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Friday, May 30, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello! I have been tagged by sis Nabilah to do this Drugstore Diva tag for quite some time. Since I'm feeling a bit cloudy and under the weather, I guess this will make me feel better ^_^ Yeah, whenever I feel unhappy, I'll take some time to play with my gazillion makeup items and after a few moments, I'll feel happy and contented with life, for a while. Hahahaha! Since the name of this tag is Drugstore Diva, please don't expect only 1 favourite item per category okay? Diva mode is on and expect lots of products to match the Diva-ish attitude XD oh, I will explain a bit on why I love the following products and if there is anything I don't like, I will highlight it as well for your reading pleasure. Nothing is perfect, right? Okay without further ado, lets see what the Drugstore Diva loves!
1. Essence Soft Touch Mousse Makeup : I love this as it is light on skin, cheap, has a buildable coverage, and it keeps shine at bay for 3-4 hours tops. Nothing to hate, I almost hit pan for this babe ^_^
2. Revlon Colorstay Makeup for Oily Skin : This is raved all over the world. For me, I enjoy wearing it only when I need to look real flawless especially during events and dinners. It has medium to high coverage, it absolutely keeps shine at bay, but it is a bit messy without a pump and it feels really thick on my face.
3. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation : One has a thin cream consistency, the other one has a thin gel consistency but both works the same on my skin. They smell so heavenly, has a buildable medium coverage, and a little goes a long way. However, they don't really cover my acne scars and they don't keep shine at bay after 3 hours of wear.
4. Bourjois Mineral Matte Mousse Foundation [click here for full review] : I really love this foundation as it really helps me keep shine at bay and I don't need to top it off with any powder as it has a powdery finish. The colour suits my skin very well and there is nothing to hate about it except I don't see it on Bourjois website anymore (T_T)
5. Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup : I only wear this for important events like I wore its sister the liquid-cream Revon Colorstay Makeup. It helps my oily skin to look better longer than by wearing bb creams, a little goes a long way but it is expensive, it feels so thick on skin and the smell might put you off a bit. 
1. Collection Lasting Perfection (Ultimate Wear Concealer) : This a HG product by many Western beauty addicts. I am really grateful that Collection finally landed in Malaysia [here's where they are]. I got a light shade as the only medium shade was out of stock at Watsons OU when I bought it. It covers my dark circles well in just one layer but for blemishes, I seem to need more. I'll do a separate review when I got my hands on the medium shade.
2. The Body Shop Tea Tree Concealer : first of all, is Body Shop considered a drugstore? I really don't know, so please forgive me XD this tea tree concealer comes in a stick form. It is quite thick and appears very whitish on my tanned skin, which can be a drawback at times of makeup crime. I used it on my pimples before foundation/BB cream and it works so well in helping me cover my acne marks, love it! 
3. Garnier BB Cream Eye Roll : This is another favourite to conceal dark circles of mine. It is quite a straightforward product, pat it on and blend. The only problem is that the product is all over the roller and the cap till mom asked "why did you spill your makeup?". No, it happened, I didn't spill it :p
1. Clear Last feat Peach John powder in Shirohada Ocher : This is a product by my favourite Japanese brand BCL, and with a collaboration with a Japanese apparel brand that specializes in lingerie, Peach John. The powder is compact, superfine and it gave me a lovely finish. It is heavily peach scented, which is very sweet and I super love it. It comes with a fluffy sponge as well. The drawback? Pat on too much and I'll look like a geisha XD they only have 2 shades, and quite expensive which is RM60+ at Watsons. 
2. Silky White Magic Face Powder : I WISH THEY WILL NEVER DISCONTINUE THIS PRODUCT. I absolutely love this white powder for my face, whenever I don't feel like slapping makeup on my face but I have to go out. Buy it, it is super cheap, and you'll know why I love it. 
3. Silky White BB 2-Way Powder Foundation : Simple yet sleek packaging, very affordable, good coverage and keeps my face matte. Nothing to hate and I always bring it in my bag most of the time ;)
4. Avon Simply Pretty Shine No More Loose Shaker Powder : This is another saviour of the skin when I need to go out and get ready real quick! To avoid looking like a zombie, I use only this on my face. It has light coverage and I don't really know about its shades since dad bought this for us. I saw it on the dressing table and I happily use it, hehe!
1. Blush Hour blusher from Silkygirl : I am not a blusher girl and I don't always remember to wear blusher =_='' This is my first blusher and the shade here is Honeywood. I don't know why but I am forever inclined towards blushers with a woody-peach tone. I never liked pink blushers. 
2. Sleek Blush by 3 (shade Sugar) : I just bought this Sleek blusher from Luxola, and I love how pigmented it is! It comes in a variety of shades from cool to warm tones, so if you wanna find a trio that is absolutely will worth every penny, buy Blush By 3 and you won't regret it.
1. Maybelline Color Tattoo : These babes are phenomenal! It turned girls around the world crazy including me, I hoarded quite a lot and I still think I need more. I want the shade Pomegranate Punk. Plese someone get it for me please please pleaseeee~ Okay. Some colours are heavily pigmented but some are not so. I use the pigmented ones on its own, while the less pigmented ones as a base. I know you all are waiting for the swatches especially the colours not available in Malaysia. I can only do it next week since the DSLR is still with my brother. My phone camera cannot do justice to the swatches. Look out for this space next week!
2. BCL Makemania Data Gradation Tip Eyeshadow Pen : I never left the house without these in my bag, never! They are pigmented, easy to wear and so lovely on my skin. Drawback? Only 2 shades available.
3. Ronasutra Mineral Eye Colour : Ahh, another favourite but I'm not sure if Ronasutra is a drugstore brand or not since it is only sold at its counters, but the price is drugstore level so yeah, I don't care. They are superfine, heavily pigmented and very soft. There is no sifter for each trays as you can see, they are sold in a stack of 3. Very messy though, when I open each of them, my fingers are full with the pigments. Y U NO HAVE SIFTER!
1. Yadah Highlash Mascara : No clumps, waterproof, easy to remove, defined lashes. Nothing to hate.
2. Maybelline Rocket Volum Mascara : Does this even need an introduction? Who doesn't love this anyway? No one I think. 
3. Silkygirl Lash Prism Mascara : My first mascara (but not this tube lah, this is new). It comes in black, purple, blue and brown. I have finished the black one, and then I experimented with this blue mascara. It coats my lashes well, gives me the lengthened and volumnized lashes that I always dreamed, and my friends said I look like an exquisite alien with blue lashes.  I feel pretty, do you feel pretty as well? hehe! 
4. Silkygirl Big Eye Collagen Mascara [full review here] : I'm saving the best for last! This is by far, the only mascara that feels absolutely right on its first coat. I'm not joking, the first time I wore this mascara, my lashes was like "we are now sky high!!!" and I feel like it makes my lashes look better day by day after I wash it off. I know how my lashes look like since the beginning, and I found that it looks better even with no mascara since I used this Big Eye Collagen mascara. I love you to the moon and back, Silkygirl!
1. Miss Hana Waterproof Gel Eyeliner [full review here] : At first it doesn't work well on me, but now I love it so much! It adheres well on my lids throughout the day, and the black colour is super pigmented. Drawback is that it failed miserably on my waterlines, and the gel pencil gets messy when it got scraped with the plastic cap.
2. Silkygirl Funky Eyelights Pencil : These colourful liners have been on the shelves for ages and I turn to them whenever I feel like going colourful on my lids sans eye shadows. 
3. BCL Makemania Data Gel Eyeliner Pencil [full review here] : It is an automatic pencil liner, thank God coz I hate sharpening eyeliners. This is my HG waterline eyeliner, I swear I won't let myself run out of stock with this. Just by looking at it I can feel happy already XD it stays on my waterline no matter what weather I braved through. It doesn't budge.
4. Silkygirl Double Intense Gel Eyeliner : My first gel eyeliner in a pot and I don't feel like changing to a different brand XD it is affordable, 100% heavily pigmented, and it stays on my lids till I remove it. However, wearing it without a primer or without setting it with powder tend to result me in a panda-looking eyes. Super-oily eyelids might want to take extra precaution. Blinking too fast upon application too is not advisable.
1. Collection Cream Puff Moisturizing Lip Cream [full review here] : The shade I'm loving here is Cotton Candy. I just wish they have more shades. It is gorgeous, doesn't dry my lips, and it stays well throughout the day.
2. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain [full review here] : The shades here are Adore (red) and Rendezvous (orange).I always have them with me in my bag. The reason I love them the most is because of how awesomely tinted my lips became with these on. A must have!
3. Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter : The shades I have here are Macaroon and Cherry Tart. I love how pigmented yet moisturizing they are. Also another must have, Revlon is definitely the boss of excellent lip products!
4. Maybelline Lip Polish : The shade Glam 7 gives me the most natural look, I never owned such shade and I am happy to bring this in my bag most of the time. It is moisturizing but I feel a slight discomfort when the cream sits on my lips during the first several minutes.
Lip Balm
1. Maybelline Baby Lips : The Berry flavour is what I love the most! The one with colour (3rd) is very glossy and a bit waxy to my liking but it is absolutely gorgeous ;)
2. Silkygirl Drink Up Lip Balm : I am a coffee addict, so I don't mind my lip balm to smell like a sweet coffee, hehe! It is very moisturizing but so shiny at the same time. It is a clear balm.
3. In2It Lip Treat : This is a reddish orange shade I forgot its name but I bought this coz my best friend said it is awesome. Indeed it is. It hydrates my lips well apart from giving me pout that looks so lustrous and healthy.
4. Crazy Rumors Lip Balm : I got myself the flavour Candy Corn and it definitely smells like popcorn. It is moisturizing but it doesn't last long on the lips. It gives me joy because of the smell :p

