Confession of A Lotion Lover : Be A Princess With Enchanteur Paris Body Lotion

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies ^_^ Any of you are lotion lovers? I myself am a hardcore one, and in this post I'm gonna write about my take on 4 types of Enchanteur Paris body lotions that I received from The Butterfly Project Malaysia. I feel so lucky to finally own all four variants of these wonderful body lotions because they have different functions that suit to many of our needs. Personally, I am a fan and has been using one of the variant ever since it was first sold because I am a loyal person to its scent. I am also a loyal user of Enchanteur Paris fragrance called Belle Amour, up to the extent of I cannot stand without having a bottle of it together with me wherever I go. I grew up with Enchanteur and I am familiar with many of its scents. When I was in high school and staying at the hostel, I saw many of my friends too uses Enchanteur products and we always ask each other about their favourite Enchanteur scents XD My parents and grandparents too use Enchanteur talc and deodorant ever since I can remember so when these body lotions are mine, it made me so happy! Okay enough with the memory lane mode, now let's get to know Enchanteur Paris Body Lotions shall we?

What Are Lotions & It's Benefits?
Body lotions are lotions applied to the body after bathing. They contain more water than body cream to hydrate, smoothen and soften the skin. The benefits of using body lotions are :

> Oils that are in lotion give skin moisture and elasticity. They are absorbed into the skin, repairing and soothing dry skin.

> The same oils in lotion that repair dry skin can also prevent irritation from dry skin. Lotion containing SPF too can help in preventing sun damage.

> By using lotion to protect against sun damage and dry skin, indirectly it also helps minimizing the aging process of the skin. Dry skin that loses elasticity and experiences sun damage can lead to wrinkles and fine lines.

Skin Colour
> Some lotions contain additives that can either lighten or darken the appearance of skin pigment.

> Most lotions contain fragrance oils that can be used for a light scent. The scent is less potent that of perfumes and colognes, making it beneficial for people who desire the scent but are sensitive to stronger perfumes.

*credits to The Butterfly Project Malaysia for the info above

These are the four body lotions from Enchanteur Paris that I received and I totally love all of them! The first bottle from the left with yellow sticker is Light & Fresh body lotion. Second is Triple Whitening body lotion, which is my favourite since it was first introduced! I remember myself always buying the miniature version because I can easily slip it in my pencil case, my bag, or sometimes in my pocket, hehe! Next is the All-in-One Whitening body serum with SPF24++ and the last one with purple sticker is Firm & Repair body lotion. 

A bit of my background story of me as a lotion freak. I always found myself happy and contented when I wore lotion on my skin and have it in my bag, on the table, and beside my pillow. Basically wherever there is me, there must be a lotion. Sounds like a psycho ain't I? hahaha! I developed the habit of always bringing a bottle of lotion with me since I entered university. Most of the classes are conducted in air-conditioned room that seems to be colder than winter in US (as my lecturer said herself) so it did a good job in drying my skin =_='' I am rather delicate with taking care of my body skin, so a very slight dryness especially on my hands and feet will automatically ruin my mood and made me utterly uneasy. I will pass a note around or just ask my pals "Do you have some lotion?" and if nobody can save me, I will go to the washroom and wash my hands as if it can absorb some water, silly me. That is why I will usually have a bottle of lotion in all my bags so that I won't find myself lotion-less, hehe! Lotions, no matter what variant they are, will always be my skin company till death do us part. 
So, how does Enchanteur Paris Body Lotions fare in my usage? Let's see! Below are splotches of each variants that I've got. Basically I think Firm & Repair and Light & Fresh have the runniest consistency and I hope you can see the watery look of it. Triple Whitening has a slightly thicker consistency and All-in-One Whitening body serum has the thickest consistency with a different, more to off-white colour. Please feel free to click on the image if you want to see a bigger picture :) These lotions has 150ml of product in each bottle except for the All-in-One Whitening body serum which is 135ml but in the same bottle size. I wonder why?
Now's the time for individual review, yeay! First up is Enchanteur Paris Light & Fresh body lotion. It contains Aloe Vera and Portulaca concentrate and apart from the whitening function, this lotion too has UV protection for our skin. That is why Enchanteur Paris created this body lotion for us to use it during outdoor activities ^_^ It does not mean that you have to go hiking to use this lotion okay? Maybe if you're just going to take a stroll in the park, walk you dog around the neighborhood, or even help your mum to buy something from that grocery store a few blocks away from your house, you can simply smooth on this Light & Fresh body lotion before you went out. 

