Buka Puasa at De Palma Hotel Shah Alam

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Assalamulaikum and hello! I hope all my Muslim readers are enjoying their Ramadhan so far, it has only been a few days and we have a long way to go ^_^ As now is the fasting season, as usual many hotels are having promotions of Ramadhan Buffet and I am very lucky to have experienced a buka puasa session at De Palma Hotel, Shah Alam. This is not my first time being there as my faculty once had a dinner there and I was part of the organizing committee so I know the food there is marvelous! To all my readers, allow me to share with you guys on what the Ramadhan Buffet at De Palma Hotel Shah Alam has to offer you alright? Please be surprised as there are almost 150 types of dishes that is available daily at the buffet. Now people, this is THE BUFFET that we must not miss!

The division of food :

Outside the banquet hall
-More than 20 stalls of Malaysian food + Western food + Bulgogi
-ABC and ice-cream stall
-Selection of dates

Inside the banquet hall
-Periuk & Belanga style dishes, claypot dishes
-Kenduri dishes
-Malay style salads (kerabu)
-Selection of rice
-Selection of ketupat
-Fruits and pickles
-Selection of desserts : Traditional kuih, puddings, cakes
-Hot and cold beverages

First of all, they named the buffet as Periuk & Belanga as it offers a wide range of traditional Malay delicacies. However, fret not as the selection does not only end there. There are Western food, Chinese food and Indian delicacies as well ^_^ without further ado, let me present to you the scene of Ramadhan Buffet at De Palma Hotel Shah Alam!

My verdict? This is the most special buffet I have ever been to! Seriously, all the dishes served tasted so delicious and I hoped that I am blessed with a blackhole stomach but unfortunately I am not, haha XD I really wanna recommend their roasted lamb, nasi hujan panas, asam pedas ikan pari, puding roti and rendang udang halia. If you happen to have your buka puasa there, do not miss these dishes okay? You won't regret it! The special highlight for buka puasa at De Palma Hotel Shah Alam is that the events/itinerary prepared by the hotel management is syariah compliance. They have Quran and dzikr recitation, live azan in the banquet hall, ceramah agama after maghrib prayer, and tarawikh prayer with an Imam from Egypt. So, for Muslims who decided to break fast at De Palma Hotel Shah Alam, you won't be disappointed with everything that has been carefully arranged by the hotel management :) Even the surau is tip top, it is very spacious, clean and the facilities are more than enough to ensure our comfort.

Great news, you can get 15% off if you wanna break fast there ^_^ no matter if you are Muslim or not, everyone can enjoy this benefit okay? Call 03-55428080 ext 519 to book your seats now! The price for adult is RM75nett and RM37.50nett for children. Mention my blog : archereverdeen.com and you are eligible for the discount, yeayy!

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