Kiehl's Fun In The Sun Bloggers Event with The Butterfly Project

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello! The first thing that comes into my mind when people say "fun in the sun" is what will happen to my skin? How will I look halfway through the event?? Yes people, this is the woe of my oily skin because being under the sun means that I will get sweaty and my face will turn oily in no time (T_T) however, I was really tempted to get to know Kiehl's and their famous Ultra Facial Oil-Free range as it sounds like something that my oily skin really needs! So yeah, I bravely prep my skin with a mask overnight, and woke up early in the morning to meet my Butterflies and Kiehl's ^_^ The event was held at the Secret Garden at the rooftop of One Utama Shopping Mall (new wing). I had lived in One Utama for a few months back and I never had the chance to visit that rooftop garden till the event commenced. 
greeted by Caroline, Tammy and Ayna ^_^
When I stepped into the Secret Garden's entrance, I was wow-ed by the place! The Secret Garden is definitely a place that I would love to spend my time with my beloved ones as it looks so serene, pretty and green. Yes, it emits that "secret" aura making me feel like this is the best place for us Butterflies to discover Kiehl's ^_^ My Butterflies and I got to spend some time snapping pictures and posing here and there, saying hello and hugging everyone because we are close like that, before we were greeted with a welcome speech by the happily energetic Kiehl's team. The event was with a free and easy concept, making it even a lot more fun because everyone can choose what to do together without any pressing time constraint.
with Jannah, my new friend ;)
with the awesome founder of TBP, Mamasan Tammy ^_^
I'm her big fan, really love her positive energy, hehe!
There were the Kiehl's station where we got to learn about the magnificent 3 products from the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free range which are the cleanser, toner and gel cream. Product demo was available, the team members briefed us about how the products work and the recommendation for our skin concern, and there too was a skin test to see how oily our skin are. 
Since the Ultra Facial Oil-Free range is targeted to hydrate skin while keeping shine at bay, it resembles a cactus which even in an extreme hot temperature it is still able to retain moisture, exactly the concept implemented by Kiehl's in their Ultra Facial Oil-Free range. Thus, there was a special station for us Butterflies to DIY our own Cactus Terrarium, yeayy! Well, apart from the fact that I never took Herbology with Professor Sprout, I never knew what a cactus terrarium is until I got selected to join this event. I did my terrarium last and the outcome is quite satisfying considering that I don't have that artsy-craftsy hand, haha!
I really enjoyed my time at the Fun In The Sun Bloggers Event with Kiehl's and The Butterfly Project. I got to meet my fellow Butterflies which I always miss because we seem to live far away from each other, and by going to events will be the only means for me to catch up with them. The event was absolutely da bomb even though it was held at an outdoor garden (rooftop people, rooftop!), I was surprised when I found out that an outdoor event like this is far more refreshing than in an aircond room, no kidding ;) The food was great, my Butterflies are forever awesome sweetness, the SWAT ladies are beyond amazing and Kiehl's team was marvelous too! Wanna know my verdict about the Ultra Facial Oil-Free range? Why not check this out, I made a special post for it ^_^
Thank you Kiehl's and The Butterfly Project Malaysia for a very fun in the sun event 

*pictures are from my personal collection, Tammy's and Caroline's taken from The Butterfly Project facebook albums, thank you for sharing!*

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