Fairy Beauty Life Food review

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello! Today I would like to share my take on this health drink by Fairy Beauty. The product is called Life Food. It is in the form of powder where you have to mix it with warm water and consume it twice a day for maximum efficiency. The packaging is a transparent plastic cylindrical bottle, containing 300gram worth of product. Due to its powdery nature, there is also a plastic stopper after the lid to avoid product from spilling at the beam of the bottle. Now you must be curious on what is Life Food and how it can benefit you, right? Well, Life Food is a type of supplement that claims to cater to many human needs. If you need a safe product that can help you lose weight, reduce bad cholesterol, or if you are simply a very busy person who is always on the go and seldom has time to properly have your breakfast, lunch and dinner, maybe you can give Life Food a try :) Here are the claims of Life Food :
  • contains 16 types of vitamins and minerals
  • high dietary fiber and prebiotic 
  • meal replacement
  • sustainable weight loss
  • chia seeds, omega 3 & 6
  • reduce bad cholesterol

I have consumed Life Food for a month and I can say that it is a good product that helps me whenever I am in a rush. Okay correction, I am always in a rush here and there. I received this product when I was still in my internship so in the morning I will drink it after Subuh prayer (before 7am) to help me fight the hungry pang I felt every time I wake up. Furthermore, I am always lazy to prepare my own breakfast (yeah, living on my own) so Life Food is a great help, what more with its nutrient packed ingredients making me feel full till I get my proper breakfast at 10am with my colleagues. I do not worry on weight loss as I am underweight and I need to gain more kilos. I benefit from Life Food as a mean to help me with my disastrous meal time. Since Life Food has high dietary fiber, it also helps me with my digestion as sometimes I don't get proper veggies in my daily meal intake, hehe! My mom too consumed Life Food (I have 2 bottles, one for me and one for her) and she said that she loves drinking this during sahur time (early in the morning before subuh prayer, whenever she is fasting) as it helps her not to feel hungry during the day. If you're concerned about the contents of this supplement or if you have food allergy, don't worry as Life Food contains :
  • no eggs
  • no yeast
  • no fillers
  • non-dairy
  • no additives
  • no added sugar
  • no preservatives
  • no artificial colouring
The powder smells like oat, which I love so much but consuming it might not be an enjoyable task as this drink is tasteless, thanks to its no added sugar ingredient. It has a very pretty pale purple colour upon mixed with water (I think it must be from the berries they used) and there are some black seeds which I don't know what it is as well but clearly it is not harmful :p So, if you're looking for a healthy supplement to help your body slim down, substitutes food and at the same time has ingredients that are good for your overall body wellness, I recommend you to try Life Food :) Since it is tasteless and that might put you off, why not you try adding some mashed berries or any soft fruits like banana into it as natural sweetener? That way, you can make your supplement fancy yet the nutritional value won't degrade. Happy trying! 

Product name : Life Food (by Fairy Beauty)
Product type : Supplement
Quantity : 300gram per bottle
Price : RM79.90 each
Where to buy : HiShop

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