L'oreal Paris White Perfect 10 Total Whitening Day Cream (Review)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello! Today I have a newfound love to be shared with you guys ^_^ L'oreal has came out with a remarkable invention that I have always dreamed for. As you might remember from my previous post about skin whitening, I have a spot for whitening products because I am always sunburned and tanned due to my involvement in sports. However, most of the whitening creams I tried before this will make me look like an oil slick and that, is a major turn off. L'oreal totally understands this problem as they now came up with a big surprise, the new White Perfect Total 10 All-in-One Whitening Day Cream! This magical bottle arrived with hope that it can help me achieve my desired fair skin tone besides giving multiple protection for my skin. Let's see how it works! 
L'oreal Paris White Perfect 10 Total Whitening Day Cream comes in just one size, which is 50ml. I love how cute and simple the packaging presentation is. It has a pump to dispense the product which is very hygienic and with its secure cap, the packaging is travel-friendly as well in terms of avoiding spillage in your bag. L'oreal team has been so thoughtful to include this White Perfect 10 Total Whitening Day Cream with a stopper to block the dispenser hole so that even though you forgot to put back on its secure cap, as long as you plug in the stopper you can avoid any spillage and waste of product. However, as the stopper is very small, people who are clumsy (not me, but I know people who are thus I am mentioning this) with their products might lose this thing eventually. 

L'oreal Paris White Perfect 10 Total Whitening Day Cream came with 10 benefits for our skin as mentioned in the image below. It is equipped with SPF30 PA+++ making it a reliable day cream for us to wear during the day and not worry too much about sun damage ^_^  This White Perfect 10 Total Whitening Day Cream claims to help our skin with brightening which includes evening out skin tone, giving instant brightening effect, reducing darkness on skin, and eventually makes us look fairer without being shiny like a disco ball. It protects our skin as well from UVA and UVB rays, prevents oxidation, prevents pollutants from harming our skin and prevents oiliness from conquering our skin surface. 
The cream consistency is medium-thick. It glides on smoothly on skin, seeping inside within 1 minute and leaves skin feeling fresh without any stickiness or oiliness. The cream has a beautiful pastel lilac hue, and it has a pleasant lavender scent to it which is not too overpowering. I usually don't prefer lavender scent but this one is very nice I can't stop sniffing it, hehe! This cream claims to have anti-oiliness property to help us combat shine. 
As I have been using this cream for a week already, I feel that it really lives up to its promises although on the controlling oiliness part I have to give it a slightly reduced mark. It does give me an instant brightening effect, but that is more recognizable in person rather in picture. I went out without any extra sunblock and just this cream before my makeup, and I found that my skin does not burn or sting under direct sunlight so I guess the SPF30 PA+++ is working well on my skin, hehe :p Along my course of wearing this cream, I found that if the weather is hot but windy, my skin does not get oily at all. However if the weather is hot and very dry without any winds, I get sightly oily on my T-zone only but it is not too bad. When I blotted my face with an oil-blotting film at the end of the day, I found that the outcome is just half oily than my normal blotting result. So, I can say that I love this L'oreal Paris White Perfect 10 Total Whitening Day Cream as it gives me that instant brightening effect and it clearly does not make my skin end up like an oil slick at the end of the day. I can also see that my skin tone has evened out a bit and my acne scars are fading (if you've been following, I had a very bad acne breakout a few months back and it left my face full of dark spots). There is nothing that I hate or dislike about this cream, it does not give me any break out or irritations as well so I do recommend it for you guys to give this cream a try. Please be aware that results may vary between skin types okay?  
Wanna try the cream for yourself? Head to Loreal Paris Malaysia website and redeem your free sample today! Oh yes, Loreal Paris Malaysia too is now running a contest on their Instagram for users of White Perfect Total 10 Whitening Day Cream! Do join, who knows a RM100 worth of L'oreal products could be yours ^_^ good luck and have fun using L'oreal White Perfect Total 10 Whitening Day Cream, together we enjoy a fairer, shine-free skin!

Product name : L'oreal Paris White Perfect Total 10 Whitening Day Cream with SPF30 PA+++
Price : RM 39.90 
Quantity : 50ml
Availability : All major pharmacies, supermarkets and hypermarkets from June 2014 onwards
Shelf life : 12 months after opening
Usage : Apply every morning on cleansed face and neck, avoid eye contour

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  1. u just change your blog template yer????so pretty la mieza....i love 2in1 moisturiser no nd put sunblock...but i guess this cream can be oily to me!!im currently using Hada Labo air uv i quite like it becos it's lightd has UV protection!!

    1. i changed everything on 2nd May after spending a month (or was it two) of trial and error on my practice blog, hehe! glad that you like the way my blog looks now ^_^ i should learn more on how to tweak it here and there ;) haa, this cream might be a bit oily for people with normal oily skin i guess? plus our weather is so crazy right now during the day @_@ i never tried Hada Labo Air UV but I guess if it works on you then maybe someday I should try too ^_^

  2. A perfect magic bottle for me. Dah mcm dayang senandung dah ni. MUka dah gelap sebab sunburn huhuhu Miss Ika's Blog

    1. haaa beli cepat Ika, nnt boleh putihkan muka cepat2, hehe!

  3. im one of clumsy people, confirm that stopper hilang in few days...hehehehe :D

    anyway, i love the stopper idea... :)

    1. tu la, i know ramai org yang clumsy ni XD tapi the concept is nice la, takdelah krim tu tertumpah ke apa kan :)

  4. Thanks for the review! I love the sun protection against UVA and UVB. I'm glad you liked the product.


    1. You're welcome dear, thanks for visiting too ^_^ yeah the sun protection makes me less wary about my skin's well-being whenever i'm exposed to direct sunlight. it has been so freaking hot in Malaysia and I am constantly worried that my skin will get fried =_=''


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