Saturday, July 26, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello. This is gonna be a short post. I have been bottling up my feelings for too long. I have witnessed stupidity of ignorant people on the news, on facebook, twitter and anywhere else. I am just so sick of wondering on how stupid can stupid be.

picture credit : UniversityNewsCapital

Every time I see this picture of my country's contingent parade during the Glasgow Commonwealth games, my heart breaks. It reminds me of the innocent lives snatched brutally by those satanic organizations, whoever responsible for the demise of all crews and passengers of MH17. Mothers and fathers are taken away from their children. Children are robbed away from their parents. Spouses are left broken without their significant others. I know it will so damn hard to punish the responsible party. They might escape. But we Malaysians will always remember that the criminals will never be able to run from God's punishment. 

picture credit : Dailymail

I am not gonna talk about religion here. It is useless to have a religious debate with people having absobloodlylutely no faith, like those supporting Zionism clearly. As for my story, I am proud of you Azizulhasni Awang. You did the right thing for humanity. We say SAVE GAZE because we care. We all are doing whatever we can to stop the invasion, to paralyze that particular shameless nation. Our athlete here is doing what he can do during the games, he delivered a message for the world to see. It is simple. It is not provocative. It is what humans. with the right mind, with a functional, straight brain, should do, should have done a long time ago. We say SAVE GAZA not just today. We have been saying it for ages. And we will never stop. We will do whatever it takes, within our range of capabilities, to send the message. We have hopes that one day the world will get the balance. One fine day it will, and one fine day, all races and religions on earth will live peacefully, coexist harmoniously with each other. Why do you think it is so hard? 

There has been so much hate. So much bloodshed. So much killing. So much cruelty. So much hypocrisy. So much is unjust when justice is the only right solution that everyone can see but it is never done. When do we end this? Or does the world need to end us sooner than we end all these bullshits? 

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  1. tu lah dik, dunia ni dah byk berubah..sikit2 kerosakan kita nampak manusia buat..

    1. i just hope that kita semua sempat tengok things got back into their right places

  2. I feel the same way as you too, but there will never be 100% justice in this dunia, if it is than that means we're already in the planes of Arafah waiting for Allah's judgement. But we're not, so the only thing to do is keep praying and have tawakal to Allah. This whole scenario of what's going on right now is all written down, all the small signs have past and now it's the big signs that are happening, natural disasters, war and etc. I' m deeply saddened by what has happened to MH17 after what we all just went through few months back with MH370. My cousins aunty happened to be on that flight, she was suppose to go and see her husband who was station there due to his job, and now her daughters are left without knowing where their mom is (their in uni now). When I met them and ask how they were taking it, all they say is they still have hope. There's no closure for them, unlike for the families of MH17, as there are no evidence, wreckage nor bodies found. Deep inside my heart I feel that the missing plane is a whole conspiracy that the world leaders are hiding from the nation. Allahualam only Allah knows. In Shaa Allah may we Malaysian's always stay United and leave in peace.

    And for Gaza may Allah bless them with Jannah for the war and suffering that they are going through. I'm very ashamed with the Muslim countries around them. Not one is willing to help send their army, if Rasullulah was here he would be very disappointed with the Muslim leaders. All they know is sit on their behinds, I guess that's why he promised us on the coming of the mahadi. U know what I once told my husband, if the same amount people that goes for haj, goes for war. In Shaa Allah, Allah will bless us with victory.

  3. I completely agree babe <3 My heart goes out to all those families that lost their loved ones. I can't even begin to imagine the heartbreak. Just wishing things would be put right real soon <3

    Oh this place looks so good! Love how they gave the gloves; quite a hands on experience! Will drop by and give it a visit soon ;)


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