Maybelline White Superfresh Cake Powder : Say Goodbye To Touch-Ups

Friday, June 27, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello! This post is dedicated to ladies (and gentlemen too) with oily skin as I have a worthy secret to be shared with you all ^_^ Blessed with oily skin I am, touching-up my makeup is almost a must every day especially with the crazy weather invading Malaysia right now. I stepped out of my door with a porcelain-smooth complexion at 8.30am, and I found myself looking at the mirror with shock at 1pm. Why? I see oily complexion. long gone the smooth, matte look I donned this morning and I frantically searched for my wet wipes, erasing all those uninvited streaky oily thing on my face. Next thing I know, my face is clean and I must get ready for second makeup application. Yes, I wipe clean my makeup in the afternoon if it is unbearably oily and put on a new layer because I don't prefer piling powder over my morning makeup.

So when Maybelline came up with a sleek rectangle compact housing the White Superfresh Cake Powder, I cannot resist to try! It says this innovative system they implemented goes beyond sebum absorption. How? It speeds up sweat drying and evaporation process and allows us a clean, smooth complexion all day long. The Clean Touch Powder System's Mineral Pearlite with 5x the absorbing powder of talc is the key to this new powder's effectiveness in sebum and sweat barricading.

I have been using this new Maybelline White Superfresh Cake Powder for nearly 2 weeks and I say, this is a worthy product to be owned by ladies with oily skin. I am in a quest to wear lesser makeup nowadays as I pity my pores and I want my skin to breathe better, what with this hot weather and the haze. So what I did every day is clean my face, put on toner and moisturizer, proceed with my favourite anti-oily day cream and then I pat on Maybelline White Superfresh Cake Powder all over my face. Done, and I look fabulous! I need not to worry on sun-protection too much as Maybelline White Superfresh Cake Powder comes with UV protection and SPF 34 PA+++ so my skin is pretty much under great sun care with this powder on ^_^
Verdict :
  • powder stays on skin from 8.00am to 6.30pm (the longest I have worn it daily to class)
  • powder glides on smoothly on face, does not settle awkwardly on dry spots
  • powder makes complexion look whiter so application must not be too thick
  • face might feel slightly oily upon touch (depends on individual skin) but on sight, it appears perfect
  • perspiration does not ruin the makeup
  • no breakout experienced

All in all, I really recommend this marvelous Maybelline White Superfresh Cake Powder. I have been a very satisfied user and I definitely will repurchase once I ran out of stock. Good news, this Maybelline White Superfresh Cake Powder comes with refill packs so there is no need to buy a new set after one another, yeayy! So, are you excited to own this???

Maybelline White Superfresh Cake Powder SPF34 PA+++
RM23.90 per pack
RM11.90 per refill
(available at all Maybelline counters from June 2014 onward)

for more info, do check out :

Tell me, what's your solution when wearing makeup on oily skin?

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  1. Nice review Mieza !
    So far pika try, memang good..Totally Pay off :)
    I also agree that after application for a few hours when you touch you skin it does feel a little bit oily but not seem to shiny.
    can visit my review jugak dekat


    1. Olla Pika ^_^ I have read your review yesterday before tido, hehe!! Yeah, powder ni pandai cover oily look, memang suka sangat ^_^

  2. sound good :D nice review.

  3. Lovesss your're right..x settle akwardly...some powder would make me look like alien but not this one..would repurchase as well..

    1. yeayy ada orang setuju dengan kita ^_^ i am so done with powders that settled awkwardly macam tepung. with this one, no more tepung gomak :D

  4. Nanti nak buat review produk ni jugaklah! Nice mieza :)

    1. nanti Farah dah review kita pun nak baca ^_^ thank you for dropping by!

  5. Good price point, funky wide-view mirror and promising formula. I'll check it out!

    1. yeah the price for both full size and refill is quite affordable ^_^ the mirror is a blessing, we can check our face on wide angles!

  6. Haha I love your intro, something everyone can relate to, it can even be a storyline for a commercial :D Anyway, this looks interesting, I will check it out, I'm in need of a new compact powder.

    1. Olla Farisha, thanks for visiting ^_^ I hope one day my writings can help me contribute/work for the commercials ;) do give a shout out when you finally used this tau!


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