Worthy Book : 2014 Ladies Edition

Monday, July 14, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello! 

If you ask a girl who her best friend is, she might answer Nina, Gabriel or Lucy. However if you show them the latest Worthy Book Ladies Edition 2014/2015, then be prepared to hear her answer changing to a high-pitch shriek of "SHOPPING" or "DISCOUNTS" till your ear rings! As a lady myself, I admit that a girl's best friend (apart from another girl and an arsenal of makeup) is a discount book of major shopping and pampering coupons ^_^ Even if you are a male, I think you won't decline a Worthy Book ain't you? Especially the F&B edition :p
I hope it is not too late for me to introduce you the latest Ladies Edition Worthy Book (2014/2015). Priced at RM25 each, this 64-pages book of coupons can last you a year's supply of everything that a girl wants and needs. From shoes to clothes, facial treatments, body spa and massages, health treats, makeup, mani pedi and waxing, this Ladies Edition Worthy Book can definitely be your greatest companion for twelve months. Say, it is a must have for twelve continuous months of happiness ;) With this 2014/2015 Ladies Edition Worthy Book, you can have your weekends arranged with scrumptious treats from head to toe after a stressful five to six days of work. Shopping too can be less intimidating to your bank account with crazy discounts you can get with the coupons in this Ladies Edition Worthy Book.
Take a peek! These are among the coupons available for us ladies in this 2014/2015 Ladies Edition Worthy Book. There are discount vouchers, cash vouchers, buy one free one offers (you can enjoy spa with your best friend using this!), and best of all, there are offers that can be used for online and physical shopping too! This means that for some brands, you can opt to either visit their store or just purchase your desired items with a few clicks. Isn't that convenient?

I really love the buy one free one or fifty percent discount on second purchases because it means that I can use the offer with my best friend, my mom or my sisters ^_^ Well, fun-girly activities are best done with a lovely lady partner in my opinion. Sometimes we need time alone, but a relaxing yet fun bonding time is what that keeps you close with your bestie! 
So yeah, I guess every woman in Malaysia should never miss this awesome 2014/2015 Ladies Edition Worthy Book because there is more than RM11,000 worth of savings that you can benefit from it ^_^ This book of delights can be found at all major bookstores like MPH, Popular, Times, Kinokuniya, Borders and also at selected MyNews.com outlets in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. You can't go out? No worries, online purchase too can be made at Worthy Book's website here :D again, before I leave you all to ponder on the possibilities of snatching this book from the shelves : Ladies, get this fast! Gentlemen, you are not one till you get this 2014/2015 Ladies Edition Worthy Book for your mom, your sisters, your wife or your girlfriend.

Who wants to accompany me enjoy my vouchers now? hehe!

Have you purchased and used a Worthy Book before?

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  1. Nak coupon too! lets go for a window shopping together ! mesti havoc! hehe

    1. memang havoc sungguh like seriously if dapat pergi dengan wiida, hehe!

  2. Terbaik! Nak jugak..lepas ni boleh save up for almost everything girls want! ^_^

  3. Replies
    1. dah booking kat spa tapi belum pergi lagi, hehe!


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