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Friday, July 04, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello! Tell me, have you ever heard of Egyptian Magic Cream? If yes, please carry on and read what I have to tell you about it, I have heaps of good things to tell! If no, please don't run away, you'll be a sore loser if you don't learn something about it :p I was sitting lazily at home when this parcel arrived, surprising me with a secret of the Egyptians! I seriously never thought that I finally met with this superstar skincare which is raved by many Hollywood starlets!
So the Egyptians has left us with something very powerful apart from the pyramid and the sphinx. It is the Egyptian Magic Cream, which is known as a miracle cream for skin as it has the ability to help with many skin concerns like aging, maintaining healthy glow of skin, giving radiance to skin, and many too claimed that this magic cream has helped them to combat eczema and psoriasis. Even gynecologists, plastic surgeons, homeopathic physicians and chiropractors from all over the world swore by Egyptian Magic Cream! Don't you think that there's a pharaoh-like aura to this cream? hehe! 
Egyptian Magic Cream is only made from 100% natural ingredients consisting of olive oil, honey, beeswax, royal jelly, propolis, and bee pollen. As you can see, this magic cream has no additives, preservatives, fragrances, chemicals or paraben. The ingredients are known to have hydrating and soothing properties, thus this very pure cream does not bear any perfume-like smell to it. This cream is suitable for external use, and due to its natural properties, you can slather it all over your body if you think that skin part needs extra TLC. It can be used to moisturized your body skin, treat areas with burns or rashes, moisturize your face skin, treat your under eye area, heal your chapped lips, sooth your sore elbows and heels, and the Egyptian Magic Cream too can be a good friend to your hair ^_^
If you have dry or normal skin, maybe you would love to use Egyptian Magic Cream as a makeup base as you will only need a tiny amount of it to keep your makeup on smooth ;) for people with oily skin, use this Egyptian Magic Cream at night as a treatment to moisturize your skin because sometimes oily skin is caused by lack of water and overdrying due to excessive facial cleansing. Besides, you can also use Egyptian Magic Cream as a whitening face mask. Just slather it on and massage the cream onto your skin. Then cover with a warm towel for five minutes before rinsing. If you ran out of massaging oil, Egyptian Magic Cream can be a substitute too as it will help in firming, toning and skin elasticity if you make it a routine ;) 
The cream is very much like Vaseline but I must say it is not as slippery and slimy as Vaseline. To use Egyptian Magic Cream, we have to scoop it out, warm it between our palms and then spread on the targeted area. I found that the cream is quite oily when used on face but on my hair and other body parts, it dissolves very fast, I love it! The smell is natural, I won't say it stinks or sweet. Oh, I nearly forgot! Mothers with stretch marks? You can use Egyptian Magic Cream as well to treat those marks ^_^ Makeup junkies, if you ever ran out of makeup remover, this magic cream is your savior!
Since I have been using this Egyptian Magic Cream for nearly a month, I found that all the results are very positive. I use this cream on my face as night moisturizer, I use it on my lips 24/7, I also slather some on my hair particularly from middle to end section of my tresses. For face, when I woke up in the morning, my face feels oily but fresh and not congested. I can see that after a month, some of my acne marks have faded, my skin got clearer and softer. My skin does not turn flawless like it has been Photoshopped but I am genuinely happy as my skin condition is definitely waaayyy better than before I started using this Egyptian Magic Cream. As for my lips, I got a badly dried and chapped lips when the hot season hit Malaysia. I then started applying this cream on my lips religiously and within 2 days, my lips has turned back to normal, no more chapping, no more pain. I'm truly grateful for this creation!! As for my hair, having this cream on makes my hair a bit smoother and manageable. I have lion manes as my tresses, and it was always dry and so volumnized. This cream made me forgot that I have troubled hair, seriously!
All in all, I definitely recommend everyone in this entire world to own at least a tub of Egyptian Magic Cream. Nobody paid me to say this but I want you to know that if you invest in this cream to take care of your skin, you will be very happy (and you can thank me later) as it works to help our skin get better. It is not some hoax or flimsy story we got here with the Egyptian Magic Cream, it is real. I don't have any serious skin problems to show of what this cream has helped me achieve but I assure you, my skin has never been this good and I am feeling so positively happy about it ^_^

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Product name : Egyptian Magic Cream 
Quantity : 118ml (link) | 59ml (link) | 3ml sachets (link)
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  1. Agree! Everybody in this freaking world should experience the goodness of this cream! 5 stars all the wayyyy

    1. my best friend even mentioned to me that my skin looks way better than the last time she saw me, hehe!

  2. yaaaaaaaaaahh i love this magic cream too! will apply to my face before sleep :DD

    1. same here! kalau tak apply rasa macam a crime, hehe!


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