It is very runny that when I pour it on my palms and held my hand vertically, the lotion glides downwards smoothly so be careful not to accidentally pour out too much of it. I counted and it 'disappears' from my skin in 5 seconds after I smooth it all over my hands. Technically, it dries to nothing on my skin. No sticky feeling, no shine, and my skin felt so smooth with it on. The scent of Mon Amie in this body lotion is citrusy and pleasant, but I personally put the scent as the one that I don't really prefer. However, I saw many other reviewing Butterflies loving this scent than other lotions, hehe!
Well, I said I don't really prefer the scent just now right? But heyy, this Light & Fresh body lotion is too good to be neglected! I always bring it with me if mom asked me to accompany her for a short visit to anywhere that won't last an entire day. Talk about going to Tesco, we usually go before 11am and sitting at the front passenger seat makes my skin exposed to the sun and it is HOT (yeah, my car is not heavily tinted, we don't wanna get saman from JPJ) so this Light & Fresh body lotion from Enchanteur Paris is a total skin saver as it keeps my skin feeling fresh!
Yeayy, we are moving on to my most favourite body lotion! This Triple Whitening body lotion has a scent of Belle Amour, which is the same with my number one favourite fragrance from Enchanteur Paris as well. Belle Amour scent is my signature scent, even my close companions are accustomed to it and they said that the scent is really suitable with me and my personality ^_^ Triple Whitening body lotion is suitable for all skin types as it provides 3 whitening actions and evens out skin tone at the same time. It is less runny than Light & Fresh and it leaves a hint of moist feeling on my skin after I smoothed it out. This is another reason why I super love this Triple Whitening body lotion ;) Oh, it also took merely 5 seconds for my skin to totally absorb it!
Since now I am done with lecture classes (I'm graduating in July), I cannot say that I bring this bottle to class but I swear that before I received these lotions for review, I have had countless miniature bottles of Triple Whitening (I can't remember if it has a different name back then when it was first launched but the scent and the sticker colour were the same) body lotion and I brought it everywhere. It saves me not only to mend my dry skin, but also to boost up the scent of Belle Amour if my perfume has faded due to the hot weather and vehicle smoke as I use public transportation a lot. Now that I am mostly at home using the pc or my laptop, I make sure that Triple Whitening body lotion is with me all the time. I am not really desperate on the whitening effect as my body skin are not sunburned like my face, but I found solace in the scent of this body lotion :)
Moving on to the All-in-One Whitening body serum with SPF24++. This is not the ordinary lotion for our skin, this is the ultimate skin saviour that you can use now ^_^ It has sun protection factor, 24 hours hydration effect and also whitening benefits. I found that the smell of this body serum at first resembles the Triple Whitening body lotion but as I grew accustomed to it, I found that it is a bit faint and when it dries on my skin, I don't really detect the smell. It has the thickest consistency, it dries as fast as the other lotions just now and it definitely makes me feel that my skin is moist. Good job Enchanteur!
Surprisingly, I found that my sister is a loyal user of this body serum since she was in high school (she just finished SPM last year). When she saw that I have all four of these Enchanteur Paris body lotions, she squealed and took this body serum and said that it is her favourite! I bring this All-in-One Whitening body serum with me when I am travelling as it has multiple benefits and I don't wanna carry all four bottles in my backpack. As you might already know, I am now in Melaka temporarily before I started my 2 weeks of final presentation classes on 23rd June. But still, I have to make trips to Shah Alam weekly to see my research supervisor and I also attend events if the date is convenient with my Shah Alam visit. I sometimes stay overnight in KL and this All-in-One Whitening body serum will be my faithful companion throughout the journey. Oh well, I bring another lotion as well to be used at night, scroll down please :p
Okay sweet dreams and sleep tight! Hahaha just kidding but hey, now we're gonna see the body lotion that I never fail to use before I sleep ^_^ Enchanteur Paris brings you the marvelous Firm & Repair body lotion and it is also suitable for all skin types! The ingredients in it helps to improve skin elasticity and repairs damaged skin. As I have learned before, the process of our body healing itself are always at night, when we are sleeping. That's why Enchanteur Paris equipped this Firm & Repair body lotion with its Adore scent as it may be able to make you feel relaxed to sleep. 
I don't know whether it is my mentality or whatnot but Firm & Repair body lotion does make it easier for me to sleep ;) it is runny like Fresh & Light body lotion but ohhhh the smell is so amazing and it's formula really made me feel that my skin is repaired after I woke up. Did you know that the scent lasts till the next morning when I wake up? Yes, I smelled my hands when I woke up and Adore scent is there, as if it is freshly applied. Now I will feel sad if I can't use this Firm & Repair body lotion before I sleep, so I always make sure that I put it next to my pillows ^_^
Well everyone, I hope my review is helpful to you in choosing any body lotions from Enchanteur Paris. My suggestion? Buy all, hahahaha! Of course, the price is so affordable and it is widely available at pharmacies and hypermarkets. I bet even 7-Eleven have these on their shelves! I checked out the price at Watsons in early June and they had a 20% promotion on all these lotions I just reviewed. The prices below are the normal prices at Watsons. If you are looking for new body lotions and body serum to spice up your skincare experience, I recommend you try these Enchanteur Paris body lotions because they are moisturizing, awesomely scented, dries within 5 seconds and best of all, they suit all the needs that our skin can benefit from ^_^ Till then!
What do you think of body lotions? 
Care to tell me any of your favourites?

For more information, visit :
The Butterfly Project

*Disclaimer : products were given by Enchanteur but the review is 100% honestly based on my experience of using it*

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  1. Amazing reviewwww!!! Aku tertinggal harga -___-
    Best gila review!

    1. thank you Nad! aku snap gambar harga masa pergi Watsons :p kau kenapa tak tido lagi? buat qiamullail ke?

    2. Buat Workplace Portfolio omg you have no idea how dead I am right now. NO IDEA

    3. kalau kau duduk office hari-hari ada la jugak benda nak bebel kan! weh kalau jumpa now kan best, boleh aku tolong kau merepek XD

  2. Good review, very informative and sangat tertarik nak own all of these babies! ;)

    1. thanks darling ^_^ cuba check kat Watsons, their offers are always value for money :)

  3. Morning Mieza, I really love the purple one. It firm and repair our skin. Wangi sangat :)
    Miss Ika's Blog

    1. Morning Ika ^_^ sama lah kita, I cant stop smelling myself bila pakai Firm & Repair XD

  4. The two comments above are so funny!!! Hahahah! And btw 24 hours hydration? That's a WOW 💟

    1. Well sis, both me and Nad are kepala gila XD 24 hours hydration yes, but if kita makan minum tak betul, tak jadi jugak :p

  5. so cute on how you put each lotion on different occasion! love it!

    1. thank you Sab ^_^ i memang suka having specific things to use for different occasions, it makes me feel prepared. hehe


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