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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello! Today I'd like to share with you all about my journey with BeautyOat :) As a fan of oat, oat based drinks and anything with oats, I am beyond thrilled when I got a box of beauty goodness containing oats and collagen as their super formula specially curated for women who wants to achieve their goals of having beautiful skin and maintained weight ^_^ If you are one, then you definitely should continue reading on why BeautyOat is the one and only solution that you should look for!
So, look at this post's title. Why do I say that beauty starts at breakfast? Well, the entire homo sapien population in this world knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You won't be a fully functional human along your day if don't take your breakfast, and if you don't take breakfast, you can kiss goodbye to that physical and mental beauty because you don't really take good care of yourself. That is why BeautyOat is created as the perfect oat plus collagen drink for you to take during breakfast as its nutritional values are able to benefit not only your face but your body too. 
Formulated in Korea with pomegranate extract, marine collagen tripeptide and sakura extracts specially to cater on your skin need, BeautyOat is also composed of beta-glucan from oat which is able to replenish your bodily need of daily soluble fiber. I also would like to highlight that you don't need to worry about the safety of consuming BeautyOat as it is Halal approved by JAKIM, approved by KKM and is made in Malaysia
Consuming BeautyOat is not a hassle. You only need to mix it with 180ml of warm water and consume it during breakfast, or anytime you can. I was told that for beginners, it is better to consume BeautyOat during breakfast and before sleep for best result. 
I have finished my first box of BeautyOat and I am proud to say that this drink truly shows some effects on me :) First of all, my skin is a lot more moist than before. Sometimes I forget to put on moisturizer after I cleansed my skin but I never felt that dryness or tightness along the course of consuming BeautyOat. When I touch my face, it reminds of that "boing-boing bouncy skin" on skincare advertisement on TV, hehe! This shows that the marine collagen ingredient in BeautyOat works well on me ^_^ Secondly, I believe that BeautyOat has helped me to stay "normal" until it is lunch time. I am the person who will feel that she needs lunch at 10am, regardless of my breakfast intake at 7am. While consuming BeautyOat, I never felt that hungry pang anymore at 10am, I only felt a slight rumble in my stomach at 12 noon, hehe! Another helpful benefit of consuming BeautyOat is that, I feel my digestion system is working so much better now. Everything is flushed out every morning so, I always go to work feeling light and happy, thanks to BeautyOat ^_^ Well, when my sister asked me why my skin looks smooth and glowing at 9pm when I don't even have makeup on, this should be something, right? ;)
vain selfie time with BeautyOat :p
Well, I hope you guys will find this post helpful :) I'd like you to know that even the product was sponsored, I however am not paid to sell BeautyOat and everything that I shared above are my true story, my own opinion and my own crafted words. From all the skin supplements I have tried, I believe that BeautyOat is the best for me so far, and it is within my budget too. I see myself ordering for the second box, hehe :p I hope if you are looking for a supplement to take care of your skin and body, then try BeautyOat first okay? See you in the next post!

Product Info :
BeautyOat | Collagen Plus + Oat Drink Formula
18 sachets x 30gm
RM 79.00 (WM) | RM 89.00 (EM) | $33 (S/B)

Benefits of BeautyOat
Promotes firmness, elasticity and evens out skin tone
Reduces cholesterol, fine lines, pigmentation and visible pores
Improves immunity system, skin texture, tissue repair and energy boost
Prevents heart disease and overweight problem

Contact : 012-2444014 | 012-2444041 |

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  1. Do you think this is good for older people as well? You know like age 40+? :) This sounds great! x

    1. as long as the person takes good care of his/her health (no smoking, healthy eating habits, sleeping well, not drinking) then i think BeautyOat will work just fine regardless their consumer's age :)

    2. Thank you! I will try to recommend this to my aunt and mom :D

      Snow Life & Beauty

  2. Amboi! patutlah makin cantik adik kakak ni :)

    1. alolo kak nanie lagi cantik tau ^_^ maceh kak!

  3. Wow! Nampaknya dah jumpa dah supplemen yang mencantikkan dan menyihatkan dan mengenyangkan! Hehehe. Fana pun suka makan oat sebab kenyang. Selalunya b'fast fana akan ambik oat je dgn air susu. Makin berseri-seri la mieza. Hehehe

    1. Fana lagi lawa tau, jangan nak mengada-ngada :p Meh la try BeautyOat, sedap!!


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