my brush handle. I am short-sighted so most of the time, I need to lean very very close to the mirror to see clearly. By using this CCM Flat Top Foundation brush, I manage to buff my foundation flawlessly and smoothly, and I don't even have to worry about it being too thick until I look like a plastered face. I'm planning to buy another 2 of this brush, hehe!

1. Anna Sui La Vie De Boheme EDT
I received this vial from a magazine and it has been sitting in my handbag for quite some time. I found myself trying and reaching for this EDT a lot especially at work because I just love how wonderful it smells, and it changes my sour, tired mood into a cheerful one ^_^ definitely gonna put this in my wishlist, I wanna get the full size!

So I guess that's all for my September 2014 Favourites :) If you did a post like this too, please leave your link in the comment section below coz I'd love to see what you've been enjoying this September okay? Thanks for reading and see you in the next post!

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  1. erm the biore milk doesnt work for me..too bad...

    1. At first it didnt work on me but after a few trials, it works wonders now ^_^

  2. I didn't take the review of the flat top brush from color cosmetics but i am wondering if this really good?
    Anyway, I like this post :D

    1. This brush helps me a lot when i am using foundation, esp the thick ones like revlon whipped creme and revlon colorstay. This brush is so powerful when it comes to blending foundations until it looks silky smooth on my face :) thanks for loving this post Chency!

  3. Biore UV Perfect Face Milk is my top favourite sunscreen. The sebum absorbing powder helps to keep my face mate almost whole day. Major love!

    1. After several errors with it, I am finally 100% loving Biore UV Perfect Face Milk ^_^ i agree with you about the sebum absorbing powder, it makes me happy when I wash my face I dont feel even a tinge of oiliness! high 5 Fiona ;)

  4. It's great to hear you've come to love the Dr G Pore Cover and I'm sure you'll love the Dr. G Brightening Balm too. It's an established Korean brand and deserves much more love than some of the newer labels. Love Dr. G.
    You've reminded me that the Shizens lip tint might be the answer to my no lip colour problems. Seriously, nothing stays on my lips for more than half and hour and I haven't got enough natural colour so I am constantly reapplying lip product. I remember walking past a Shizens outlet and they swatched my wrist with it and the product stayed ALL day!
    As for Bioré UV - been loving all their sunscreens so far and I may look into the Milk variety for my oily T-zone.
    Thanks for sharing our faves, sweetie! Love them!

    1. I love the Brightening Balm faster than this Pore Cover actually, hehe! Thanks for introducing them both to me ShopGirl, love you lah! ;)

      Well, maybe next time you hit Pavi you should bag one Lip Painter? Or the Lip Tatoo, heard that its good too ^_^

      This was my first time trying Biore's sunblock and now I am very confident to repurchase from this brand :D

  5. Too bad that Luxola discontinued Maybelline range. I aim for the liner for quite some time but now I unable to get it. Huhu. Do you know where can I get it??

    1. Oh, I didnt know that Luxola discontinued selling Maybelline on their site. Sorry I dont know any other online shops selling the same liner. Maybe if you visit Singapore then you can check their local drugstores for this? Since you live in JB kan, dekat :) or kirim kat kawan yang pergi Singapore ke.

    2. Alternatively, you might wanna check with Maybelline Malaysia and ask if they're gonna sell this liner here in the future. I checked Maybelline Sg website and the liner is there ( but it's not an online shop so we cant directly order from them.

    3. I just found out about their UK version. If you have friends/relatives staying/vacationing there and are coming back to Malaysia soon, then you can also try kirim from them. It's available at Boots ( and Superdrugs ( These 2 stores only do UK shipping :(

  6. Kak Sabby ada buat giveaway flat foundation brush and I'm dying to try it. Doakan Scha menang cepat! hehe. Nak sangat try sebab geram sangat tengok design dia. hehe

    1. Sabrina Tajudin pun ada buat giveaway ni, Scha join la sekali at her post ;)

  7. in2it lip treat is the only lip balms i use sebab tak melekit hoho idk i hated that sticky feeling :{

    1. yeah In2It punya palm is not overly sticky, it's moisturizing effect is enough to make our lips feel comfortable :)

  8. ohhhh, yang terakhir tu pun kita ada.. high 5 :)

    1. kita suka bau perfume ni, sweet je ^_^
      *high 5

  9. Gosh, I'm loving this post!! Would like to try the colors cosmetic so bad, I would like to buy one nanti! ^_^

    1. thanks for visiting babe ^_^ haa nanti dah beli i hope you'll enjoy it!


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