Rainbow Cameo Project : Go Green

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello! This is gonna be my first collaboration post with my fellow Malaysian beauty bloggers. A project called Rainbow Cameo, we all are responsible to create something according to our assigned colours :) Introducing my pretty ladies in the Rainbow Cameo project :

Team Leader : Syaza | Bloobs.Blurbs.II
Orange Fairy : Izzah Farihah | Izzahhahiraf (formerly known as Love4Beauti)
Yellow Fairy : Syafiqah Rusli | WithLoveKisses
Violet Fairy : Cindy Tong | Cindy's Planet
Indigo Fairy : Mya Akmal | Sweettedy
Red Fairy : Christine Dior | Scribbles of A Girl
Blue Fairy : Josephine Ong | Skinfrostings

I am the Green Fairy, so here is my attempt to introduce how you can sport a green eye look without looking like the Grinch or looking overly done for daily makeup look ^_^ Since I think that not all people want to purchase a pan of green eye shadow, I am going to use a green eyeliner pencil from Silkygirl, which is cheap and of high quality, and most importantly can be purchased all over the country ^_^

What you need (for eyes only):
- a green eyeliner pencil (I use Silkygirl Funky Eyelights pencil)
- a jet black eyeliner (I use Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Pen Liner)
- a sparkly cream/beige eyeliner (I use Maybelline Colorshow Eyeliner in Shiny Beige)

Steps :
1) Prep your face as usual, do all your makeup and prep your eyes with eye primer
2) By using your black eyeliner, draw a winged/cat eye look on both eyelids
3) Make another thick line closely above your black eyeliner using the green liner
4) For your waterlines, use sparkly cream/beige eyeliner from the inside corner until halfway through your waterline, then continue with the green eyeliner until the end of waterline, blend it in with the wing/flick drawn above.
4) Ensure your drawing is perfect, top with loose powder for extra longevity and some mascara
5) Ready to go out and make other ladies green with envy with the sharpness of your green eye look!

Pardon my very puffy eyes, this was shot when I was a bit feverish. Can you see the difference between my right and left eye? This green + black winged eyeliner look won't go wrong with both fair and dark skinned girls because green can make you look stunningly gorgeous provided you choose the right tone ^_^ If you look properly at my eyes, they are quite "sepet" because my grandma was Chinese, so a few of my siblings including me inherited the sepet eyes from her, though mine does not appear as obvious as my sister's :) So especially for small eyed girls, this double winged eyeliner look can make your eyes appear bigger and more livelier. If you see the eye on your left side, I actually have already lined a thick black winged eyeliner on it (refer the second image above) and it does not appear right? So, my easiest way to make it appear is by adding the green eyeliner for a splash of fun, and I believe that it makes me different because not many girls would have green on their eyes except for special, planned occasion.

Now that I have shared with you on how to use a green coloured eyeliner, you can definitely save time (if you are rushing and don't have the time to pat and blend your eyeshadow) but look stunningly gorgeous and most importantly different than others ^_^ take care, and don't forget to share with me if you recreate this look with your favourite coloured eyeliner!

P/s : Don't forget to check out how my Rainbow Cameo Fairies created their rainbow looks ya!

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  1. Alamak, sebelah pun dah cantik, kalau mekap dua2 belah mesti lagi lawa. Fana tercari-cari gambar mieza mekap both eyes tapi takde. :( Hehehe. Btw, you look nice in green. Go green!!

    1. alamak sorilah Fana, memang saje tak buat both eyes sebab nak kasi nampak beza with and without, hehe! thanks for the compliment Fana, Mieza memang suka warna hijau ^_^

  2. Oooh! Great twist with the green eyeliner! I was thinking of how to go about green eyeliner as the past few times I tried it with my complexion, it looked a tad... odd. haha ^^ <3

    This was such a great idea! Also, doesn't green also aim to counter redness, meaning your face will be brighter when there's a splash of green? (not literally of course...ahhaha ^^)

    And your eyes look absolutely perfect, I wouldn't even notice the puffiness if you hadn't pointed it out! Somehow, after looking at your final look for awhile, I feel that those really over-the-top Shu Uemura feather eyelashes would go well with this! But then again, I don't think that would make the look "daily wear" anymore.

    It's a great post, Mieza! I really enjoyed reading all the tutorials from this series~

    xoxo Rin
    Fuurin Diary

    1. Thank you for loving this look dear ^_^ Yeah mostly in primers/foundation/CC creams/BB creams they claim to have green pigments to counter redness on the skin, but with green eyeliner hopefully it can make our eyes look brighter I guess? hehe!

      Hopefully you'll find the best way to make green eyeliner look awesome on your skin tone, there are many ways for us to experiment ^_^ I don't wear fake eyelashes, maybe you can do one look with it, inspired from this one ;)

  3. Eh, hijau ni cantik jugak. Tak pernah guna hijau. Selalu guna warna save je. Haha. Nak try lah nnti kalau ada mood hijau.

    Cantiknyaaa mataaaa!

    1. Scha pegi lah try nanti cari hijau ni, kot2 berkenan boleh rembat satu ^_^ terima kasih sebab puji :p

  4. Replies
    1. sebab tu kita berani pakai, dia lawa and senang match kat skin tone esp orang Melayu ^_^


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