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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello! Sorry for being MIA for so long, I am still trying to cope with and also adjusting to my current life schedule, hehe :p So, this post is dedicated to a product that I have been using for months already. It was tough waiting for the right time to get it actually. When its first version came out, I don't have money to spend on it. When I finally have some extra cash to spend, the product is out of stock everywhere. Finally the second version of packaging surfaced, and I got to buy it. So here it is, the Sweet Recipe Baby Choux by Etude House ^_^ I got myself a tube of the #03 Peach Choux to try, mainly because I think that it suits my skin. 
Etude House Baby Choux Base is a makeup base or primer. It came in three colours which are peach, mint green and purple. Peach Choux is a peach base targeted to brighten sallow or yellow skin (on its international website it said Peach Choux is for dark skin tone with yellow colour). I think this is my second primer after Revlon Photoready primer because truth be told, I am THAT lazy to apply makeup primers except when I wear foundation, which is not every day. 
pic from Sabrina Tajudin

Lets see what I've got to say about this cute Baby Choux Base. It has a very nice fragrant, very sweet yet not too overpowering. The fact that this second version comes in a tube make it more hygienic than its older sister which was in a glass jar. I actually still long for that one in glass jar because the design is cute, and I have an obsession towards makeup/skincare products in jars. I love jar and tub packaging the most! The consistency of this Baby Choux Base is in between a foundation and a BB cream. It is a bit thick but very easily spread. It does not cling to dry patches or settle onto fine lines under my eyes either, prolly due to my habit of using moisturizer before applying any makeup. 
So here are my thoughts after using this peach Baby Choux Base for quite some time. I can say that I love this base because it helps me get a powdery-matte and smooth canvas prior to my makeup application. With a matte foundation and overnight skin treatment, it helps curb my usual oily face look. I experienced this when I used this one lovely pore refining mask at night and the next morning I use this Baby Choux Base before my mattifying foundation. If I follow with a BB cream after this Baby Choux Base, my skin gets oily after 4 hours in Malaysia's hot and humid weather. 
I love the fact that this peach Baby Choux Base makes foundation application easier as it provides me with a smooth canvas. This base contains silicone, one of it being cyclopentasiloxane which is non-comodogenic and could be the reason that makes this base smooth like a dream. I found that during my 'awesome skin' period, wearing this peach Baby Choux Base alone made me admire my skin for a while as it looks like I don't need anymore makeup. That happens after a month of using Egyptian Magic cream, I'm not lying. I said this because I am not a heavy makeup wearer XD this peach Baby Choux Base is also true to its aim, which helps yellow/sallow skin to look better as I have a bit of uneven skin tone and this base has been a good pal to my skin. 

Overall, I really love this peach Baby Choux Base and I recommend it to you all if you don't have any silicone allergy, you have yellow/sallow skin tone and you need a base that helps give you a very smooth canvas. I found some other reviews saying that it clings to their dry patches so you really have to experiment with this Baby Choux Base to see on how it performs. Toodles, see you in my next post!

Product Info :

Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base - #03 Peach
35g per tube | Made in Korea
Available at Etude House outlets / online stores

*Disclaimer : Product was bought using my own money. I am not affiliated or paid to do this review and opinions are honestly 100% based on my experience as a user.

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  1. errmmm feel a bit whittish for loving my MUFE primer but can be looking for alternative now!!

    1. Maybe u can try and swatch these baby choux at EH outlets first sebab ada 3 variants ;)


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