FARMASI COLOUR COSMETICS (FCC) Brand Ambassador Reveal + Launch of FCC Kajal Secret Eyeliner Pen

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello! Have you heard of Farmasi Colour Cosmetics (FCC)? This is my favourite halal cosmetic brand hailing from Turkey and they truly have impressed me with a wide selection of cosmetics and body care products ^_^ Been gracing our local scene for quite some time, FCC is the one and only brand you should look to if you are looking for makeups of superb quality, friendly price tag and most importantly for Muslims, FCC products are Halal certified so that you won't have to worry about putting it on after you take your ablution :) 
Full house event!
Earlier this month, FCC conducted an event to reveal their first ever brand ambassador in Malaysia, and I was among the many lucky girls to get an invite, yeayy! Held at Talent Lounge Restaurant, PJ Trade Center, we gathered to get to know FCC's first ever brand ambassador, Raisyyah Rania Yeap (formerly known as Felixia Yeap). I was so happy to get to see her in person because I'm secretly her fan, hehe! Well, apart from feasting my eyes on hot guys, I love seeing hot girls too and I am completely normal okay :p
talented artist drawing Raisyyah Rania Yeap as the Brand Ambassador
Revealed : FCC First Brand Ambassador ^_^
The event also highlighted on the launch of FCC Kajal Secret Eyeliner Pen, which is the latest product brought in here by FCC Malaysia. Raisyyah said that she have been testing the eyeliner for a month before it was launched, and she truly loves it because it is so easy to apply and it lasts long like a real hero! For your info, this new eyeliner is in liquid pen type, and the tip is so sharp that making a winged eyeliner look is as easy as ABC! I have tried this and I am definitely impressed on how it turned out, which is kinda shocking to me because I never had a luck with this type of felt tip eyeliner before. So, please stay tuned for its review okay?
During the event, I arrived early and I got to see the entire layout without the hassle of going through the crowd, hehe! There was a makeup station where guests can get free makeover, and there also was a beautiful display of the newly launched Kajal Secret Eyeliner Pen. During the event, I found an envelope inside the table number holder, and I absent-mindedly opened it. It turned out that I won one of the  7 lucky prizes, hahaha! All 7 lucky guests received a FCC product that is not available in Malaysia, and I'm double lucky because I got a tube of Farmasi Argan Oil Hand Cream. Kak Sabby and Kak Innanie mentioned that it was truly my luck because they all knew that I'm a hand cream fan, hehe!
awkwardly short me surrounded by beautiful people
All in all, I enjoyed being there at the event because I met many people who made me happy, and the FCC team members tried their best to make us all feel comfortable even though the venue was full house. I wish FCC Malaysia all the best and I hope that they will be everyone's number one choice in no time ^_^ Thanks FCC Malaysia for having me there!
Got to meet my loves! It has been quite some time since I last saw them.
From left : Sabby Prue, Mieza Everdeen, Innanie Ariffin, Wiida Ribbon.

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  1. comelnya mieza hehehe tahniah sebab dapat lucky prize! :D

    1. tang mana yang comelnya XD thank you Nisa ^_^


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