Why I Wanna Attend Kiehl's Fun in The Sun Event with The Butterfly Project Malaysia

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello! Did you see the banner?? The Butterfly Project is looking for 30 Butterflies to join them in an event with Kiehl's ^_^ OMG when I saw this announcement being made on The Butterfly Project's facebook, I literally squealed in delight as I have never been in any events with Kiehl's and the only product I ever owned from them was the Ultra Light UV Daily Defense sun cream that I won from Sabrina Tajudin's giveaway [link here] and the product was awesomeness I'm telling you. So, now that we're talking about a product for oily skin, NOTHING CAN STOP ME, NOTHING. So, here is why I'm begging The Butterfly Project to choose me as one of the lucky 30 to join this Fun In The Sun event with Kiehl's ;)

1) Why do you need 24 hour no-shine fresh hydration? 
I have terribly oily skin. I tried to drink plain water as much as I can but my skin still cannot get rid of its actively-producing-oil-no-matter-what habit, and that makes me sad. It ruins my makeup, it ruins my picture with those extraordinary shine and it made me spend on oil blotting films since forever. Besides, I have tried moisturizers that claimed to be "controlling oil" and also "get shine free face" written on it but the only 2 results I got were overdrying till my skin flakes or even oilier skin like I just dipped my face into a pail of cooking oil. I iz sad.

I'm close to graduating and starting to work soon, and I really hope that with Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream, my oily skin problem will be curbed excellently. I believe that with its non-sticky formula, my skin will get the 24 hours oil free benefit. I was informed that Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream is equipped with the Ultra Facial Oil-Free range star ingredients like Imperata Cylindrica Root Extract and Antarcticine, thus helping skin to retain moisture all day long. I found this exciting as I have never found any oil control gel creams that can really work without drying some parts of my skin. I definitely cannot wait to get a velvety-soft skin that looks shine-free. Plus, being fragrance-free and residue free, I believe that Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream will not irritate my skin or ruin my makeup ;)

2) What do you love about Kiehl’s?
The first thing I have been loving about Kiehl's up till this very moment is their image. I have been to Kiehl's store in Empire Subang and walked past the one One Utama, I must say that their store enticed me. With the unique presentation of products and store design, I am always tempted to take a look inside their store. The staffs wore something like a lab coat and that is another WOW factor, hehe! 

Next, I am definitely loving the fact that Kiehl's practice giving samples to customers to try their suggested products first before buying. This is a rare thing to happen in Malaysia as usually samples are only given upon purchase worth hundreds of Ringgits at other beauty counters. I love that Kiehl's wants us to try the samples first to see whether it works or not on our skin, then we can proceed to buy with full confidence. 

Last but not least, I love the fact that Kiehl's has been providing us with excellent products since 1851 and they're standing strong till today. Well, this shows that Kiehl's is a brand that you cannot turn a blind eye on it and no one, especially me, should miss to be part of their users ^_^

Oooh Butterfly Project, please choose me! I wanna have fun in the sun with Kiehl's and my lovely Butterflies, and I want to know what is cactus terrarium as well, never heard of it!

Wish me luck okay? Thanks for reading ^_^
Mieza wants this!!
For more info, visit :

The Butterfly Project Malaysia

Kiehl's Malaysia

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  1. Nice! Let's hope we both get it!

  2. Replies
    1. thank you Syaza, kenapalah you jauh sangat kat Sarawak!

  3. i really want to join this..but the date!! UGRHHH!

  4. Replies
    1. thank you Amal ^_^ are you not joining?

  5. Good luck! Hope we get to go and meet up there

    1. thank you Feeza ^_^ I hope both of us get selected, wanna meet you in person ^_^

  6. Yay!!! wish we all could win and meet up there. I'm a newbie butterfly, like fresh off the cocoon, so friends are all i need. Thanks awak drop by my blog and commented. 💗💗💗

    1. Doa banyak2 so that we all score an invite ^_^ Welcome to The Butterfly Project darling!

    2. hakhakhak! sure i will. so many things to learn from all the otais here. :3


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