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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello! I'm here with another continuation of my Fairy Beauty supplements review series ^_^ hopefully you have visited my Fairy Beauty series post regarding Fairy Blossom, Fairy Whitez (I really love this one so much), and Life Food. What I've got here is called Clenz, a supplement for the health of our body and eyes. It claims to drive away the toxic in our body and replenishes the nutrition for our precious eyes. Well, we sometimes are not really taking care or controlling our food intake. We might not realize that we ate too much junk food, fast food, or foods that contain too much MSG and oil hence our internal might not beas healthy as we look from the outside. Aside from these, we too are not always that concern of our nutrition intake that can benefit our eyes, am I right? We stare at the computer screen for long hours, we wear contact lenses for more than 8 hours (I know, I know..not only me who are guilty in this case :p), and another thousand excuses for our poor care of the eyes. So enter Clenz, which has been meticulously developed by Fairy Beauty to help us flush the toxins and care for our eyes. Clenz is the Special Awards winner for the Beauty Supplement category during the Cite Cosme Beauty Awards 2012/2013 which was organized by Beauty, Mina and Vivi magazines. So, Clenz has actually been a start under the spotlight before we even realize it. 

Clenz was developed with the powerful 100% pure natural organic nano plant essence. So, what is the importance of this fact? For your information, this makes Clenz very easy to be absorbed by the body thus you don't need to worry or question on how much can the content of this tiny bottle benefit your body. It is advisable for us to take 1-2 bottles of Clenz per day, and continue for 10 days straight so that we can see the following benefits :

1. Detoxification
2. Strengthens intestines and stomach functions
3. Eye protection
4. Nutrition boosting
The guide to use Clenz is simple. This product can be consumed by the age 16 and above, and it should be consumed immediately after opening. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have diarrhea or any other serious illness that makes you under doctor's supervision, then it is advisable to check with your doctor first whether Clenz is suitable for your consumption or not. The bottle and straw mechanism is similar to Fairy Whitez and Fairy Blossom. Well, I found these cute little bottles quite adorable, haha!
So, congratulations to me for taking up the 10-days challenge as stated above. I took 1 bottle of Clenz per day before bed, and I hope you are ready to hear what I am going to say after this. The first time I consumed Clenz, I was woken up by a terribly stomach ache and I instantly knew that I need the toilet badly. It was rather rude okay to wake me up with such a painful jolt, measuring the distance between my bed and the toilet, assuming whether I can make it there in time or not. Thankfully no accidents happened, and 'the business' was cleared. The first 4 days of consuming Clenz, I was a wreck. I need to visit the loo 4-5 times a day, flushing down all the toxic contained in my body. I admit that I am not a healthy-eater. Since I am always so thin, I ate anything and everything I feel like. I only cared to eat the greens if I realize that I have 'that' digestion problem. 
After 10 days, I feel like my body is slightly healthier and 'lighter' than before. It is in the sense that I knew my body is feeling better than I always feel. About the eye nutrition claim, I found that I no longer feel that irritated when looking at the computer for too long or with uncomfortable lighting. I can say that my eyes can adjust better because before consuming Clenz, I found that my eyes were getting more sensitive to the light especially the brightness of my LCD screen. I hope even though after I finished my Clenz stock, I can still retain this effect :)

All in all, I recommend Clenz if you are in need of serious body detoxification and eye nutrition replenishment. I am thinking on how working/studying people can adjust to this because you might get the same 4-5 trips to the toilet like I did so yeah, make sure you are not travelling when you consume Clenz, hehe! 

Product name : Clenz (by Fairy Beauty)
Price : RM88 (10bottles x 12ml) per box
Availability : HiShop Malaysia (link)

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  1. wow i have never seen a detox product which includes eye protection. :O

    is it safe? i tried a detox product once and it cause the rise of an army of pimples on my cheeks :(

    1. insyaAllah this one is safe for our skin dear :) you can google for more reviews (done by us HiShop bloggers) and as far as I can remember, none mentioned about skin effects. We only experienced numerous visits to the toilet, hehe

  2. Hi, can i consume it during my period?


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