Convocation : Hard Work Paid Off, Failures Are Lessons Learned

Monday, October 27, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello! I'm just dropping by to clear the dust off. I am so swamped by too much things to handle now so I could not really focus on posting beauty reviews at the moment. At the moment, I am trying to balance between my day job (a part-time full-time thing), studying for PTD exam, repairing a business proposal for TUBE interview, settling my papers for the application of Skim Tenaga Pengajar Muda at UiTM, resume writing, cover letter writing, recommendation letter writing, moving to another house again, and finally yes, trying to be a normal human despite all the superhuman strengths I am in dire need right now.

Anyhow, something popped on the net recently and I am not aware of it until the graduating students started making a hoo-haa about it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Yes, I am not the kepochi type of girl so I don't really know the latest trend except for new makeups :p So, here it is! 

Yeah, if you know my real name then I bet you can spot it up there!!! I am so happy that finally it is confirmed that I received the first class honors, alhamdulillah all praise to the Almighty for making it a reality ^_^ I had heaps of disasters, obstacles, failures, disappointments and whatever-you-name-it to keep my CGPA above 3.50 along my degree years. I stumbled, I fell so hard I thought nobody can save me from the darkest pit of shameful failures but Allah kept bringing me back, resuscitating me and reminding me that no matter how bad I wrecked myself, He is always there listening to me, my parents' prayers and prayers from all who loves me so dearly. 

I am not gonna brag on how good I was during my bachelor's degree years. I am going to tell the truth here about my experiences along the three years I spent in UiTM Shah Alam. I was a silent member of the class, I don't normally be the noisy one and people might mistaken me as a stuck up weirdo. I regret (a bit) for not being the loud ones sometimes because that is one way to make lecturers remember you, which later will benefit when you need a recommendation letter, hahaha! But if you are an over-achiever, then lecturers will remember you too. Well, it depends on what suit you I guess? If I can turn back time, I want to be the loud ones in the class, who achieves well and consistent. 
we successfully pranked the entire class using this computer lab after our session.
at that time 9gag meme was so hot, we pasted it under all 30 mouses XD

I was not an entirely over-achiever. But I keep my balance between study-sports-fun very well. I am so glad that I took archery, it made me a different person. I became more stable because I had something to wait for once a week. Shooting arrows after arrows is a therapy for me. The routine made my body fitter. My posture became fine. I get the healthy glow, and I am so happy being among my archery members. My coach was a superb lady too, she knows my strength and she polished me. I haven't touched my bow and arrows for months now because there is no place for me to practice here in Melaka. I wish I live in Shah Alam :(
 my archery mates
see how slim I WAS? 
i. was. THAT. slim. 
oh, that sunburn. 
In my academic classes, I was like all normal students. I dozed off in class, because I slept late to watch movies and series. I skipped classes with my best friend because we had a quota of 3 days absent before we get barred from taking exams. I did last minute assignments because I thought I am so cool to be able to work under extreme pressure. I did all the mischievous things a student can do, but I never regret it because those are my memories. I joined clubs and societies, I became an exco member at my faculty and I learned a lot through taking up these positions. I am truly glad that I acquired a lot from my academic classes and non-academic activities. Among the sweetest memory was that I joined the faculty's debate team to Walailak University, Thailand as a newbie debater for a training and competition. Well, that was my only debate experience, hehe!
our first day at Walailak University for the debate training and competition
 with my best friend Mazlina Nina, we went through so much together :')

and here is me with an overachiever who has been the greatest senior + best friend to me

All in all, I just wanna clarify that I miss my friends out there :) three years spent together with them, muddling through our sweat, blood and tears to graduate and soon the day will arrive. Some won't be with us this year, but they will next year insyaAllah. I pray the best for all my friends who have been with me through thick and thin, who understands and accepts me the way I am, my temper and my judgments. 
 i am not daring, I can only manage that "salute" pose
 oh the "young faces". they're all so grown up today. and "healthier" than in this pic :p
classmates again, my lovely ladies :)
One thing for sure, I cherish all the memories I have. No matter how pleasant or unpleasant they were to me, they are and will always be mine. I feel terrible for not having backups of all the pictures I took during those three years, because the unposted ones are all stolen during a robbery that costed me my laptop, external hard disk, camera. The pain is still aching in my heart, but I have to let it go eventually, I can't get them back anyway. I hope that the upcoming days and years will fare me the best of luck, and the same to all my beloved comrades too. Live your life to the fullest but remember Allah in whatever you do, insyaAllah you will be safe :)

Till then. 

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  1. You got so much going on...wish I could be more like you... seems so much fun...BTW congratulations for finishing your study...its time for work work work...first salary jgn lupe blanje tau...

    1. so much going on tapi serabut jugak kepala otak nak sort out satu demi satu, must be very tough (especially mentally) and yes, kena istiqamah berusaha :') please pray for me okay babe? miss you so much, lama tak jumpa! okay nanti if ada rezeki we get to meet and i already earn a stable income, will belanja you ;) muahh!

  2. Bukan susah nak dpt 3.50 and above. And I'm so happy plus jealous of you cuz u tak payah bayar PTPTN! hahaha. The memories will remain my dear. Stay connected with your friends while you can!

    Btw, congrats mieza syggg! :)

    1. oit, bukan susah ke bukan senang nak dapat 3.50 ? hahaha XD silalah mengaku typo please, susah woo nak score (T_T) thanks Scha, you too congratulations dah konvo siap! hehe

  3. Wah congrats mieza for your achievement! You're great, now it is time to let the feet of the ground & start working to make a living, may you will always be successful in whatever you are doing in your life =)

    1. thank you baby girl, hehe! heyy i miss you, i wish we could meet again ^_^ to you, study elok2 and sila grad cepat2 tau, nanti i can say welcome to the working world pulak kat you, ahaha!

  4. Replies
    1. womannnnn I wanna see you ASAP!! hehehe rindu gila kot!

  5. Tahniah, Mieza! Yup, bukan senang nak dapatkan 3.50 tu. Saya pernah merasainya cuma 2x saja dan ianya memang sangat sangat sangat susah! Tu pun dah bersyukur. Mieza dah banyak kali dapat 3.50 kan? Bestnya..... Pssstt, saya pendiam dalam kelas tau. Hahaha. ;)

  6. Hiii may i know what are you doing now? As in job prospects. I'm gonna take epc soon and i am still unclear about this course ��


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