Phewwww, finally. Well, I actually took out bronzer and highlighter coz I yet to use both products. I replaced it with lip balm instead. I actually wanted to fit in my favourite drugstore BB/CC creams as well but I am too tired now. Separate post maybe? Hehe, thanks for reading!

Any favourites from my list? If you want me to review anything from the above list, tell me in the comment section ya ^_^

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  1. Banyak nye colour tattoo!! Hehe akak x jumpe lagi brand collection tu, smua watson yg akak pegi xde punnnn

    1. banyak buat main kat rumah je kak sabby, hehe! hmm, brand collection mmg takde kat semua Watson pun. Dia ada kat Pavi, KLCC, Sungai Wang, Aeon Taman Maluri Cheras, OU, Curve, Sunway Pyramid. Outside Klang Valley pulak cuma City Square JB, Jusco Tebrau Johor, AEON Kinta City, Ipoh dgn AEON Seremban 2.

  2. Bourjois, sleek ! Excited to have this brand in my collection .

  3. wish to try bourjois! and bestnyaa color tattoo banyak2 macam tuuu :DD

    1. Nnt Bourjois launch kat Sunway Pyramid bolehlah usha ;) haha colour tatoo tu banyak sebab terlebih suka XD

  4. Wiida pun suka Silkygirl Big eye mascara and til today Im still using it. <3

    Mieza! update la blog! (marah2 manja) hahaa

    1. alolo kena marah manja, hahaha! kita busy sikit la sayang, tengah berjuang dengan research paper. lagi berapa tapak je lagi nak grad bulan 7 ni ^_^


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